Race car style stainless steel kitchens for tight spaces

The free-standing stainless steel kitchen appliances from the Italian company Alpes Inox are specially designed for tight spaces. Inox means stainless steel, and the company only uses high-quality, high-nickel stainless steel that has a durable, brilliant white shine. The kitchens are multifunctional and can be taken with you when you move. There aren’t any built in so they can be rearranged as needed. Most designs are available on wheels. The two gas burners on this hob fold away so the piece doubles as a table for food prep. Below, a trolley with two drawers on wheels holds pots and pans and other kitchen utensils. There are different variants of the trolley and buyers can opt for a steel plate or a wooden cutting board.

Race car style stainless steel kitchens for tight spaces - DigsDi
Race car style stainless steel kitchens for tight spaces - DigsDi
Race car style stainless steel kitchens for tight spaces - DigsDi

Contemporary teen bedroom design ideas

We write a lot about children’s room designs because a lot of people have children. But what about teenagers’ rooms? The rooms for teenagers and teenagers are usually very different. Designing a modern teen bedroom is all about making the place cool, over the top and practical. The child should be proud of their room because it is not only the place to sleep and study, but also a casual place to hang out with friends. We select some contemporary teen bedroom examples for you and these kids room designs could definitely make any kid or teen happy. You can get an idea of ​​what this space should have inside, what furniture you should use and how to keep it cool.

Choose a color scheme

Since you have chosen a contemporary style, it is usually rather laconic and not very colorful, although you can also rock moody or bright shades. Decide if you want to show it’s a boy’s or girl’s room with colors – you can rock pink and red for girls or navy and gray for boys, but the trend is mostly towards gender-neutral rooms where there aren’t any Colours . The most popular idea is to rock a monochromatic palette, all neutral or maybe neutral colors with pastels or something out of the ordinary for that style – moody or bright colors as I said below.

Choose furniture

The most important pieces of furniture for a teenage bedroom are a bed, a desk, some storage units, and shelves and chairs. You can replace some of these items with others or add something else – it’s up to your child’s needs. Try different furniture that looks creative – floating beds, hanging chairs, windowsill desks to save space while providing everything you need. Be creative, because teenagers’ rooms should inspire!

add decor

Decor is more important to children and teenagers than to others. Stick to the style of the room but add artwork, posters, neon and ambient lights, decals, or anything else that fits. Think of interesting solutions such as graphic or 3D walls, wooden arches that wrap the entire space, creative figures and other objects. Check out more ideas below and get inspired to create a perfect space for your teenage child!

Practical design ideas for attic bathrooms

Attics are considered difficult to decorate due to the different shaped roofs. But the challenge is accepted! Let’s look at some examples of attic bathroom decor that doesn’t take up more than every inch of space and looks very stylish and elegant. The main secret is to place your bathtub, shower stall or storage under the lowest part of the roof, because you don’t need any height to relax in the bathtub or to store the towels and other bathroom accessories. All other parts can be placed in the rest of the room as you wish and convenient for you. Below are some ideas on how best to do this, enjoy and get inspired!

colors and materials

Lofts are usually small and sometimes without light. This means that neutral colors are best for making them look taller and more comfortable. You can add color with a statement tile wall in blue, teal, gray, yellow, or any color you like, or play up drama with black and chocolate brown accents. Bring texture with brick or faux brick, add interest to the space with different types of tiles, warm the space with wood. Keep your towels and other things in the basket – they add a homey feeling.


The furniture fully corresponds to the decoration style you have chosen, modern for modern rooms, vintage and shabby chic for vintage-inspired. You can easily make your own pieces out of old stuff, or just skip the vanity and install a freestanding or wall-mounted sink. Add a side table or stool if you have a bathtub and are thinking about storage – some shelves, boxes, baskets are a good idea.

decor and accessories

Even if your attic is small, don’t leave out accessories and decor to make it cooler. Create a cozy feeling with some accessories and decorations: artworks, carpets, curtains, shutters, towels and other things. If there is enough space and light, add potted plants and flowers to refresh the space.

