Stylish contemporary DNA Teak collection

Looking for modern furniture made from natural materials? Look no further, here it is! Created by GANDIABLASCO, the DNA TEAK collection showcases a warmer aesthetic created by combining teak slats in aluminum profiles. The darker tone of the wood creates a dramatic play of light and shadow inspired by Mediterranean shutters.

As well as being a beautiful, bold color, teak is a practical material for outdoor furniture as it is durable and ages well over time. The juxtaposition of the chestnut colored slats and the white or black anodised aluminum frames in the images creates an elegant look that is perfect for smaller patios through to larger contract situations. In addition to the white and black options, the DNA TEAK collection is available in anodised, sand, bronze, anthracite, agate grey, concrete grey, cement grey, olive green, blue grey, grey-blue, red orange and orange brown colours.

Stylish contemporary DNA TEAK collection - DigsDi
Stylish contemporary DNA TEAK collection - DigsDi
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Functional food in the kitchen ideas

Having a separate dining room is a luxury in this cramped world these days, and eat-in kitchens are a common thing these days. If you’re hesitant to customize the organization to best suit your space, here are some examples and ideas.

Seamless onboarding

The simplest idea is to seamlessly integrate a dining set into your kitchen decor. Just put a dining table and chairs or a bench where you can and voila. Rather choose furniture in the same style as your kitchen to make it look even more seamless. Such an idea is great for small kitchens, but it will fit into any room.

A corner in the kitchen

If you have a free corner in the kitchen, you can use it to create a dining area. It can be an awkward corner or just a part of your kitchen. If it’s small, consider banquet seats for comfort and space savings. If you add a dining table and chairs, you get a comfortable corner. Keep the same style as the rest of the kitchen. You can also add color and pattern – put colorful cushions and choose colorful cushions for them.

A kitchen island / dining table

The most popular and functional idea for a kitchen-living room is a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table. It can be a kitchen island with an extra table, or just an island used for dining. It depends on you. Do you want a trendy touch? Opt for a kitchen island of a different style and emphasize the kitchen decor. It can be a modern kitchen with a rustic island, an industrial space with a vintage kitchen island, and so on. Put some chairs or stools around and enjoy!

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25 stylish and functional kitchen-living room ideas - DigsDi
25 stylish and functional eat-in kitchen ideas |  kitchen layout.

All white bathrooms

White is the most popular and timeless color for a bathroom. These are classics that never go out of style. Don’t think that white is boring, it can be catchy, calm, airy, bright and very inviting, not cold as you might think. How you do that? Just take a look.

styles and looks

Choose your style – Farmhouse, Minimalist, Modern, Modern, Rustic or any other you like. However, if you prefer an all white space, minimalist and contemporary styles are the most popular styles as they can help you create a clean and edgy space. Think how to make your white bathroom catchy – you already know the style and color and now it’s time to add some variety to the space. Use different types of tiles, use white wood and shiplap, use white concrete, marble, MDF, plywood – play with whatever you have on hand! Don’t forget to add cool lights, they can be metallic – brass, gold, copper or other or for example black or even colored.


White visually expands rooms, makes them look bigger, and it works for any room. However, if possible, make some windows and/or skylights to make the space even bigger. They fill your bathroom with natural light and make it look bigger than it is. Go for cool furniture and appliances – a chic and catchy freestanding bathtub in any style, a gorgeous floating vanity and a cool sink to match. Oversized mirrors are currently in vogue and reflect the light, making rooms even larger and full of light. So hang one or two on the floor or put them on the floor. Bring white carpets and towels and enjoy!

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Elegant furniture for your new home

When homes are built with style and blown into a life of furniture, a paradise to live in is created. If you’ve built a new home or renovated your old home, it’s high time you found elegant furniture that will make your home a name for comfort and sophistication. You must have seen a number of furniture designs in your life and found many of them interesting and stylish, but what elegant furniture stores showcase is not one of the old designs or styles that once caught your attention.

The elegant furniture store is equipped with bedroom sets, dining area, sofas, chairs and all other home furnishings that fall under furniture category. The designs are so unique that you’ll be confused for a moment whether it’s real furniture or a fairytale movie scene. The intricacies of the carved wood are epic and each design is entirely new in its entire approach.

