Hanging shelves ideas

Storage and organization are among the most important points in home decor. Shelves, sideboards, chests of drawers, buffets and other elements are necessary in every home and provide not only storage space but also decorative value. This totally applies to the hanging/hanging shelves that we’re going to share today. Why she? They fit perfectly with modern, boho and relaxed interiors that look light while offering ample storage space. Let’s take a look!

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are super light and cool – they fit into boho, industrial, minimalism, modern and contemporary spaces. You can hang wooden or plywood shelves, or create a glamorous space with rough wood or painted wood. Ropes are traditional for many interiors from nautical to boho, threads for more minimalist spaces, leather cords for industrial and boho spaces, macrame cords for boho spaces. They can be larger or smaller, they are used for many children of items and you will enjoy the unusual look.

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are very popular for home decor. They have one major advantage: they look light and contain no less material than traditional shelves. Unlike chests of drawers and sideboards, they don’t take up any floor space. Your hanging shelves can be very diverse: you can use classics with regular placement of shelves, or hang them asymmetrically at different heights, which will make the device eye-catching. You can also choose different sizes and arrange the shelves in a triangle. Since the floor space is not occupied, you can place some boxes and baskets there to hold even more material.

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Beautiful blue and gray bedrooms

According to the psychological tests, the color most of us love is blue. And what color goes best with blue? Gray of course! A bedroom in the combination of these colors looks so comfortable and inviting that you will want to spend all your time there. Such a combination is especially cool with vintage furniture, but some modern pieces would also be on point. If you want to relax, add some white or silver to the color scheme with furniture, pillows, vases and other accessories. If you want some drama and exquisiteness, add black. Blue can be bright or rich – it has to match the right shades of grey. Check out some inspirational photos below and enjoy the work of designers.

Gray and dark blue bedrooms

Gray and navy have become one of the most popular and daring color combinations, which are widely used in different homes with all kinds of decoration styles. Gray is more of a relaxing color, and navy gives it depth and calm at the same time. I love the lighter shades of gray mixed with navy – they look very cool! But if you like moody spaces, you can try graphite gray and navy. Typically, designers and homeowners prefer to make gray the main color and add accents in navy: a statement wall, throw pillows, an upholstered bed, and nightstands and benches. If you prefer color, choose dark blue walls and add touches of gray to furniture and accessories.

Another popular shade of dark blue is midnight blue, which is more commonly paired with dove gray and other light grays. This is a classic color scheme that gives the room the ultimate sophisticated and luxurious feel. Although some of you might say it’s too contrasting and looks formal, it’s a very bold and dramatic idea.

Gray and light blue bedrooms

Lighter shades of blue are welcome if you love color! Turquoise, tiffany blue, sky blue, electric blue and more – all of these will make your space more cheerful and inviting. You can see bright and bold shades of blue everywhere – from ocean inspired bedrooms to modern bedrooms – blues suit any style! It’s up to you whether you want to pair them with darker or lighter shades of gray – bold blues always make a statement, but more often you’ll see light gray bedrooms with light blue accents. If you are not sure about this or that shade, then first try to use bedding of such a color so that you understand whether it suits or not. Then you can add other accessories to the bedroom: pillows, lamps, artwork and much more. Of course, you can also make your blue color the main color in the room and calm it down with a touch of gray: bedding, furniture, pillows, accessories and other things.

How to make the house more comfortable

It is now the middle of winter and many of us are hiding in our cozy homes from the pale colors and cold of winter outside. If you think your home isn’t cozy enough, you can easily add a few in minutes. I’m going to show you a few ways to do this.

Cozy corners

Open layouts are everyone’s love, but large open spaces in winter feel cold and hideous. Arrange the furniture so that it has some cozy nooks and crannies. Screens, shelves and furniture will help you organize this. The easiest and most popular idea is to use a windowsill if it’s big enough to sit or lie on – just put some pillows and blankets on the windowsill and voila! If there is a cooler inside, it will be even more convenient.

