Mid-century minimalist white house

Modern homes aren’t typically neutral or all-white, but this home isn’t — it’s done in a modern style, with all-white walls and overall eclectic decor. Ready to see it all?

The house has pure white walls that create a great blank canvas for displaying designs, furniture and art. You can see different styles confused here: mid-century modern, vintage and minimalist, and such an unusual combination works well! The use of different types of wood throughout the home provides the warmth required for any white interior.

The living room is decorated in white and neutrals with bold red drapes and a black couch stands out here. Bold artwork and a beautiful abstract chandelier make the room stand out and add character. A TV room is also white and off-white, with deep red curtains, a floral sofa, a brown leather chair and footstool, and a black lamp – all of which stand out in this neutral space.

The bedroom is also neutral and looks more modern than other mid-century rooms. A bold piece of art, a richly stained dresser, a black sconce, and atmospheric artwork characterize a relaxed vibe with a sophisticated feel. There is another bedroom where minimalist style prevails. There is a blue glass wall, platform bed, artwork and white sculptural shelves. Get more of this amazing home below!

Archway - A mix of mid-century modern, bohemian and industrial.
All white mid-century modern home with a Scandi feel |  Inner space.
A minimalist mid-century home

Creative Outdoor Valentine Decor Ideas

Make your nature Valentine’s Day! A sign or wreath is the most popular and cool idea here. You can easily make one out of twigs, green leaves, berries and various lights. Take some old palettes and paint them red, pink and add hearts – so easy and perfect! Hearts and different letters such as LOVE or XOXO are suitable for decorating indoors and outdoors. Take a planter and put heart attachments there – such a cool and simple decoration! If you have furniture, put some cute heart pillows, candle holders, table runners and so on. Use fresh greenery and flowers as decorations as spring is almost here and its breath can already be felt. Get inspired!

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25 Creative Outdoor Valentine Decor Ideas |  Valentine's day outdoors.

Moody Floral Scandinavian Kitchen Design Copper Accessories

This Swedish cuisine looks natural and soothing and is still very much on trend from a floral trend perspective. Maybe it’s because the white dusty flowers are so well balanced by the white tiles, or maybe it’s the stark contrast between old and new, but this kitchen just speaks loud. The copper accessories also bring a touch of blush to the wallpaper. The use of space, accessories and wood mix only confirms how beautifully put together spaces don’t have to be over the top or fancy. The space is full of harmony and beauty. It simply invites you to cook a masterpiece, get inspired and brainstorm ideas for your own kitchen!

Moody floral Scandinavian kitchen design with copper accessories.
Moody floral Scandinavian kitchen design with copper accessories.
Atmospheric floral Scandinavian cuisine |  Scandinavian cuisine, Swedish.

Brick walls for children’s rooms

Many of us think that trendy exposed brick walls are not for children’s rooms or children’s rooms because they are too hard and rough and cannot compete with peaceful children’s room decor. Despite this, more and more architects and designers are using this trendy feature in children’s rooms and it’s looking hot! Structural beauty and visual contrast are perfect for any decorating style, from shabby chic to industrial, and a variety of decor themes so popular in children’s rooms.

If you have health problems, clean the stones and use an appropriate sealant so that a stone is not a problem. Another cool idea is a brick wallpaper that looks similar but is completely uncomplicated and eco-friendly.

If your kids have a small room and you think a wall can make it look smaller, you are wrong. Brick walls look natural and perfectly match different colors and materials used for decoration.

Think brick walls are only for the young? No, walls like this will look fantastic for girls’ and boys’ bedrooms as well as gender-neutral nurseries. Everything depends on the appearance of the wall, its color and the desired effect.

Choose a style and decor theme for the room

Before building a wall or walls, pick a theme or style and stick with it. Brick walls can be absolutely different, and your decorating style will dictate what those walls look like. For example, rustic or industrial spaces with a plain, exposed finish will look good with a matte sealant. Whitewashed bricks are a great idea for shabby chic, vintage and Scandinavian nurseries. Don’t be afraid to paint the brick with different colors, it will look edgy and modern, and a colorful children’s room will look great with it.

brick alternatives

Don’t have beautiful exposed brick walls? No problem! Artificial tile siding and brick wallpaper look wonderful and closely resemble real brick. They are maintenance free and easy to install. Brick veneer is an inexpensive and beautiful option that allows you to enjoy the magic of brick walls and their textural beauty without worrying about the lack of original brick walls. If you have any health issues in mind, these options are the best idea.

