Charming and beautiful Provence dining places

When I see dining rooms in Provence, all I can think is: please leave me there! The Provençal dining rooms are fantastic. This is a fantastic mix of shabby chic, rustic, vintage, casual and sophistication all at the same time with a very special charm that cannot be found anywhere else. My favorites are classics with vintage and rustic flair: whitewashed stone walls, rustic furniture, wooden beams on the ceiling, lavender in pots and exquisite dishes. There are also more modern variations with lots of color and modern furniture, but that charm is still there. Classic chandeliers and candle holders set the mood, no matter what style you prefer. Get inspired by amazing ideas below!

What is a country style house?

The word cottage, originally meaning splinter, was a far cry from meaning a farmer living in a small house with a barn to meaning a small house. While the cottages of Europe serve as living quarters, the cottages of America usually refer to a vacation home. What does it look like and how do you pull off a country style if you want? Let’s take a look at some features of such a house.


A holiday home in the English countryside often resembles a different lifestyle. There can be a simple row of windows, as in a Georgian house, or you can find the half-timbered pattern of a Tudor house. If you want to take your vacation home in a more modern direction, try to keep the period charm and use color and details like fixtures to update your tiny home. For example, black is a great option to make your cottage stand out from the other charming cottages.

Thatched roofs are as classic as can be and together with some climbing roses you have an English cottage fit for the film. If you want to create a beach cottage look, embrace the clapboards of the Victorian sea. Paired with your classic mint greens and windswept grasses, you’ll make your vacation home a place you never want to leave.

If you don’t have a porch to decorate, make window boxes. They make it easy to add a pop of color to your cottage and easy to swap out seasonally. A back patio is not only a great way to expand your entertaining space, but it also accentuates the coziest vacation home decor.


When renovating a historic cottage, you’re likely to find many things beneath the modern wood and drywall, like brick and stone. If you are able, leave these items open to give your cottage a real nostalgic feel. Beams were a common sight in a cottage and may yet need to be completed. However, you will appreciate the vintage touch they add to your cottage.

Shutters are welcome for holiday homes not only for the outside but also for the inside. Interior blinds can be folded completely away from the windows and, unlike curtains, sometimes allow maximum daylight.

Classic English cottages thrive on patterns. If you’re not sure where and how to place your patterns, simply cover your walls, cabinets, furniture, and even the floor with white, then look around to see what colors are needed and where the pattern is without too much is of trial and error.

How to expand the living room

Your living room is often the heart of your home, where you can gather with family and friends, spend long, lazy evenings, and more. While physically increasing the space would require an expensive remodel, there are many ways to make the space appear larger that are easy to do and budget friendly. We’ve rounded up the easiest ones, check them out!

Concentrate on the ground

The floor takes up a lot of space and has a major impact on the design of your living room. Avoid interrupting the eye with different and particularly contrasting floor coverings. Choose a flooring material like wood or carpet throughout the living room and adjoining rooms to visually expand the space and create a flow with your design. Prefer furniture with legs to make the floor underneath fade and look taller.

Use the walls

The place where the walls meet the floor defines the size of a room both physically and visually. Emphasize the height of the wall by any means you have: hang floor-length curtains close to the ceiling, use tall bookshelves to compel guests to look, or add moldings.

Add a focus

Emphasize a focal point or accent piece to draw people’s attention away from the size of the room. Choose any focal point – a mantel, a piece of art, a bold piece of furniture or anything else that comes to mind. Make it super contrasting and super bold, let it take up all the space, and it will be a great conversation starter.

Use mirrors to reflect light

Mirrors push walls away and reflect light, making the room appear larger. This is a classic idea to make your space look bigger. Use them in front of your most attractive decor such as flowers or intricate curtains or windows to reflect beauty and please the eye. Avoid using a mirrored wall that looks too retro and can change your aesthetic. Make your living room bigger easier and faster!

Stylish and laconic minimalist bathroom decor ideas

A super cool modern decor trend, minimalism is hugely popular as it helps to see beauty in simplicity and clean lines. I think it’s a perfect style for decorating a bathroom, especially if it’s not very big, because such decor is usually very functional and looks great. Minimalism is also about freeing up space, which means your bathroom looks bigger.

colors and textures

Traditionally minimal colors – black, gray and white – always make for a super stylish combination. If you are short on space, just choose white to make the bathroom look bigger. Stone, natural wood and concrete are perfect for diversifying the interior and making it look luxurious. The key to creating a non-boring minimalist space is having great texture, and such materials will certainly help. Also check out tiles, they are a traditional bathroom treatment and can add a lot of texture and shape too.


Natural light will make your bathroom look cooler and if possible make a skylight or window made out of frosted glass or plain glass or even a couple of them. Also, consider using multiple layers of built-in lights to make your bathroom look more inviting.

furniture and appliances

Furniture in a minimalist bathroom may look very laconic, it can be a floating vanity and a ladder for towels, and nothing else. Devices should also be very simple – built-in sinks, a laconic tub – they can be black, white or even gray concrete. Check out the following ideas and create your own stylish minimalist bathroom at home!

Ikea girls closet renovation

Having your own closet, even a small one, is always a great advantage as you can keep all your belongings and accessories organized and in style. This small closet was renovated and organized using IKEA’s Pax system.

The Pax system has been placed on either side of the closet and there are some handy drawers and hangers for everything you need. The opposite wall was covered in patterned light blue wallpaper and a gorgeous mirror shaped like a sun with beams made out of mirror pieces – such a cool glamorous detail for a girly wardrobe! Another glamorous feature is a chic candle-style chandelier with metal balls that looks very eye-catching. A blue patterned rug makes the look complete and cosy.

