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Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Living room wallpaper ideas

WALLPAPER IDEAS FOR LIVING ROOMS – Wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and apartments. Beautiful yet affordable, people are looking for wallpaper to decorate the walls of a living room.

With so many wallpaper options on the market, you may not be sure which wallpaper will best go with the living room theme. We are hereby selecting 10 recommended wallpapers for the living room that match the planned room look.

Leaf-inspired wallpaper for the living room

Leaf-inspired wallpaper for the living room.
Source: AliExpress.com

Whether you are a nature lover or not, a green theme is loved by many. Green itself brings freshness and a good mood into the living room. With such leaves, you can not only place plants or flowers, but also decorate the walls of your living room.

You can choose extra large, leaf-inspired wallpapers as shown in the picture. From small to large leaves, the wallpaper seems to be complete. In addition, the wallpaper is kept in a soft green so that the entire room looks like new.

The wallpaper goes best with the entire white living area. Clean and fresh are dominant feelings you can get here.

Floral wallpaper with dark background

Floral wallpaper with dark background

Flower wallpapers seem like a timeless choice. Among the floral wallpapers available on the market, we offer you a unique floral wallpaper with a dark background. As you can see here, the flowers are nicely distributed in the black background.

The wallpaper adapts to the overall tone of the living room, which looks elegant in the dark. The black, large storage space, the cabinet and the couch made of leather create strong black elements.

Therefore, the floral wallpaper with a dark background enhances the tone, but with a nice curve. The wallpaper also matches the plants behind the dining table.

Patterned blue wallpaper for mini living rooms

Patterned blue wallpaper for mini living rooms
Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Small living room sizes shouldn’t discourage your creativity. Transform the planned living room into an imaginative, stylish area like this one. Cover the walls of the area with patterned, soft, blue wallpaper, as shown here.

You can do this after setting up the living room with the iconic mid-century cabinet and chair. The wallpaper not only gives the area a strong mid-century feeling, but also gives the fresh feeling that comes from the fresh plants.

The light color of the wallpaper helps to weaken the strong brown or wood tone in the area.

Small leaves wallpaper for living souls

Small leaf-style wallpaper for lively souls
Source: simpleandsweets.com

The fourth of our entire living room wallpaper ideas is similar to the first in ways both of which are leaf-inspired. However, this wallpaper design seems to be reversed with the previous recommendation.

The wallpaper now uses small leaves with the same pattern. The leaves are painted white with a green background. Of course, the wallpaper has a robust natural tone. The area feels delicate because of the wallpaper.

The wallpaper fits so well in the bohemian room. The wallpaper corresponds to the sectional sofa and the hung fresh plants.

Romantic feeling wallpaper design

Romantic feeling wallpaper design.
Source: Yidaho.com

Here comes another floral wallpaper style for you. Despite the use of flowers, the fifth idea brings the strikingly different message that the eye can see. The use of such reddish and purple floral wallpaper makes the whole area so romantic.

Here the floral wallpaper uses different floral styles that match the sofa set. Thus, the wallpaper is included in the overall plan for the living room. You can consider incorporating certain wallpaper ideas into a complete living room look.

Despite the high price, we are sure that the end result will look so great.

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Neutral wallpaper living room

Neutral wallpaper living room
Source: realsimple.com

You may be wondering what the beauty of neutral wallpaper is for a living room that also uses neutral colors. The background image in this picture shows that your opinion may be wrong. Such a white-gray wallpaper reinforces a noble feeling in this area.

With this background image, too, it is advisable to carefully choose one that corresponds to the overall room. The neutral wallpaper has a similar design to the transparent curtains. The color of the sofa set, the table and the glasses shown are similar.

Due to the simple implementation of neutral colors, also for the background image, the surface itself looks noble.

Brown brick wallpaper mock-up

Brown brick wallpaper mock-up

Are you looking for a very warm living room ambience? Apply an entirely brownish shade with this brick-inspired wallpaper. Simple and neat, this mock-up of wallpaper has a warm feel that is already there in this area.

This wallpaper is pretty easy to find. This model has a natural feel that we hope can be made with “real” exposed red bricks. Fill the area with a wooden table, a brown and comfy mid-century sofa set.

Add brown pillows and positive words to the sofa to make sure there is actually no place like home. This little area turns out to be just the ticket.

Purple floral wallpaper

Purple floral wallpaper
Source: meqasa.com

On the subject of floral wallpaper, we also offer a purple floral wallpaper. Similar to the reddish one, the wallpaper idea is similar in that the wallpaper matches the pillows. The curtains are also dark purple.

The wallpaper matches flowers and this time in a similar flower shape. This particular design instead brings elegance, in contrast to the romantic feelings in the reddish wallpaper.

Simple, dark wallpaper for a dramatic feel

Simple, dark wallpaper for a dramatic feel

Choose a plain, dark wallpaper to bring out the dramatic tone in your living room. You can choose this brick-inspired gray and black wallpaper to showcase the dramatic hue throughout the room.

The wallpaper looks simple but adds significantly to the dramatic appearance of the surroundings. The gray sectional sofa and the pillows are a nice introduction to the desired ambience.

Yellow modeled wallpaper living room

Yellow modeled wallpaper living room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

From the dark tone, we round off our wallpaper ideas for the living room with this yellow model wallpaper. The apparently flowery yellow wallpaper matches the whole light-flooded room idea. The light yellow background image makes the area even brighter and happier.

You can buy the wallpaper separately from the region. For example, while wallpaper and sofa don’t convey the exact same pattern, they look well paired.

Our last wallpaper consultation shows that you can get the right wallpaper even without rigid interior planning.

Before buying any of the living room wallpaper ideas, do some research on its price and maintenance needs. There’s no point in buying good looking wallpaper but not knowing how to clean it up.

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