Interior glass door ideas

Glass doors are often used as exterior doors as they look beautiful and let in lots of light, but you can rock them inside too! Glass doors gently divide spaces – glass helps to subtly separate them, but still connects them and lets light through. You can choose from different glass door options to rock: classic French doors for a sophisticated feel, modern design for a bold look, or sliding doors for space savings. Let’s consider all to choose from.

french doors

French doors are the most popular, everyone is rocking them indoors and out. These are sophisticated glass paneled doors that easily match many decor and color schemes. Classic French French doors made of white wood fit into shabby chic, vintage and rustic interiors. If you don’t have one, you can always find stylish looks to match. French with a black frame or dark wood are a great modern alternative to traditional doors and not only suit a modern interior but also make a cool statement. Thin metal frames gently divide the spaces and let in plenty of light.

Modern glass doors

If you don’t want or don’t want to bother with French classics, then opt for more modern doors with glass panels. There are amazing floor to ceiling glass doors with only a few frames – there is no other partition that is so modern and delicate. There are also folding options for those who want to save some space. You can also make a very subtle division for no framed glass door. If you need a subtle framed look, paint the metal with neutral colors like beige, ivory, or light gray.

sliding glass doors

This is a separate category that I wanted to share. Here you will find options for each style, including two previous ones, but we often run out of space, so I think this point is a must. There are rustic, modern, minimalist and other types of doors to choose from, so you can easily find a suitable option. Look for frameless glass doors or stylish etched doors with a specific pattern to make your space look amazing.

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Decorate with stylish ideas of sea corals

Coral is so beautiful on its own that it probably doesn’t need any special decor or painting. Not only are they great for decorating bathrooms, but they’re great for decorating too! You can decorate any room with coral: a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom – or just display it wherever you want. Unexpectedly, corals go well not only with beachy interiors, but also with classic ones – put them in bowls, mugs, planters and wherever you want. Corals look very good with moss and whitewashed wood; If you want to add a beachy touch to your home, simply place seashells, starfish and coral in glass vases or bowls and add sand if you like. Check out the inspirational examples below and start decorating!

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Decorating with Sea Corals: 34 Stylish Ideas |  sea ​​coral decor.

Flat mobile steel furniture

The apartment called Rubikum for Three is just outside the center of Ljubljana and is owned by a young couple and their dog. Arhitektura doo has equipped this apartment with moveable metal furniture to allow the owners to adapt the layout to their busy social life.

They had previously lived on the rural outskirts of Ljubljana but missed the hustle and bustle of city life and decided to move closer to the capital. While the location of the 60 square meter apartment suited the couple better, the standardized layout of the floor plan did not suit their dynamic lifestyle. Solid and rigid furniture with a predetermined position and function would therefore hinder this. All of the existing partitions in the apartment were pushed through to create a floor plan that allows residents – and the dog – to move from room to room with ease. The bathroom is now the only room that is now fully enclosed. The variety of routes throughout the apartment has encouraged the name ‘Rubikum’, a Slovenian term that is common compared to a Rubik’s Cube.

The practice specifically chose to use stainless steel for the mobile furniture, hoping that its “subtle sheen” would give the impression of extra light in the home. There are some fixed elements in the living area. To one side is a wooden sideboard integrated into a desk. If residents want the living area to feel cozier and more secluded, they can pull over a continuous silver curtain that is attached to a curved track in the ceiling. When retracted, it reveals a small conservatory adorned with a few armchairs and a row of green potted plants. This can be crossed to access the bedroom with tall wooden wardrobes.

Blue kitchen decor ideas

Blue is a color loved by everyone – it has stunning hues that suit any room or event. Blue has become a popular color for many designers and decorators. They rock different hues in the rooms and homes they design. Blue goes well with modern and vintage, industrial and glamour, coastal and rustic and many other rooms. It’s very relaxing and absolutely timeless. Today I’m going to share a bunch of blue eye candy for those of you who are into blue: These will be blue kitchens of different tones. Let us begin!

