Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Gothic bedroom ideas

GOTHIC BEDROOM IDEAS – The term “Gothic” applies not only to literature, but also to bedroom models. Whenever we hear the word, our minds quickly grasp a broad definition of a bedroom that looks dark and mysterious.

The Gothic bedroom looks more than just a dark area. It puts other sub-styles into practice that later create the bedroom style that looks stylish on its own. We collect 10 Gothic bedroom concepts to detail the idea.

Stunning gothic bedroom

Stunning gothic bedroom

When Gothic first appeared decades ago, it represented darkness and mystery. Since then, the perception has largely existed. But that doesn’t mean that the Gothic bedroom model is all about old furniture and dark colors.

Our first example looks fresh and renewed. You can capture that feeling from the bed frame, ceiling, and black brick wallpaper as the background wall. The bedroom opts for modified chandelier lighting and the modern vintage desk for old tone.

One of the wall parts of the bedroom is painted black. The bedroom looks stunning and modern. Not a creepy atmosphere.

Incredible Gothic bedroom


Glittering and sparkling. This shows the Gothic bedroom model in a modern design. That looks a lot more complicated and crowded than the first one. So we can understand that the Gothic bedroom is open to change.

The bedroom continues to strive to use black as its main color. Luminous and shiny materials fill the bedroom, as evidenced by the bed linen and the rounded chair. We can’t deny that the lighting looks vibrant and beautiful.

The bedroom is filled with decorations. This can be your example if you are looking for a gothic bedroom style that looks cheerful.

Gothic queen bedroom


Here comes one of our main Gothic bedroom styles. We call it that because this example practices the Gothic bedroom model the first time it appears. In particular, this bedroom looks like a bed frame style queen.

We invite you to take a look at the “canopy” which is actually made of the purple fabrics that surround the bed in this way. Very gentle and sweet. This reminds us of the style that appears in the Victorian bedroom.

The bedroom is furnished with generous and classic furniture. The Gothic tone comes from the strong colors like purple, red and brown.

Modern gothic bedroom


Practice this bedroom mockup when you want to create a gothic bedroom at an affordable price. At the same time, the bedroom should not appear gloomy and melancholy.

The bedroom looks simple and safe. Choose a traditional bed frame along with classic furniture such as wooden tables. They are enough for vintage and dark tones. For a Gothic feel, hang up mysterious images like skulls and ancient trunks, as seen here.

Choose gray for your bedroom mural if you think black is bleak. With the choices, the bedroom feels calm and classic.

Graceful Gothic bedroom


Another proof that the Gothic bedroom needs to be changed. The bedroom looks elegant with selected furniture and decorations. The bedroom uses black as the theme color for the background wall.

When working with the patterned motif, the background looks beautiful. Sometimes it is enough for a strong Gothic taste to apply all black to the wall and floor. The bedroom offers modern and classic furniture.

The chandelier lighting makes the bedroom look chic and graceful. The seating in front of the bedroom offers additional space for chatting.

Nice gothic bedroom


In addition to black, you can choose a brown and a strong purple tone, as suggested by the bedroom. The example shows that the Gothic bedroom model can look beautiful and colorful.

Of course, a colorful Gothic bedroom doesn’t contain a lot of bright colors. Injecting a bright color or two is enough to create a cheerful color. This bedroom is decorated with classic furniture that makes it luxurious.

The bedroom has a soft and iconic design that makes the bedroom look classy. The choice of furniture also makes the bedroom in the vintage concept so authentic.

Old gothic bedroom


Yes, the Gothic bedroom is strongly tied to the vintage interior design. Here’s another way to design a gothic bedroom that looks classic but not expensive, as shown in the previous examples. Use reclaimed materials!

The bedroom recycles the antique wardrobe. It looks bright and classic. The bedroom is painted in a bold shade of brown that can create a gothic hue. The bedroom has “the roof” on which soft fabrics are reused.

They are enough for the old Gothic taste. The bedroom looks comfortable with the comfortable bed frame and duvet.

Impressive gothic bedroom


A Gothic mode in a modern vintage design. Here, too, black envelops the bedroom from the bed to the curtain. The bedroom wallpaper looks beautiful with a floral pattern. The bedroom chooses vintage furniture.

Baby’s place looks pretty and adorable. The fireplace is completed with a drawing of an old lady. This exudes vintage bedroom style. The black fabrics on the bed frame also create a Gothic ambience.

The bedroom looks dark overall but is impressive and comfortable for relaxing.