If you want to add this luxurious period furniture to your home, you must visit the store from cover to cover. Of course, you don’t want to miss any issue because this is the one that your home needs. And when it comes time to choose your furniture for your new home, you want to be as specific as possible.

The good news is that the store offers you to buy the furniture with no credit and pay even more after a month or two. This 90-day payment option is a great home renovation opportunity for families and others who recently bought a home and need it for a living. With financial support they can start happily.

Visit the Elegance Furniture store today and discover the new designs and trendy options for your new home.

Fantastic ideas to use dough bowls in home decoration

Vintage items are amazing, they leave you feeling so comfortable and stylish! Today we are going to see some ideas on how to use old bread and dough bowls in home decor. Actually, you can use them for your purposes like storing bread, cake, biscuits and fruits or vegetables, but there are also some cool ideas that you didn’t expect. I would never imagine storing clews or towels in an old dough bowl could look so good and be so convenient to use! In addition, you can make a cool centerpiece out of a bowl and some candles, ornaments, shells and sea urchins, coniferous branches and moss. Check out the inspiring ideas below, take your old bowls and decorate them home!

Dough Bowl Decorations

Dough bowls are great for creating a centerpiece or decoration – you can put whatever you want in them! If it’s winter, grab pine cones, moss, ornaments, antlers, candles and greens, if it’s fall – grab pumpkins, pine cones, leaves, greens, acorns and nuts, add branches and candles. If you live in a house on the coast, fill the bowl with shells and starfish. Create bold centerpieces with lemon and willow pussy, with moss and grape balls, moss and succulents, air plants and cacti.

Dough trays for storage

Dough bowls can be used for storage – they add a rustic and vintage feel to the room at the same time. You can store books, magazines, pillows, blankets, kitchen towels, twine and twine if you are a crafter and many other items. Dough bowls are amazing trinkets – you don’t have to tinker to get such a chic vintage piece!

35 Fantastic ideas for using dough bowls in home decor |  dough bowl.
65 awesome ideas for using dough bowls in home decor - DigsDi
35 Fantastic ideas for using dough bowls in home decor |  DigsDigs.

Impressive whitewashed brick wall designs

Whitewashed walls look amazingly relaxing and calm, especially when it comes to brick walls. I think white washed brick walls are great for any room and style: from kids’ room to home office, from rustic to mid-century modern. White washwalls are ideal for kitchen decor as they are practical and easy to renovate if they get dirty. Whitewashed walls add a cool and soft industrial touch to your bedroom or living room, which is great and refreshing. Such a design is calming and does not distract attention from the overall decor. Be inspired by the following ideas!

37 Impressive Whitewashed Brick Walls Designs |  Brique Blanche.
37 Impressive Whitewashed Brick Walls - DigsDi
37 Impressive Whitewashed Brick Walls Designs |  Classic white.

Fuchsia Home Decor Ideas

Fuchsia is a vibrant purple color, named for the color of the fuchsia plant’s flower. The color has lighter and darker shades and is widely used in all kinds of girly interiors as it just screams feminine. This super bold and eye-catching color is definitely worth risking in your home and it can make a bold statement in any interior. Fuchsia comes in a variety of color combinations and pairs well with white, gray and navy or gold. It has a wide range of colors to mix and match and it’s entirely up to you and your style. Fuchsia can easily be incorporated into a sophisticated luxury interior or a laconic minimalist interior to make a statement with colour, but it’s very bold and shouldn’t be overused. Do you want to know how to use it without being tasteless?

walls and ceilings

Fuchsia is a very feminine color and can easily brighten up any girl’s room. You can use it anywhere – in your bedroom, bathroom, entryway or dining area, it’s an easy way to add a girly touch to your interior. Ditto for a fuchsia blanket that really makes a bold statement. Fuchsia goes well with many styles, so it’s definitely worth trying.


Furniture is a more popular way to spice up interiors with fuchsia because it’s easier to get and you can always replace it if you get tired of the bold hues. Just one pink chair or sofa is enough to brighten up the entire room and change its mood. The interesting thing about this color is that it can be used in both light and dark and atmospheric spaces and still look amazing and liven up the space. Put a fuchsia chair in your office or bedroom, dress up your library and paint the bookshelves in this hue, or make an entire fuchsia kitchen to set the mood.


