Pallet racks and racks

We keep sharing some ideas on what to do with your old pallets, and today’s round-up is devoted to storage units – standing and wall shelves and shelving for any space. To build shelves, you must first strip down your pallets and then use this wood to make shelves. Pallet shelves add a rustic feel to any room and can be used anywhere – even if your space isn’t rustic, most decorating styles include a rustic piece. Let’s look at some ideas.

wall shelves

Shed your pallets for wood and build a piece that suits your space! It can be a bathroom shelf with a towel, toilet paper storage and some space for potted greens, or it can be a piece of art (decor is great for small spaces too!). It can be a practical space shelf for your kitchen or a multi-tier wine rack for bottles and even a holder for glasses and other things. Make a convenient entryway shelf for storing caps, hats, and hooks for clothes and bags. If you have a child, make some nursery bookshelves and paint them in a light shade. Color and paint the shelves however you like to make them perfect for your room.

other shelves

If you have enough space for a shelf, make an ordinary piece of pallet wood – for a bathroom, entryway, kitchen, dining area or any other space. If you don’t just want to open up the storage, put together some baskets or boxes that go with Voila. and again – the staining and varnishing of the storage units is entirely up to you.

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DIY industrial pallet rack Heavy duty workbench for a garage.

Creative laundry rooms you should check out

While a laundry room is usually the last one to need a makeover or upgrade, these ideas may inspire you to jump in and make your laundry room more functional! A defined area for folding laundry or storing items is really necessary, especially if your washroom is small. It’s nice to have a place to hang your clothes as soon as you pull them out of the dryer, and a hanging area that doesn’t take up much space is even better! It’s not easy to keep the laundry clear. Baskets are a great idea for hiding the clutter but keeping everything easily accessible. See how you can apply these and other clever ideas to the images below!

33 Creative Laundry Rooms You Should Check Out |  Laundry.
33 Creative Laundry Rooms You Should Check Out.
33 Creative Laundry Rooms You Should Check Out |  Laundry.

Modern Teen Girl Bedroom

If you have teenage daughters then this roundup is just what you need because we’ve rounded up the coolest teenage girl bedroom ideas from around the web! Decorating a teenage bedroom can be quite tricky: there should be multiple zones like studying and sleeping, and you should keep in mind that this is a space that is not for a child and not yet for an adult, so there should be a compromise between the two give. Interested in how to do this in style? Look below!


Striking colors are great for designing such a space. However, be careful not to overuse it. If your daughter wants something more neutral, try pastel colors or maybe a Scandinavian style with a neutral color palette. Some girls would love a popular combination of black or grey, white and pink, others would prefer lavender and lavender accents or a gender neutral room – ask your child what they want, that’s the most important thing.


Remember to separate the zones of the room whenever possible and add some handy furniture and lights to save more space. Don’t forget that making the room catchy, playful and even whimsy is a must because teenagers love everything cool and awesome. You can do this with quirky furniture designs, catchy lamps and chandeliers, or amazing gallery walls and accessories for your child to create and add. Ask her to take charge of the design and decor of the room and the result will be perfect.

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Amazing minimalist fireplace stand by the fireplace

Today there are so many cool fireplaces that add a bit of coziness to your room that impress and inspire with their design. And what about logs if you have a regular fireplace without ethanol? Buy this modern fireplace stand designed by Peter Maly for Conmoto to elevate the style of your room and add an exquisite touch. The stand is reminiscent of a fruit stand; It is made of stainless steel and leather, its materials and shape make it very minimalistic and cool. It is a perfect accessory for any traditional or modern fireplace. It becomes a cool accent and adds to the vibe of the home.

Contemporary family home with a neutral color palette

The house for Dorothy in Prague, Czech Republic was recently completed by Boq Architects who were commissioned to design the interior for a family in the late stages of construction.

The interior prominently features concrete and wood as the materials of choice, rounded off with playful details. On the ground floor, the open plan living area feels bright and open with surrounding windows and sliding glass doors leading to the outdoor area. The designers kept the color palette neutral through the use of white, charcoal grey, and natural wood, as well as occasionally curated pops of color.

A comfortable lounge area is located at one end of the ground floor, providing a quiet space for reading or relaxing by the fire. The central living room has a projection screen flanked by two white bookcases on either side for when it’s time to watch a movie. When the screen is rolled up, the minimalist wooden staircase with glass railings catches the eye, cleverly disguising the storage space below. The sofa is modular and can be reconfigured into three different configurations for different scenarios.

A huge kitchen island offers plenty of space for meal prep. A drop ceiling over the island reflects its shape and provides backlit ambient light. The children’s room features a multifunctional wall unit with storage space, while a house-shaped corner is created at the head of the bed.

A modern family home in Balagtas, Bulacan |  Modern bungalow house.
A modern family home, the 405mm Scyon Stria and a.
A modern family home in Balagtas, Bulacan |  Philippines house.

Beadboard kitchen backsplashes

Beadboard is a series of narrow wooden planks lined up vertically. Between each plank of wood is a small indentation or crest, also known as a “pearl”. Today, most beadboards come in long, monolithic panels that are easy to install and mimic the look of narrow vertical planks.