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60 practical attic bathroom design ideas - DigsDi

Modern interior of the colonial house

California-based Síol Studios has retained the historic character of a 1920’s apartment while adding contemporary touches, including an eclectic selection of furniture and artwork. The Genesee project covers 172 square meters and is a home away from home for the family.

The Spanish colonial house has white-painted stucco facades and a red-tiled roof, as well as arched windows and doors. It also has a garden, a swimming pool and a detached guest house. The customers wanted to keep the charm of the house and at the same time adapt it to their personal taste. They turned to Síol Studios in San Francisco to renovate the interior, adding awnings and an outdoor patio.

The aim was to create a subtle freshness, a delicacy of the space created by the fusion of sculptural forms. While certain elements have been retained, parts of the interior have been completely reconfigured. The kitchen was moved to the back of the home, where the team also installed a folding glass door that connected seamlessly to the backyard. The kitchen area features green cabinets and terracotta tiles with an arabesque motif. One of the unusual elements of the kitchen is a bronze partition that merges with an ash stick. In the breakfast nook, a pink banquette wraps around a wooden dining table with angled legs.

The dining room features a live surfboard collection by artist Barry McGee. A wooden sideboard provides space for storing dishes. In the master bedroom, the team covered the walls with ultra-thin curtains that add a softness to the space. The floor-to-ceiling curtains also help control lighting levels.

The team also renovated a detached studio with a total area of ​​28 square meters. The studio has a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchenette. When it came to the backyard, the team kept the home’s small lawn and mature plants. Changes were made to the swimming pool – one side was made shallower and a waterfall-edge hot tub was installed.

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Colonial Interior |  Modern colonial style house.

Practical garden shed storage ideas

It’s spring and garden time! I’m sure almost every garden has a garden shed where you keep all your tools, seeds, buckets, etc. What are the practical shed storage ideas to save space and keep everything organized? Of course, the most common idea is to store some cabinets, but what about making furniture out of wine or milk crates? Attach baskets to the wall for storage, use funnels for string and hooks to hang everything from shovels to scissors, and store seeds in large mason jars. Get more inspirational ideas below!


Shelves are classic storage units and using open shelving for storage in your shed is a cool idea. They can be made of wood, plywood, metal and other materials. Mount them to the walls or lay them on the floor if they are oversized. Combine open shelving with other storage solutions you see below.

hooks, holders and racks

I can’t imagine a garden shed without hooks and racks – they are extremely handy for organizing your belongings and tools. Hooks, holders and racks can be attached directly to the walls or pegboard to make your room more variable and convenient. You can hang tools, shovels, rakes and many other things and add as many as you need to avoid wasting your floor space or shelves on these items.

cabinets and tables

Why do cabinets and tables come together? Because both can be taken from your old kitchen and converted into garden shed furniture or not renovated at all – shabby chic is all the rage! Add open shelving under table tops or use your cabinet countertops for gardening. Attach some open shelves above the tables or cabinets and enjoy!

Other ideas

Attach the pegboard to the walls and furniture, attach hooks and storage units to them. Pick up ladders, baskets and wire baskets that attach to the walls, classic tool walls, and other things that might work in your garden shed. Get inspired!

Cool industrial dining rooms and zones

If you are looking for a style for your dining room, check out these awesome industrial dining rooms! Brick walls, upcycled wood, concrete and industrial metal furniture – it all looks fantastic! Pure industrial decor is mainly suitable for masculine interiors. So if you don’t want to go that far, try mixing it up with some other styles. Industrial goes well with minimalism – concrete and metal furniture are essential parts of these styles. Just add some bold accents and voila! Mid-century accents look chic in an industrial dining room. Shabby chic touches make it look very trendy. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

35 cool industrial dining rooms and zones - DigsDi
35 Cool Industrial Dining Rooms and Zones |  dining room .
35 Cool Industrial Dining Rooms and Zones |  DigsDigs |  minimalistic.

House-preserving topography

In a forest near Barcelona, ​​a wooden apartment by Joan Poca Arquitecte stands out discreetly among the trees. The design of BOSC HOUSE preserves the existing topography and tries to create a harmonious symbiosis with the surrounding natural environment.