Warm textures

Not enough heat? Add warm and cozy textures like faux fur or chunky knit. Wool blankets, duvets, plush pillows and furniture covers will make even the coldest room feel cozier and more inviting. Keep large items neutral when choosing. If they are small, try bold colors for a harmonious look.

Winter neutral or white

White or warm neutrals are very wintry. When you use them as decor, they definitely create a mood that looks cozy and chic. They don’t make your interior colder, they just give it a winter feel and make it cozier than before.


Lights are necessary to create mood and coziness, but nothing beats candles! Candles in all types of candlesticks and in your faux fireplace are just what you need in winter, and in fact they’re always on point any other time of the year. Find or craft candle holders to match your decor, or make them an artificial fireplace to show and imitate fire. You won’t regret it!


Comfort and coziness are not just about looking good, but also about smells. What can bring cosiness in winter? Warm up and add aromatic flavors like cinnamon, coffee, herbs, citrus and other things. To bring them into your home, you can use aroma lamps or just candles. If you don’t have a smell, make your own candle! Pomanders have an amazing smell so don’t hesitate to use them for decor and just a cool look.

Smart storage beds do not spoil the interior

We often face the problem of lack of space in each room and room. Today’s summary will help those of you who have small bedrooms and no storage space. A bed with storage can solve this problem and still look good and not spoil your bedroom. Need ideas? We have much!

The most popular idea is platform beds with drawers which are just what you need to store some things. There is also an open storage compartment that can be fitted with boxes or other compartments if you want a more closed solution. Another idea is a raised bed with storage underneath, no drawers but still very easy to use. The main advantage is that everything that is stored is completely hidden, and the room looks elegant and orderly. There are great beds with headboards for storage – drawers or a pegboard to hang. You can combine all of these solutions in one bed or just keep a few, check out the amazing ideas below and decide which one is the best!

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Outdoor lounge chairs for summer naps

If you’re a gracious owner of an outdoor space and can stay in there these days, chances are you already have some nice furniture to sleep in – or maybe you’re looking to change it? You may need benches, tables and comfortable furniture to sit on and not only. Fancy a nap outside? Then a good, comfortable outdoor deck chair is what you need! What should you consider before buying and what are the coolest options for now?

style and materials

Look at your outdoor space to see what style you have. This makes it easier for you to narrow down the number of options. Decide which colors fit here and look at the materials. When choosing outdoor furniture, it is better to choose something durable. Metal is the best idea for frames as it is very durable and easy to maintain. But you can also try wood and plywood with special finishes to withstand different weather conditions. Be careful with upholstery fabrics – they should be easy to wash, breathable and at the same time very durable.


A traditional twist is to choose a comfortable wicker chair and add some cushions and a plaid to make it more comfortable and soft. But you can also opt for something more modern and original: a minimalist plywood lounge chair with a cool design, a piece of rattan for two people or a roof to avoid excessive sunlight. There’s another cool idea: an upholstered lounge that looks like a beanbag but is so soft to lie on! The choice of bed, its appearance and design depends on the style and look of your outdoor space. Check out the deckchairs below and choose an option for your garden!

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Big round mirrors

Curves and organic shapes are among this year’s home decor trends and are here to stay. You can see them in anything edgy: architectural arches, details in furniture like armchairs, sofas, mirrors, and bathtubs. Organic, less angular shapes can add a welcome softness to any space. Investing in a curved sofa or a round chandelier therefore adds an unexpected and welcoming element. Keep an eye out for large, round mirrors, which are the number one curved element that is loved by everyone – such a decorative piece can easily be integrated into many rooms and decorative styles.

A large round mirror makes a room look bigger no matter how small or dark it is. It turns any room into an airy and bright space. Large round mirrors can make a statement in any room of the home, adding stunning chic to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. The circular shape takes the mirror from functional to decorative with a variety of frame options, from elegant and chic to vintage and brass.