Victorian Gothic bedroom


The Victorian Gothic bedroom began to flourish in the 18th centurythe Century in the United Kingdom. This particular style combines classic and beautiful elements that result in an iconic appearance, as this example shows.

Of course, the bedroom chooses classic furniture, such as the bed style, the sofa and the simple desk next to the bed frame. What looks very Victorian is in the “roof” of the bed frame, which uses the thick, red fabrics arranged in this way.

The image of an aristocrat seems old. The bedroom looks calm and a bit dark and looks gothic.

Minimalist and classic Gothic bedroom


The last example is interesting to study. The bedroom looks classic as it has a high ceiling. The Gothic tone is created through the use of black for the floor and the bed frame.

The vertical windows practice what the classic bedroom does. Due to the small number of furniture, we have given this bedroom the label “minimalist”. The duvet also looks modern. They all help to make the bedroom spacious and relieving.


Living Room Mirror Ideas

Living room mirror ideas

MIRROR IDEAS FOR LIVING ROOMS – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? Well, that can depend on the size and style of the mirror in a living room. The saying was held by many women to show how much they depend on the mirror.

While we usually put a mirror in the living room to check our appearance, a mirror now plays a new role. Many homeowners today place a mirror as a room decoration. There are different types of mirrors that you can use to beautify your living room.

Hanging mirror in the artistic living room


The mirror that hangs in part of the entire living room wall has a unique effect. Not only does the mirror provide maximum reflection, it also contains an aesthetic purpose. The metal rope and the metal edges of the mirror hold the essential key.

They support the artistic feeling of the living room. In particular, the room brings a shiny tone with a lot of metallic materials used in the furniture. The pendant luminaire and the natural stone wall also play a major role.

The choice of large mirror size will suit the space that appears large when installed with high ceilings.

Square mirror in the classic seat


This mirror style is nothing special at first glance. Unlike the first style which required additional hunting time, this time around you can find it in many stores. The ordinary design of the mirror somehow becomes essential when you add in the classic red seating area like this one.

The mirror has fair, intricate designs on the edge. This means that the mirror is “qualified” for the entire vintage look, which focuses on antique wooden furniture. As you can see in the picture, the living room has the classic chair with ottoman and storage space.

The mirror provides the light vintage tone for the entire room.

Mirror as living room wall living

Installing a mirror as the wall of a living room like this one is a great option for creating a sense of freedom. This is especially helpful for those of you who have little or limited living space. You will feel spacious thanks to the mirror

The size of the mirror helps you see your whole body or from head to stomach. This is a great way to check out your looks and see if you’re missing out on anything. Some women prefer a large mirror like this for optimal body control.

You can examine clothing, makeup, and a headscarf just by looking in a mirror.

Artistic mirror wall decoration


As already mentioned in the introduction, we bring you an artistic mirror as a wall decoration. There hangs a small round mirror with sun-inspired edges. The entire mirror looks bright and matches the elegant overall shade of the living room.

Apart from the aesthetic role, the mirror helps to reflect all objects in the room. It enhances a shiny atmosphere that already fills the room. We believe the mirror does not help family members check their face or physical appearance.

It hangs too high there.

Classic oval mirror

This oval mirror enhances the classic feeling that surrounds the living room intensely. The mirror has the royal design with golden color as seen from the edges of the mirror. The mirror looks nice and sophisticated.

The mirror is a real decoration because it hangs over the fireplace. They can still reflect on the mirror, but not for the whole body given the medium size of the mirror. From this we can conclude that the mirror is more of an ornament.

The room itself feels very regal with the bulky armchairs and ottoman, among other things.

Large mirror with visible wooden edges

Source: Pinterest

The sixth of our entire living room mirror ideas is similar to the third strategy. For those of you who have long, limited living room space, we offer another alternative. This time, you can choose a large rectangular mirror style.

Specifically choose the mirror design with exposed wooden edges like this one. The overall mirror optics give you the broader sense. The mirror design also feels simple and traditional. The mirror type fits the more classic ambience of the room.

The size of the mirror reflects your torso.

Rounded mirror in the open living room

The rounded mirror in an open plan living room, as shown here, has a specific purpose. With the sectional sofa and one of the chairs across from the glass door, the rounded mirror can let homeowners know who is going to enter the house.

You can just look in the mirror before turning your head or body. You can also use the mirror to see the look of your upper body before you leave home. The mirror fits into the airy atmosphere of the room, as the mirror has glass-like edges.

