Classic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Classic backsplash ideas for the kitchen

CLASSIC KITCHEN BACK PANEL IDEAS – The classic backsplash design for kitchens always has loyal fans who want to enjoy the lasting charm of this model. New lovers are looking for refreshed classics for their backsplash.

A gentle curve, natural bricks and soft colors are clear features of this backsplash idea. Over time, the classic kitchen splashback still surprises modern people like us. Our following recommendation can prove the timeless beauty of this backsplash model.

Simple, classic kitchen splashback

Simple, classic kitchen splashback

This little corner houses a simple, classic back wall for a modern outdoor kitchen. The classic tone can first be recognized by the old red bricks. Long before we started with concrete, red brick was popular.

The stones are cleaned so that they don’t look rough. The bricks are well arranged so that, as seen in this picture, they are covered up to half of the house wall. Using the red bricks is enough to achieve a classic touch.

In addition, the kitchen uses another backsplash idea that is made of glass with a graceful design.

Elegant, classic kitchen splashback

Source: Pinterest

This backsplash shows what we alluded to in the introduction. You can view the pillars that support the backsplash. You seem so old-fashioned don’t you? Also, watch out for the gentle curves that seem to protect the backsplash. They look classic too.

You become part of the backsplash, which feels classic thanks to the strong materials. The backsplash uses square tiles that are arranged askew. The backsplash is divided into two parts as the wall separates them.

Like the first idea, this second strategy doesn’t require a large budget.

Natural, classic kitchen splashback

Source: Pinterest

In addition to red bricks, you can choose these type of bricks from this backsplash. The back wall with the tile cover after the extractor hood. They look rectangular, cropped, or large in some sizes.

Below you can see square tiles that are crooked. The tiles look natural due to the brownish hue. Overall, the combined backsplash brings us back to the advantages of classic stones that stay solid over time.

This outdoor kitchen completes the area with brick floors.

Refreshed, classic kitchen splashback


Let’s go back to our happy school days with this backsplash. Use Blackboard as a time machine for this updated classic backsplash. Don’t forget to finish the backsplash with chalk and an eraser.

You can channel your creativity through handwriting. Paint the backsplash with recipes or positive words to motivate you to cook in this kitchen. The backsplash is common in coffee bars. With the modern, classic backsplash you create a cozy tone.

That comes from the handwriting that you can use to invite your kids to hit the backsplash.

Beautiful, classic kitchen splashback

Source: Pinterest

Take a look at the backsplash that goes from top to bottom (the backsplash of the kitchen) in this picture. The backsplash looks beautiful, doesn’t it? The beautiful tone comes from the tiles that apply a beautiful motif.

The patterned tiles look old fashioned as we can see the tiles as flooring sooner. In addition, the blue and white back wall goes well with the light blue cupboards and drawers.

White natural stone is used for the kitchen worktop. The backsplash rounds off the classic feeling in this kitchen with the vintage furniture and drawers.

Aesthetic, classic kitchen splashback


The square tiles between the extractor hood and worktop make this kitchen rear wall look classic. The square tiles look natural and neutral. You can choose this type of square tile for a vintage look.

That’s not the only classic bringer in this picture. The drawing on the square tiles looks tasteful without looking too complicated. The drawing looks pretty and vintage-like. We often look at this type of drawing in a classic backsplash.

The aesthetic drawing gives the backsplash a graceful tone.

Seductive, classic kitchen splashback


Let’s play again with a tile motif. At this point we offer you another tile pattern that is strongly associated with the classic ambience. This time the backsplash uses black and white. The backsplash contains a wonderful design that doesn’t look very complicated.

The design is an eye catcher. The back wall gives the plain looking kitchen an eye-catching, beautiful color from the cabinets and countertop. At this point, you can conclude that the easiest way to achieve a classic tone is to use a specific tile motif.

Pure, classic kitchen splashback

Source: Pinterest

Our eighth tip is similar to the first idea in that the backsplash designs use red bricks. This point differs from the first pattern in that the red bricks are painted white. We hope you can recognize the painting.

The strategy hopes to combine the backsplash with the white element that heavily fills this kitchen from the range hood to the kitchen countertop. The white tone makes the kitchen clean. The red bricks serve as natural elements.

Modern, classic kitchen splashback


If you prefer a plain tile motif, you can go for this style used in this kitchen splashback. The backsplash contains square tiles arranged at an angle. Note the gentle curves that frame each tile.

They look classic and graceful. The tiles also look gray, a neutral and soft color. This modern classic backsplash shows a simple aspect that can add a vintage feel to it.

Underground, classic kitchen splashback


We conclude our list with this subway tile that has long been known for its classic vibe. This backsplash style originated in the early 1990s and has been popular ever since.

It’s super easy for that backsplash. Choose square tiles with black borders as seen in this picture. Of course, you often see this tile design in many hardware stores. Depending on your budget, you can buy a small or large number of tiles.

Shiny and functional, classic subway tiles like these are certainly not to be overlooked.

Hopefully, our 10 classic kitchen backsplash ideas can enrich your knowledge of the rich charms of classic backsplash models.


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