Blue kitchen furniture

Choose your blue color and boldly rock such closets. Anything goes here, from soft pastel serenity blues and light blues to cobalt or navy. Pale blue, serenity and other peaceful hues are great for coastal, rustic, shabby chic and vintage kitchens, but of course you can rock them for other styles too. All shades of blue can be accentuated even better with brass or copper handles and touches throughout the kitchen. It looks more glamorous this way.

Pastel shades are perfect for vintage, shabby chic, coastal and other styles. They pair well with white or neutral countertops with marble or tile backsplashes. Brass and copper add glamor and chic, and mosaic tiles are a great idea for adding a focal point to the closets.

Eye-catching shades of blue like cobalt and electric also look very cool in retro or vintage kitchens and modern kitchens. Such cabinets can be made even cooler with white marble backsplashes or white or natural wood tile and countertops that add a rustic touch.

Dark blue hues are perfect for modern, industrial, vintage and atmospheric kitchens. To make the kitchen not so dark, you can rock white tiles and marble or choose calm shades of gray. If the kitchen is very dark and you don’t want it to visually steal the space, try white wall cabinets and dark blue on the floor – this makes the kitchen look bright.

Blue kitchen islands

If you’re not ready to rock a bold blue kitchen or can’t change color right now, just try a blue kitchen island. This is a chic way to add a coastal or coastal feel to the kitchen or add a colorful touch to the room. If there are no other blue details here, you can connect the kitchen island to the room using the same countertops. Enjoy!

Christmas Home Decor ideas for your home

Christmas is that time of year when every family member looks forward to having their share of decor, lighting, and other preparations. Christmas decoration is exciting. Here are some ideas to make your home look exclusive.

To add interest, use objects of different heights. Choose oversized snowflakes, large candlesticks for the tables, a garland of olive branches for the mantel, etc. Pay attention to your front door and hang two wreaths on top of each other on the door. It will give your visitors a welcoming loo.

It is a very simple idea to make Christmas warm at home. Gather all the greeting cards you received from friends and secure them to a string with clothespins. Stretch this string in every place where they put on a good show. Another idea is to buy yourself a rustic ladder or a ladder that is at home and hang colorful blankets on it to add warmth on cold, snowy days and nights.

Railings are a great place to decorate as they get more views and admiration. You can create a happy, cheerful look by arranging colorful objects on it. Get red and white pepper bells and string them together in a long fishing pole. Tie this pole to the railings and enjoy the great look of this.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​garlands for the mantel, get a mix of

Instead of a garland, a great way to dress up a mantel is by filling it with a colorful combination of candlesticks of different sizes, for the whole collection to sparkle. The different colors of the candles create a great aura.

These Christmas decoration ideas are just a few of many. For more information on House Beautiful and Country Living click here.

multipurpose furniture

In our modern world of lack of space, tight spaces, clutter and micro-apartments, space saving solutions are not just a trend but a must. The smaller the space, the smarter solutions you need, and I would say functional and convertible furniture is number one among them. Sofas have become beds, suitcases and coffee tables, chairs and bookcases – there are many ideas to choose from or you can have them all! Interested? Let’s check out the coolest!


A coffee table can become a desk or place your belongings. If you need a desk, choose a model with a lifting top. In this way you do not need a home office, but work directly in your living room. Many coffee tables include storage: drawers or open shelving or both, making it easy to tidy up your space and put all your stuff in there – so smart and easy!

beds and couches

A cute sofa can be turned into a bed or a day bed. This is a great solution for a one bedroom apartment. With just one piece you have a living room and bedroom in one. Modern platform beds offer storage inside – some handy drawers will hide the clutter and make your space look bigger. There are even sofas that convert into a dining table with upholstered stools – yes, you can find pieces like this!

chairs and benches

There are unique chairs that can be converted into day beds – a comfy idea for a small living room! If you’re a book lover, find a chair with built-in bookshelves and read even more books with such a cozy piece. For a small entryway, a chair with hangers is the perfect solution. There are benches here and there with plenty of storage space – they’re a great idea for a small entryway, and we all know they’re usually small.

Other ideas

Closets with built-in desks, offices with desktops, bookshelves with seating – there are many ideas that you might like. Just look for them and make your space super effective! Rock them all and make your space clutter-free and elegantly decorated.

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