Hang a large round mirror (the bigger the better) in your entryway as this is usually a must for a room like this and will make your entryway look larger and more light-filled. Hang a large round mirror in your bedroom or living room, or place it on the floor. This doubles the space and makes it a great decor element. Hang an oversized round mirror or two in your bathroom to make it super edgy and bold – such a solution is simple but very impressive. Complete your makeup corner with such a mirror and you will always be happy to take a look and see everything you need.

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House interior colors and style 2019

Walls: Select sophisticated colors for specific areas of a room to create a central focus. Give them a central stage. You can see that the colors can be divided into three palettes: composed, confident and comfortable. Which palette works best for your room depends on your personality, lifestyle and mindset. The more you relate your space to your personality and mindset, the better you feel about your home and it determines your taste for visitors. For example, if you are social, creative, and cheerful, choose colors from the safe palette.

Furniture: Furniture colors determine the interior of the house. Most of the time, if you choose a specific palette for your wall color, keep the color of the furniture on the same palette but boost it with a different color scheme. This will add flair to your interior. Often the pillows do this job. You can change the upholstery at any time to quickly change the interior.

Floor carpet and accessories: The floor carpet is an important part of the house. You are looking down at the floor most of the time, and the color choices and design of your rugs should emit waves of new life every time you take a look. The accessories in the house interior such as shelves and lamps complement the interior of the house. These objects are a proud choice for your home if you follow the design with the color too. For example, choose simple designs with innovative styles.

Aesthetic yet practical Rab classic bathroom furniture from Pscbath

The RAB bathroom furniture collection is one of those that perfectly combines aesthetic appearance with practical aspects and is designed in a classic style. In the pictures you can see cabinets from the collection in the color Golden Leaf. They can also be made of natural wood, glossy or matt lacquered, or made with different leather front panels. The glass top of the sink is also available in 19 colours. The RAB collection is great for meeting people’s daily needs and taking care of their body. If you are looking for functional and comfortable furniture to complete your classic or modern bathroom design, PSCBATH’s RAB is a good choice.

Moody lighting inspired by cats

Are you as in love with cats as we are? If you are, a touch of cat madness can be a beautiful and fun solution for your home, and we’ve got you covered! Today we share unique lamps that remind cats every second.

Designer Arman Zamani’s latest Kafka light sits at the intersection of storytelling and design. Inspired by the two feline omens in Kafka on the Shore, a novel by Japanese author Haruki Murakami, this elegant (and slightly quirky) lighting series is sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Almost like a cat trapped in a pure white cube, it creates an interesting sculpture by day and a playful, poetic lamp by night that stimulates the imagination.

Such unique lights add a moody and crazy touch to your room. They are suitable for adult and children’s interior decoration, private and public spaces, I promise!

leather headboards

A leather headboard is a very trendy idea – you can always swap out an ordinary fabric headboard for a leather headboard if you want to add a touch of edge to the bedroom. What are the hottest leather headboard ideas? Here are some ideas!

Woven headboards

A woven headboard is a super edgy and on-trend idea to rock in your bedroom—whether it’s a boho, contemporary, or mid-century modern space. It can be amber, black or brown – any color you think is appropriate for the bedroom. Such a headboard adds texture and a lot of interest to the room with a pattern.

Tufted headboards

A tufted headboard is a timeless idea, and a tufted leather headboard is a super fresh take on the classics. Try different leather and frame colors and choose an oversized headboard that reaches to the ceiling to keep it cool. Decorative nail trim is another bold idea to jazz up your tufted leather headboard.

Hanging headboards

A hanging headboard is a trendy idea – make upholstered leather pieces and hang them on a metal hanger above the bed. It can be a single or duo headboard in any leather color. The main advantage is that you can add it at any time, even if your bed does not have a headboard. Leaning on such a headboard is very practical, so you will not regret having made one.

Other headboards

If you prefer sleek leather headboards, make them more catchy for a wingback headboard, decorate with nail detailing, make geometric designs, and extend the headboard to the ceiling or sides. Upholstered leather headboards add a welcoming touch to the bedroom and keep you happy and relaxed in the bedroom. Check out various bold ideas below and get inspired!

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