In keeping with the concept of creating subtle architecture, the design avoids a bold, monolithic form. Instead, BOSC HOUSE extends in different levels and protrudes. It is clad in blackened wood to blend in with the forest. Raised from the ground, the structure consists of laminated wooden columns resting on metal stakes cut into the ground without earthworks. These columns continue inside, branching out into beams and brackets, creating spaces and widths similar to those found naturally in the forest outside.

The interior is characterized by the wood structure, leaving the natural grains and colors of the wood structure and CLT panels exposed. To illuminate the space with soft, diffused light, Joan Poca installed tall, north-facing windows and openings under the south eaves. The variation in the positioning of the glazed elements also aims to provide three types of interior views: distant views horizontally and through the logs; high view of the treetops and canopy; and vertical views between the trees to see the sky. In the interior design, the surfaces and pieces of furniture avoid becoming a continuous layer indifferent to the morphology of the spaces in which they are placed.

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Porsche 911 desk

If you are looking for a special desk that is second to none, we have an idea for you. This piece is 3 GJB 17’s Porsche 911 Writing Desk and is sure to delight your room.

The 911 Writing Desk is constructed from original Porsche 911 body panels, coated in Arctic Silver automotive paint and finished with custom American walnut tops that complement the car’s contours beautifully. It takes the rear of the iconic car and turns its trunk lid into a writing surface that doubles as a cabinet to store your stationery (with a spring-loaded hinge that lifts the trunk lid).

There’s no reason you need the Porsche 911 desk above another desk (perhaps an IKEA or a Pottery Barn desk), but its design might still make you covet. The Porsche 911 Writing Desk is definitely the type of furniture that will be the focal point of your workspace. It’s unusual in every way, from its unlikely inspiration and source of materials, to the way the trunk lid transforms into a desk/privacy screen, to a just combination of metal and wood that works beautifully together.

Charming garden and pool lighting with a slide

The Italian company Slide offers a perfect way to decorate and illuminate your outdoor space at the same time. The floating lamps from the Acquaglobo collection are presented as light spheres of different sizes and have been specially designed for swimming pools. These pool lights not only can create a romantic atmosphere at night, but also can be a stylish decoration during the day. Reflecting in the water, they add a relaxing and beautiful touch to an outdoor environment. Luminous balls are available for the garden for those who do not have a pool. You can combine both types of lamps and get a fantastic and original outdoor design. You can find these pool lights and other lighting products on the slides page.

Charming garden and pool lighting with a slide - DigsDi
Charming garden and swimming pool lighting with a slide - DigsDi
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House around Japanese garden

Located on Lake Washington, Hidden Cove Residence consists of cedar clad pavilions set around a Japanese garden. The home has stunning views of the water and the Cascade Mountains in the distance.

The owners wanted a quiet atmosphere and access to water. The residence also needed to house her unique collection of outdoor plants, for her the garden was as important as the house. In terms of architectural style, the goal was to create a dwelling that drew on colloquial Japanese without being too literal.

The architectural team responded to an oddly shaped site with four pavilions, one of which is sloping. The volumes of different sizes are arranged around a lush garden. The exterior walls are wrapped with specially milled cedar wood paneling to allow the house to blend into the earthy surroundings. The pavilions are topped with low hipped roofs based on traditional Japanese houses.

The bedrooms and living areas are clearly defined in the individual volumes of the house. The northern part of the apartment contains a garage and a kitchen. An adjacent band houses a living and dining room that merges with a sheltered terrace overlooking the lake. Running along the southern edge of the property, the angled volume includes a master suite, guest bedroom, and office suite. A free-standing pavilion to the west includes an art studio, guest room and gym. Throughout the residence there are large windows overlooking the interior garden or the countryside behind the client’s property.

Rooms feature neutral tones, modern decor, and natural finishes like marble and wood. The team incorporated oversized oak doors and pocket doors with a ceruse finish to maximize space. The ceilings are clad in cedar slats, a material chosen for both its aesthetic and acoustic properties.

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