Accessories are the most affordable way to rock fuchsia hues. Blankets, curtains, carpets, lampshades, cushions and the like can easily fill your interior with a girly spirit and liven it up a bit. Most of these accessories and touches can be made by yourself if you know a little sewing or crafting. And when you get tired of this bold color, you can simply change accessories and get a new room. Get inspired!

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30 Pin-Worthy Fuchsia Home Decor Ideas - DigsDi
Fuchsia Home Decor - Fuchsia Accessori

Tree Wall Decal – a simple yet fantastic home decor

Trees change their shape and color every season, and every season the trees change almost completely, showing a unique scene that always soothes the eyes. Fall or spring, trees fascinate men. Bare leafless branches have their own beauty, and a dense green deciduous tree also has a special splendor.

What a beautiful opportunity to make the images of these trees look almost real and attractive in your interior? Buy tree wall stickers and enjoy a unique visual impact in your home.

Tree wall decals have a number of advantages. The first is security. They protect the walls and paint from scratches or stains. When the walls are repainted and covered in decals, they will still look new and shiny even after a few years if you keep them covered in decals all the time. Decals are best for a quick, meaningful, and lovable change in homes. In just one day you can change the entire interior design.

Tree wall decals are incredibly affordable. This is the cheapest home decor option that is not only fast but also very kind to your wallet. The highest quality design, fine material and best quality wall decals are only for a few dollars. Take a tour of Fab Furnish and enter your pin code and city name to check out the latest trending stickers. You can also check Wayfair where some new stickers are being added.

Contemporary curved pool house

Completely transformed into a multi-generational home by Australian studio Zen Architects, this Victorian heritage property in Melbourne combines a contemporary concrete and charred wood exterior. The new apartment is called the Pool House because the year-round outdoor area was centered here.

The architects renovated the older-style townhouse with a modern, context-sensitive development that prioritizes plenty of natural light and maximum connection to the outdoors. The open plan living area has been raised to the first floor giving the owner access to incredible views, sunlight and a cool breeze during the warmer months. Externally, Zen Architects has enclosed the pool house with a charred wooden fence that also forms the ground floor of the property, while a curved concrete upper floor hovers over it. Sensitive use of scale and detail allows the residence to blend comfortably into the surrounding Victorian heritage to ensure compatibility with the existing street scene while offering a uniquely contemporary approach to inner city living.

The bedrooms have been positioned on the ground floor to improve thermal stability and privacy, while a double off-street parking space has been positioned next to a new internal entrance hall. Above this, an open plan living area offers views of the surrounding countryside, natural light and a cooling breeze. The pool was adjacent to an existing first floor terrace which had previously been underused. It was bathed in light and connected seamlessly to the living area.

Curved concrete cabanas: modern pool house
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Curved Concrete Cabanas |  Modern pool house, prefab.

Triple Barn House gabled roofs

Mork-Ulnes Architects used weathered steel, concrete, and glass to form this asymmetrical dwelling, which was thrust into a slope overlooking a verdant, rolling valley in Sonoma County, Northern California. The studio was commissioned to create a home that would not only meet client needs but also respond to the threat of wildfire.

The team designed the two-story Triple Barn home to blend into the sloping site, which offers expansive views of a rolling valley covered with trees and vineyards. The house is topped with three pitched roofs that delineate different zones within the home. Concrete was used for the lower portion of the building, while the upper level was clad in weathering steel.

The initial challenge of the project, which really shaped the shape of the building, was to take advantage of the very steep slope and views of the site while allowing access for fire engines in this fire affected area. Former residents of San Francisco and New York City, the couple wanted a full-time residence in the country that offered a tranquil atmosphere and a strong connection to nature. They also needed plenty of space to hold cooking classes and entertain family and friends.

The upper level, which houses the main living functions, is roughly rectangular in plan with a slight curvature. It is on a smaller lower level which includes an office, storage room and laundry room and a carport occupying a sheltered void. Adjacent to the house is a wide driveway with room for fire engines.

The dark exterior of the house contrasts with the interior, which is kept light and airy. Douglas fir, natural stone and white walls are among the finishes. Vintage fixtures are mixed with modern decor in “sun-bleached” hues. The interior should have simple and light materials to give the house a casual atmosphere. All of the walls have been kept white to keep the space bright and to captivate large windows with their views.