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Boho chic and gypsy styles are free spirited and very relaxed while being vibrant and bright. Boho home decor is easy to recreate as it doesn’t require much matching and you can get some reclaimed and vintage pieces and lots of DIY decor. If you are in the mood for some boho decor for your home and don’t know where to start, let’s try building a boho porch. A porch is the first room your visitors will see. So why not encourage your guests to feel free-spirited and comfortable at the same time? Here are some tips to make your porch boho chic and wow guests.


Choose pieces of furniture based on the size of your room: If it’s small, choose just a few items – a rocking bench, chair, or ottoman. If it is large, you can arrange a seating area and possibly a dining and sleeping area as well. What furniture for a boho entrance? Take a boho or vintage table, some rattan benches and chairs, a leather ottoman and a wicker table. A vintage chest can be used as a side table, and a macrame hammock can also be a beautiful piece for a small porch, and it looks very boho. If you like light colors, choose light and light upholstery, or neutral upholstery if you like light colors.


Decor makes way for the boho! First, take candle lanterns, better Moroccan, to illuminate the porch or if you prefer wicker lampshades for pendant lights. Second, look for colorful printed textiles: rugs, bedspreads, cushions that have a strong boho feel and are easy to craft if you’re into crafts and sewing. Third, add baskets and wicker and rattan accents to create a free-spirited feel. One of the most important things for a boho space is the swinging of potted vegetables and plants – it can be placed anywhere, and if there isn’t enough space – hang the planters and you can create an entire hanging garden! Want a boho feel? Make a real teepee right on the porch!

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Best colors Small spaces

Traditionally, decorating small spaces is done in neutral colors only, as it is believed that this makes small spaces look bigger. However, a small space does not mean that you should only stick to neutral values. This rule no longer works! The key is knowing what colors to use and how to distribute the materials you already have so the space never feels small, but instead feels dainty and fresh. The following colors are suitable for small spaces and give them character.


This shade is bolder than the traditional navy and won’t make your room as moody. This means making a statement and adding a touch of color without going too dark, and such color adds personality to the room. Pair it with neutral colors for a contrast that instantly gives the feeling of a large space.


Don’t go for total black in a small space, but if you want something dark, prefer onyx, which is lighter. Onyx works because it’s daring, unlike other colors that brighten up the space. This is a bold solution, but it works!

Multidimensional pink

Not only is pink a feminine color, it also has a touch of sparkle that will add a warm and smooth feel to any room. It’s about bringing the space to life in general. You will bring out the best in the room by working up such a chic shade and mixing it with a textured piece or even shades of black.


Any shade of yellow will fill your room with sunshine! Create a bold contrast with neutral colors and choose a soft yellow hue for a warm glow or a neon hue for a bright statement.

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Living rooms inspired by the sea and the beach

We’ve already told you about ocean-inspired bathrooms and bedrooms, and now it’s time for one of the most important rooms in the home to gather with friends and family – a living room! The coast, beach and ocean inspired rooms are so cute and cozy! Aqua, blue and turquoise are awesome, bright and uplifting! However, you don’t have to paint your living room in cold tones if you don’t want to. Just choose warm, beach-inspired colors and add accessories. Accessories and details are so amazing I can’t stop thinking of such an interior for my own living space! Look at these star fish, sea urchins, fish and shells and all the pictures with them, they are so delicate and natural! But you can also add driftwood, sea glass, coral, and even boat models and flags. Check out some ideas below and get inspired!

colors and materials

If you want to decorate your living room in a beach or coastal style, go neutral – tan, cream, light gray, white, creamy, off-white. Bring in pastels or blue accents: light blue, turquoise, aqua, teal and navy. To make the space more catchy, add textures with jute, wood, rattan, leather, faux fur, velvet, and various wicker items. Prints don’t make the room boring either: printed cushions, rugs and curtains are your choices.


If you prefer a modern coastal style, opt for modern furniture. If it’s vintage beach, go for vintage and shabby chic items, maybe whitewashed ones. Neutral furniture is your choice for a coastal space. Choose from white, brown or cream upholstery and add bold printed cushions in your chosen shades of blue. Opt for rattan and wicker chairs that give the space an outdoor feel, opt for a wooden coffee table and console, or use a wooden crate as a coffee table. You can also opt for leather furniture: poufs, poufs or sofas.