Foldable long mirror

Functional and beautiful. Our next mirror idea allows you to examine the entire body thanks to its tall shape. The mirror unit consists of a few smaller mirrors that all family members can use to check their appearance at the same time.

Interestingly, the mirror unit can be folded up. For example, you can use it as a partition between the gray living room in the picture and the dining room. The mirror unit can also look nice as you can partially fold everything up as shown here.

That in itself is a room decoration.

Lots of small mirrors with black borders

Source: Pinterest

Don’t waste corroded mirrors right away. You can reuse small black-edged mirrors as a room decoration for a shabby chic living room like this one. Place the little mirrors, especially the different shapes, over the comfy, aged couch as shown here.

The entire mirror part looks very nice despite the aged edges. And of course you can still see your beautiful faces in everyone.

Square mirror with a beautiful edge design

Let’s focus on materials that wrap a mirror. This last idea shows how certain materials can add to the overall beauty of a mirror. The white material supports the beautiful rim design of the mirror.

This whole mirror amplifies the old and modern tone that feels in this living room. The mirror size here corresponds to the length of the couch. You can get the right reflection timing in front of the mirror and add more art elements to the room.


Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Kitchen ceiling lighting ideas

KITCHEN CEILING LIGHTING IDEAS – Kitchen ceiling lighting is becoming increasingly popular these days in line with modern kitchen style. Some choose this lighting concept to keep their kitchen spacious for reasons of space.

Others use this lighting model because they want to experiment with the ceilings in their kitchen. They see the blankets as a means of experimentation. This creates rich types of kitchen ceiling lights. Some of these can be seen below.

Fitted kitchen ceiling lighting


Probably the most famous kitchen ceiling lighting concept that you see often. This lighting style fits in a narrow kitchen, as can be seen in this picture. The entire kitchen is kept simple and spacious thanks to the built-in ceiling lights.

That is a big advantage of this lighting model. This kitchen even applies a similar idea to the range hood. You can see the three built-in lights on the range hood. They provide additional beams that are not created by the main built-in beams.

Contact professionals to include incorporation into your kitchen plan.

Elaborate kitchen ceiling lighting


We can describe this kitchen ceiling lighting as generous, although it uses the simple design. We believe that the overhead lighting in the kitchen uses high quality material that is turned into a large and circular material with the tiny lamps that surround it.

The small lamps become the other beam source than the built-in lamps above the kitchen cupboard in the upper part. The ceiling uses a short bracket that hangs slightly from the ceiling. The kitchen chooses gray and white for lighting.

No argument about the size of the lights immediately robs us of our attention.

Lively kitchen ceiling lighting


Decorate your outdoor area with a kitchen ceiling light that looks vibrant in this picture. This idea is easy to implement. Lots of small lightbulbs hang so close to the wooden kitchen ceiling.

All the wooden kitchen ceilings are almost covered by the small light bulbs. After switching on, all lamps look lively, especially if you supplement the lamps with the round pendant lamp. The outdoor kitchen becomes an outdoor area for small parties.

You can create this concept yourself. However, be careful when attaching the lamps to the cord.

Traditional kitchen ceiling lighting


Another way to create a cool model for the ceiling lamp in the kitchen. This time around, this outdoor kitchen takes on a traditional lighting style that takes shape in the two lanterns. The lanterns hang on the wooden ceiling on the left side of the kitchen.

The lanterns choose the iconic traditional cover. Inside you can place the lamps in place of the fire as it contains the real traditional lighting. The ceiling lighting mode adapts to the overall style of the outdoor kitchen, which copies the traditional model.

You can feel it in the wooden cupboards and the red brick kitchen wall.

Simple kitchen ceiling lighting


Similar to the third idea, small light bulbs are used in this kitchen ceiling lighting. This fifth idea uses a much simpler lighting method than the previous one. Only one cable line is used which contains some lamps.

Of course, the number of lightbulbs is much less than the number in the third recommendation. The light bulbs are in the central part of the kitchen, just above the coffee bar.

The light bulbs are enough to illuminate the outdoor kitchen when it gets dark. The simple lighting model is aimed at enhancing the luxurious shade of the kitchen.

Studio style ceiling lighting


It looks innovative and adorable. A modern kitchen opens up endless experiments through to ideas for kitchen ceilings. You can try showcasing iconic studio lamps in your minimalist kitchen as this picture shows.

