Subway tile kitchen ideas

As you probably already know, subway tiles get their name from the ceramic tiles used on the walls of New York City subway stations in the early 20th century. Subway tiles are now used when you want to add a mid-century traditional feel to the space. Such tiles are timeless. More and more homeowners are choosing subway tiles to decorate their kitchens and bathrooms.

decoration styles

Today I want to go into more detail about kitchens. Subway tiles are widely used in the kitchen for backsplashes and even to cover walls, as overall tiles are a very practical and popular solution and subways are classics. Subway tiles suit many decorating styles: rustic, mid-century modern, simple modern, farmhouse, industrial, art deco, and Scandinavian. They’re not boring at all: these are timeless classics that won’t need to change years later.


Subway tiles can be edited in a number of ways: hatch, stack bind, traditional herringbone, sidewalk, straight and diagonal herringbone, offset, diagonal offset, vertical stack bind, and vertical offset bind. The most popular are staggered and straight and diagonal herringbone patterns.


If you think subway tiles just mean white or ivory tiles, then you are so wrong! Today you can find many colors of such tiles and easily find your perfect fit. It can be a light accent: aqua or blue tiles for a white seaside kitchen that indicates the decor theme, or marble subway tiles for a delicate decor. Contrasting and bold colors of the subway tiles keep your backsplash from becoming dull even if you don’t use an eye-catching pattern for the trim. Bold and contrasting subway tiles will make your light cabinets stand out and white cabinets will look crisper. Such tiles can also add dimension to your kitchen look. If you don’t want contrast, keep the backsplash in the colors of your kitchen. Subway tiles can highlight your colors, decor, wood texture, and many other things when used properly.

Now enjoy different ideas for subway tiles in the kitchen and get inspired!

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