Storage is organized in the most effective way: there are hangers for clothes, drawers for lingerie and other things, baskets for accessories, and even convenient trouser hangers. There’s also a blue stool to put things up somewhere. It’s such a beautiful example of a closet to use for your own space!

Contemporary whimsy apartment

Interior designers constantly face challenges, but it’s not every day you come across an apartment with such a poorly planned interior that they have to rearrange everything. That’s exactly what designer Dmitry Barashko had to do when asked to remodel an apartment in central Minsk, Belarus. The apartment had a very impractical floor plan without a single straight wall. All of the long walls parted radially from the center and were curved, making some of the rooms very difficult and even impossible to actually use.

A whole new structure was created. The apartment has been completely reorganized, this time with square walls. As it turns out, creativity and practicality are not mutually exclusive. The new interior design is modern and simple. The focus is mostly on the materials and finishes, but the spaces definitely don’t lack character. The lights are sculpturally and graphically designed to draw attention without being too flashy.

The living room, kitchen and dining area are seamlessly connected and form the most spacious part of the apartment. The kitchen is almost entirely white with a massive and elegant white marble island. There is a bedroom with a chic and glamorous design giving it an airy and open feel. Check out the pictures of this gorgeous apartment below!

Forest apartment with pool

In the historic center of Quito, Ecuador, Aquiles Jarrín has transformed a formerly shared residence into an airy and plant-filled home. By stripping back the walls of the existing 1970s apartment, the project reveals a ‘forest’ of beautifully unpolished concrete columns and a permeable living space.

The owners of the apartment tried to break the strict delineation of the floor plan to allow for more flexibility and adaptability. Not only did they want to bring in lots of greenery, but they also wanted to create a social area without strong divisions between private spaces, creating a free and open place to live.

First, the interior walls were demolished and planters were introduced. The walls were replaced by glass openings with access to the terrace, reconfiguring the space, turning it into a green space of nature and light. With no walls, the pillars of the concrete structure gained a strong presence, making them a key element of the dwelling and giving them a more poetic dimension, as they were no longer seen as pillars but rather as tree trunks.

The idea arose that it was no longer a domesticated space, but a wilder world or “forest”. If the pillars were trees and the room was a forest, only other trees could appear in this scenario. some pleasing, others superimposed as normally occurs in nature. Therefore, new elements of the same size were created and a playful and experimental exercise was launched to solve the livability needs. By overlapping the imposed steel trunks, new ground levels were created, effectively defining different areas within an interior topography. These new elements have been designed with three surfaces and an internal cavity that gives them the characteristics of furniture, turning them into a multifunctional piece to store a book, bread or shoes. Metal was the most suitable material, which allowed both versatile use and the development of all project elements.

Gorgeous summer bedroom design in peach and white

Summer is a fantastic season full of sunlight and bright colors. So why not add some summer accents to the decor? Start in your bedroom as you wake up each morning needing inspiration for the day. I think soothing hues of soft peach combined with white and green tones create a calm and peaceful ambiance in this summer bedroom. Brass accents add a touch of elegance to the side tables – your mood will soar with such beauty and sophistication! Textile layers, embroidered sheets and soft wool blankets for the cool nights complete the look of this delightful bedroom.

Minimalist kitchen island

Ready for masterpieces of minimalism? Here is one of them from a very famous design studio! Cove by Zaha Hadid Design is a freestanding kitchen island. This device features the architect’s fluid geometric lines, which achieve harmony through malleable materials combined with Boffi’s know-how and artistry.

Cove by Zaha Hadid for Boffi is available in two sizes and offers customization at the highest level. It features a large worktop that curves along a spacious hollow opening in front, providing the perfect space for placing stools and food. Drawers and cabinets are seamlessly integrated, as is a sink embedded above.

Zaha Hadid’s Cove kitchen can be fully customized to the client’s exact specifications and requirements. It is available in a variety of materials including handcrafted natural stone, selected wood and a high-performance Corian® finish. The finishes are glossy, marble and stone and the colors vary between black and white.

Add interest to a white space

White is a timeless and chic color, it is used very often for all styles of decoration, it makes any room look bigger and it reflects the light so that the room is filled with light. ideal, right? But not too much: an all-white room might look a bit dull and too clean, even like a hospital. How to avoid such a situation? There are some easy ways to add chic and interest to an all-white space. Let’s take a look.


To avoid a monotonous look, you can add texture to the room. It can be a textural bedding set, a fur rug or pillow, metal and wood detailing, or eye-catching tiling – there are so many ways to add texture! It all depends on what space you are highlighting. If it’s a bedroom, cozy textured textiles will do. When it comes to a bathroom, some striking white tiles are just what you need, and whitewashed wood or brick will add simple texture to any space. This way your space will appear subtle and neutral but much more eye-catching and you will avoid a boring look.

Bold floors

If you’ve decided on an all-white space, why not cover the floors with something bold and contrasting to make the space shine? This can be dark stained hardwood floors, some unique and eye-catching tiles, any type of stone, marble, and even ordinary hardwood floors that you have repainted or repainted. It depends on your space and style and see what you want to achieve. Dark or colorful floors can help your white space stand out from the crowd, even if the rest is very basic.

wall art

Wall art is number one in solving many problems, from creatively and boldly decorating the room to hiding an imperfection on the wall. Decide on a wall art that you like and make sure it suits your space: it can be a toy head for a child’s room, a black and white gallery wall, a timeless solution, an abstract wall art that takes you time and to print frames. This is one of the cheapest ideas that is guaranteed to get noticed no matter what style and color you choose.