The lighting unit consists of four small light bulbs with the legendary studio cover. The entire unit is attached to the kitchen ceiling. The lighting unit is divided into two parts that produce bright rays when switched on.

During the day, the kitchen relies on the large windows for natural light.

CCTV-inspired kitchen ceiling lighting


Direct your gaze to the corner to the right of this picture. There is a small lamp sitting there, inspired by the video surveillance that we often see. The lamp is directed towards the upper part of the kitchen where the antique decorations can be seen.

Although only a small lamp, we are interested in the type of lighting. We applaud the idea of ​​the lamp that uses the short holder that focuses on the decorations instead of looking down.

This kitchen certainly needs this one lamp, because there is already the pendant lamp and the entrance lamp.

Large fitted kitchen ceiling lights


Some of you can try this particular fitted kitchen overhead lighting. This model consists of a large lamp that can create bright rays to illuminate the entire kitchen. This can be an alternative to many small built-in lighting concepts for kitchen ceilings.

The large recessed luminaire supports the hanging, sophisticated lighting that falls directly over the sink.

Cool kitchen ceiling lighting


We hope you can see the kitchen ceiling lights clearly. The lighting unit consists of two lamps with transparent covers. We are very interested in the concept. With the transparent covers, the beam can boast of illuminating the entire kitchen.

The good news about this idea is that you can do it yourself. Just prepare the lamps and covers to buy or reuse as shown in the picture.

Mild kitchen ceiling lighting


Our last suggestion applies to the built-in model of the kitchen ceiling lighting. An outstanding factor that distinguishes this idea from the previous one because of the ceiling material. This special ceiling material looks delicate in white.

The ceiling lighting consists of two built-in lamps that also look white. The ceiling color results from the kitchen cabinet in the upper part and the kitchen wall. With this concept, the ceiling lighting has a sensitive effect.

We hope our list can inspire you to experiment with kitchen ceiling lighting models.


Vintage Living Room Ideas

Vintage living room ideas

VINTAGE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – The vintage theme seems to be a timeless inspiration to draw from. This time we would like to invite you to give your living room a vintage concept.

Elegant, classic, soft and comfortable are some of the comfort features when we find ourselves in vintage living rooms. But what elements or types of room elements that make up a living room are vintage elements?

For more information, don’t miss any of the points in this article.

Warm, natural vintage living room

Providing natural materials as a fundamental element of your vintage living room is one of the most important ways to style this theme. Raw stone or wood are popular materials. This point shows how tree trunks and wooden furniture create a nostalgic ambience.

Another room modeling that works best with vintage living room ideas is less ornament. This picture shows this correctly as just a polished sofa suite, pillows, desks overlooking a stove.

Some rugs, a small lamp, and a basket are humble decorations with simple tasks. The first of our ten vintage living room ideas is about staying simple and natural.

Artistic vintage living room

Certain furniture materials and styles are indicative of vintage living room ideas. Choose this tip if you don’t seem to have a lot of cash to buy logs and all of the wood materials for your dream living room.

Wood-carved furniture is one of the most popular pieces of vintage furniture. Some of the furniture shown can be purchased specifically or requested from your senior citizens.

The wardrobe that fills the corner of the room goes well with the beautifully designed tall desk that is not far from it. Just for two, the room looks antique.

Vintage living room with antique displays

Do you have antique displays or ornaments? Use them to fill your planned vintage living room. These will be valuable to give the planned living room a vintage look. The antique displays can take many shapes and materials.

As the picture shows, the scanned displays are the tray, the shelf with black legs and the mini cup. They show old contacts that can go back dozens of years. Stand the desk with your legs up as well, as shown in the picture.

Place a decorative lamp to make the living room look more nostalgic.

Vintage living room with old furniture

We hope you have elderly relatives who give you unused old furniture for your planned vintage living room. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any money, but it does mean that the living room is furnished with furniture that is decades old.

However, if you can’t find furniture from them, then go to a flea market to find furniture like the one in the picture. The wooden cabinet, wooden desk with sideboards, and wooden cabinet with drawers are good examples of the old furniture you are looking for.

Large and formal vintage living room

The wooden chair set with old armchairs across from the wooden desk and the legs in the picture is an essential part of the vintage living room ideas. This picture puts this element into practice very well. In addition, the living room does not contain a lot of decorations. The post office looks minimalist and formal enough to receive guests.

The overall statement of the living room brings with it general intentions of vintage living room styles that minimize the sorts of things and keep the stain clean. This modeling is suitable for those of you who have a lot of living room space.