Beach or coastal decor is nothing without proper decor, it will help create an ambiance. Go for gallery walls with photos, pictures, artwork, even coral and driftwood. Create display shelves with a variety of sea-inspired items. Driftwood and wicker chandeliers and lamps, Roman wicker screens, storage baskets, driftwood mirrors, and striped ottomans set the mood. Enjoy!

Yellow kitchen decor ideas

It’s fall and the colors are getting moodier and darker and we’re lacking in sunlight. There’s an easy way to make your mood sunnier – add yellow to your home decor and you’ll get a sunny touch that will elevate your mood. Today I want to share some ideas to rock yellow in your kitchen, because this is where you drink coffee and breakfast in the morning and it sets you up for the day.

Yellow cabinets

If you want a colorful touch, yellow kitchen cabinets are your choice. There are a variety of shades to choose from: from saturated buttermilk tones to lemon and neon yellow, so it’s easy to find something you like. In terms of combinability, yellow goes well with neutrals, darks, and some bold colors like navy, emerald, or lavender. You can choose between a black vibe kitchen and yellow cabinets, or an airy white space with the same cabinets, or a trendy two-tone kitchen with hanging yellow and dark cabinets.

Yellow backsplashes

If you’re not ready to make radical changes in your kitchen but still want some color for a sunny vibe, a yellow kitchen backsplash is a great solution. It suits many kitchen styles, from minimalist and industrial to farmhouse and moody. Plus, it’s not expensive to just change a backsplash, and you’ll find a lot of cool tiles in all shades of yellow. Add extra lighting to a sleek backsplash to make it stand out even more.

Yellow kitchen islands

A yellow kitchen island is another great idea that doesn’t cost much and gets a lot of attention. Such a detail can be added to a neutral kitchen to enhance it or a dark one to liven it up. Choose a kitchen island that matches your kitchen style or simply add a bold yellow second layer to the island. Voila, the mood is sunny!

By the way, yellow devices are also a good way.

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Modern Capella lighting collection

If you are looking for some eye-catching modern lamps and lights to match your space, this is a great idea for you! Lighting manufacturer Vonn has presented Capella, a lighting collection inspired by the celestial bodies and the sun in particular, although it’s fair to say that these bold shapes also evoke other things.

There are many options in the collection: there are flush mount flower forms; swim rings in vertical or horizontal orientation; chandelier styles that blend modern and classic sensibilities; and a hanging, falling model reminiscent of a sea creature plumbing the unfathomable depths. The use of a seamlessly integrated LED diode array creates visual and textural interest, drawing the eye’s attention to its fascinating continuity while evoking the shimmering sun that is its namesake. LEDs also make the lamps look very elegant and modern.

Most lights have WiFi and can be adjusted: you can choose dimming, color temperature and independent adjustment of different LED strips on the same light. Multiple finishes and color options are also available, making it easy to find a suitable option for your space. Be inspired and enjoy!

Geometric lighting collection

Geometry is trendy and bold, designers and architects are emphasizing geometric lines, shapes and looks that can go anywhere. The geometry fits easily with many decorating styles, from modern and minimalist to boho-chic and rustic. Today we present a bold collection of lights that explore both form and shape, and those shapes and forms are accented with super bold hues.

Melbourne-based Milligram Studio with One Design Office presents FORM, which evokes a sense of playfulness thanks to the juxtaposition of primary forms. Smaller spherical spheres rest in carved notches on the geometric bases, which come in four matte colors – black, white, pink and teal. Available in three shapes – cylinder, rectangle and triangle – the FORM lamps can be used individually or in groups to create a modern yet timeless arrangement. I love the simplicity of the design and the straight lines and statement colors. Suitable from workspaces to bedrooms – add a chic and edgy touch of geometry to your interior with these cool yet simple lamps!

Cool Orange Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing your bathroom in orange is not as difficult as designing in red, but it could also be a challenge. You should remember that you should not combine more than two colors with orange. You should keep the orange bathroom simple. The best idea is to combine simple orange with plain white. You can paint the walls and ceiling in your bathroom white, but buy some orange furniture, an orange carpet, an orange shower curtain and other decor in this color. This is probably the easiest way, but there are a few others. That’s why we’ve rounded up these cool bathrooms for you. You can find some ideas among them. Check out these ideas to add orange to your bathroom decor in a stylish way.

Lots of orange in the bathroom decor

Orange is a super energetic color that creates excitement and elevates mood. If you use a lot of orange in your bathroom, you can wake up every morning and fill yourself with warmth and coziness in the evening, as this is a very warm color, whether you choose a lighter or brighter orange or even elegant shades of rust. You can opt for an all-orange room refreshed with neutral or white colors. This will surely improve your mood. You can also use just orange walls or a single statement wall with wallpaper, paint or tile and accent them with contrasting grout.