Beadboard is a very practical and beautiful choice for kitchen walls and/or ceilings as they are easy to clean. It can be stained or painted and is particularly suitable for farm, country or seaside kitchens. Beadboard brings a clean look to any room and is an easy way to add architectural detail to plain old walls. In addition to kitchen walls and ceilings, beadboard can also be used for kitchen splashbacks.

Ease of installation is one of the biggest advantages of backsplashes in the beadboard kitchen since you can use pre-made sheeting and your backsplash will take less than a weekend to install. Last but not least, the price of Beadboard Kitchen Backsplash is significantly lower compared to other options.

Select bead board

For one, you want to think about the width of the board and the depth of the bead. Wider boards will calm down in a busy, cramped kitchen, while narrower boards are a great choice when you need to tie a large space together. The deeper the bead, the more artisanal you become. Note, however, that even very deep grooves are difficult to clean.

Use color to add modern flair

You don’t have to stick to the traditional shades of white and cream when painting. You can paint your beadboard backsplash any color to enhance the theme of your kitchen interior and to match or contrast the color of your cabinets if you so desire. Try a dark beige, slate blue or mint green for a slightly country but edgy look.


Beadboard siding has the added benefit of less joint and mold hiding from your brush since there are no joints. The main reason against choosing a beadboard backsplash is that over time it can be prone to dirt, grime, grease, and food particles lodged in the grooves. Because wood is a bit delicate, stay away from the harsh cleaning products you may be using on your stovetop and countertops. Wipe down everything you can with a microfiber cloth, then use a water and vinegar solution to get really difficult areas with a toothbrush or small, soft brush to get between the cracks.

Overall, beadboard is great for kitchen splashbacks. This is a material with many advantages and it is easy to install yourself. Beadboard will add a cozy, rustic touch to your kitchen or make a bold statement with a contrasting colour.

Best room design ideas of 2020

In July 2020 we showed you a lot of cool things. Here are the most interesting ideas for interior design.

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Stylish functional children’s furniture

Stylish and functional children’s furniture isn’t seen that often, but today’s collection is definitely about those traits. Furniture brand Tink Things is on a mission to revolutionize the way kids grow, so they have more fun and are empowered. Considering different ways children interact with the environment is used as a starting point for designing furniture that better suits children’s sensory needs. The idea of ​​the new chairs is to create more dynamic, encouraging and enjoyable spaces for children that are truly inclusive.

The Ika rocking chair does not have a fixed seat on which children can not only move, but which also encourages constant rocking and jumping. It’s fun, but more importantly, it supports kids when they need a little boost or a moment to enjoy a playful fidget.

The Mia Hoodie Chair by Tink Things with a fabric seat hugs children and provides mild soothing under deep pressure that increases serotonin levels and helps with stress. If the child feels overwhelmed, they can pull up the cocoon and partially isolate themselves hoodie-style. The products are made from natural, sustainable and high-tech materials such as solid ash wood, 3D mesh and aluminium. They are tested and certified with Oeko-Tex® 100 & FSC certificates and EU tests for strength, durability, safety and stability.

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Cozy Ibiza house

Interior designer Jurjen van Hulzen designed a house on a remote mountain in the rugged north of Ibiza, Spain. The 100 year old warehouse, previously used as a workshop and storeroom, has been transformed into a contemporary guest house and window project for the designers.

The building was left without running water or electricity – everything was added to make the house livable. The designers installed solar panels for hot water, underfloor heating and electricity, making the home off-grid and self-sustaining. The designers kept the traditional building structure and emphasized the character of local materials such as concrete floors, stone walls plastered with chalk and mud, and “Sabina beams” made of trees that only grow on the island.

Van Hulzen designed the house to have a large, open space on the south side with a view over the entire valley. The main room is connected to the private terrace, creating a large social area. The area bleeds into the dining area, which features a built-in bench and skylight. The two bedrooms face north keeping them shaded and cool. They share the freestanding bath with operable windows that open to the fireplace and outside. The herringbone terracotta tile bathroom floor is a modern twist on traditional Spanish floors.

The loft was conceived as a comfortable and contemporary space that blends in with the surrounding nature. To enjoy the view of the mountains and the surrounding area, a yoga platform was placed on the roof and a fruit and vegetable garden was created. The different contrasts dominate the project: old and new, elegant and rustic, light and dark, rough and soft, creating an aesthetic balance.

Cozy Ibiza house with traditional aesthetics |  Casa de Campo.
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Stylish crystal pear

This is no ordinary lightbulb, but an intricate showpiece that shouldn’t be overshadowed by a lampshade as it looks really chic. Inspired by the fine craftsmanship of crystal cutting, Lee Broom’s Crystal Bulb combines industrial influences with decorative properties. The everyday lightbulb turns into a beautiful decorative light. Each crystal pear is handcrafted using traditional techniques and hand cut with a classic crystal pattern inspired by the traditional whiskey glasses and decanters.

The polished chrome pendant light features the Lee Broom logo and Frosted Crystal Bulb for a clean and simple outline. Each pendant light comes with a matching silver fabric cord and chrome ceiling plate. The brand is also releasing a brushed brass wall and ceiling lamp. All bulbs are available with either clear or frosted bulbs.

Such a light bulb is an amazing option for many types of interior design and decoration, and it will surely add a sophisticated touch to it. Choose the best option to embellish your space with this crystal pear!