Orange accents in bathroom decor

If you prefer pops of color and don’t want a lot of orange in the bathroom, just add a few highlights. An orange tile floor, orange tile shower room, artwork, chandeliers, and some furniture can be a beautiful and simple way to add light. If you want it to be even simpler, pick up some orange textiles – towels, curtains, rugs or bring in an orange piece of furniture – a pouf or ottoman and voila!

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Top tips for interior design

If you can’t find real help from a design interior designer, you can do a thorough search online for a number of design ideas and get inspiration from there. It is not possible for you to design a room by copying the entire theme. Your house differs in its layout, the direction of the windows, the size, the chimney and the type of ceiling. You have to edit a lot in a design you like online to make it suitable for your space.

You need to pay close attention to the decor style. There are floral decor themes that are very popular in classic rooms. The other type of decor is geometric designs and decor with abstract art motifs. This is very common in modern homes. Your interior can be designed around any theme depending on your personality, family lifestyle and regional trends.

By regional trends, we mean that people in each state or city have a dominant lifestyle. For example, Texas home decor differs from New York home decor. Making your home an integral part of society while looking charming is the real task in front of you. Make your ideas practical by keeping the above tips in mind. Your house can only be a wonderful masterpiece of design interiors in the neighborhood!

Eastern Luxury Inspiring Moroccan Bathrooms

We keep telling you about luxurious Moroccan-style interiors. This time we are going to talk about Moroccan bathrooms that will remind you of a spa and a wonderful relaxing experience. How can you get that impression? Start with tiles with typical Eastern patterns or concrete walls and a bathtub. Columns, rugs, mosaic and ceramic sinks, and imaginative candle lanterns. The colors in a bathroom should not necessarily be too bright, like red or blue. You can choose between white, light grey, blue or green. But if you want dramatic chic, go for blue with gold and black. Add wooden furniture, curtains and voila, you have a charming Moroccan bathroom!

Neutral/monochromatic Moroccan bathrooms

Neutrals aren’t typical of Moroccan spaces, but if you love muted or neutral colors, keep up the good work! Then how to pull through Moroccan style? Use Moroccan-inspired tiles – with country-specific shapes and patterns add catchy lanterns, potted greens, metal sinks and metal jugs as accessories. Opt for tassel rugs, also on the wall, for a carved vanity and mirror in beautiful ornate frames. If you don’t have a beautiful carved wood vanity top, don’t worry, you can tile an ordinary one and it will look Moroccan.

Colorful Moroccan bathrooms

If you love bold colors, go wild with your Moroccan bathroom! Incorporate turquoise, orange, green, purple, fuchsia and many other colors into your bathroom decor. Play with tiles or cover the walls with plaster and make a tiled or concrete bathtub. Create arched doorways and alcoves for candles and candle lanterns, hang some Moroccan lanterns and set them on the floor, resort to stone sinks, ornate mirrors and beautiful hammered or painted sinks. Don’t forget the potted greens and other plants to create an ambience.

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Steinhaus became contemporary

This home was originally built in the 1940’s and was recently purchased by a couple with two children to get out of town. It was a jumble of stone buildings in a farming community and then completely redesigned by COVO Interiores. The renovated home embraces the building’s humble origins while adopting an interior design of contemporary minimalism that offers all the comforts a modern family would require.

Externally, the stonework has been carefully restored – its irregular pattern of stone blocks punctuated by the rectangular shapes of the new windows and doors – as has the tiled roof. Smooth white metal frames maximize the glazing area of ​​the windows, which appear as reflective rectangles on the brickwork facade during the day. This balance is reversed at night when the illuminated interiors pop out of the dark stone.

All aspects of the building’s agricultural past have been blurred through a minimalist aesthetic of whitewashed walls and concrete floors. On the ground floor there is a living room and a kitchen separated by a cubic volume in oak that hides the staircase and the guest toilet and contains built-in wardrobes. Upstairs, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, displaying the same minimalist sensibility, complete the residence, while on the adjacent block a small studio allows the new owner to work from home.

Opposite the house, the jumble of stone buildings has been converted into a single storey outbuilding with a garage and ancillary areas. While the original masonry walls have been carefully restored, the architects topped the structure with a concrete slab that appears to float above the walls. This effect is enhanced at night when the narrow gap between the roof and brickwork is illuminated.

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