Modern vintage living room

While the previous tips were mostly about furniture and vintage living room basics from the past, let’s move on to a modern living room style now. Because vintage style goes very well with a modern concept. The mix of both results in a soft and creative mode.

As the picture shows, the vintage look comes from the wooden desk with sideboard for storage. The suitcase-like storage brings another vintage model thanks to the wood material.

Modern accents come from minimalist sofa sets that include unique vases for the plants.

Elegant vintage living room

Combine furniture made from natural materials with pastel colors for an elegant vintage living room. The two provide essential elements for a vintage living room. Paint the walls of the living room with strong, elegant blue, as the picture shows.

Also paint the stove in the same color. Next to the desk, inspired by the briefcase, there is a classic bookshelf that also functions as a desk. Complete the laurel shade with the painting on the bookcase next to the desk.

To sweeten the look, place fresh flowers on the briefcase-inspired desk.

Elegant vintage living room

The elegant vintage living room is essentially made up of antique furniture and room items that are retouched and polished to make them look renewed and elegant. If you are lucky, get them from your relatives who have old but gold furniture.

If not, get ready to spend big bucks hunting down antique furniture as shown in the picture. The classic chairs, the wooden table with drawers and the coffee table with sideboards show a simple vintage look.

Decorate the windows of the room with patterned curtains that are nicely arranged.

Shiny vintage living room

The key to this shiny vintage living room is in a series of chandeliers. A chandelier is one of the vintage decorations that are heavily related to this theme. Not only does it look beautiful, the chandelier also supports the vintage look.

Of course, don’t just rely on chandeliers. Wooden floors, a basket for storage, and a large wooden desk with drawers and sideboards make for strong vintage starters. Here you can add a wooden cabinet and a large square wooden table that will become important vintage elements.

Glamor vintage living room

Get a set of classic chairs to create the sub-living room look first. The antique chair with the legs, as seen in the picture, goes well with the wooden table in the middle of the set. Complete the seating area with a gray, soft carpet underneath.

The glamorous seat takes center stage with wooden floors and a polished wooden cabinet as storage space. Thick, light green curtains nicely arranged to match rich green as the color of the living room.

We hope the vintage living room ideas in this article refresh a list of the model inspirations that already come to mind. You can also find more inspiration in these rustic living room ideas.


Kitchen Soffit Ideas

Ideas for kitchen soffits

KITCHEN OFFICE IDEAS – As in any other room, a kitchen cannot protect against wires, pipes and other mechanical objects. Of course, you don’t want the kitchen to be filled with wires and pipes here and there.

For this reason, many kitchen owners opt for a kitchen soffit, which is usually a box-shaped structure. This aspect requires wires, pipes, and other mechanical items so that they don’t create a mess in the kitchen. Read more about this in the list below.

Familiar kitchen soffit


A kitchen soffit usually fills between the ceiling and the top segment of the cabinet. Most kitchen owners associate wires, pipes, and other mechanical items with specific base cabinets or box-shaped structures.

For our first idea, the kitchen soffit is likely in a tall cabinet above the freezer. Although the kitchen soffit isn’t square, it can accommodate wire and tubing. To realize this, you need to consult a technician.

Calling a technician for help can create a well-functioning kitchen soffit while keeping the kitchen tidy.

Shiny kitchen soffit


Typical kitchen in a modern apartment or house. This second example has lots of cabinets and drawers. They are divided into two segments, the upper part and the lower part. The kitchen can set aside one of the cabinets in the upper part as a kitchen soffit.

The kitchen soffit uses the same material as the cabinet. The kitchen soffit has a shiny and minimalist design and is equipped with a simple button. The kitchen soffit is likely to be on the cabinets above the refrigerator.

The kitchen soffit also keeps the area clean and minimalist.

Pantry kitchen soffit


Not every pantry looks simple and minimalist. Take this example. This pantry looks rich and sturdy. The kitchen contains many cabinets and high-tech kitchen appliances. The concept requires complete cables and pipes.

The kitchen soffit is likely in the cupboard above the sink. The placement makes it easy to check out. The kitchen soffit is separated from other cabinets and makes it easier for you to remember the special storage.

The kitchen soffit is painted gray like the other cabinets.

Advantageous kitchen soffit


We praise again that this kitchen uses a storage concept that fills almost every area of ​​the kitchen. The kitchen soffits are divided into two segments and use two colors. white and gray.

We assume that the kitchen soffit is above the countertop with the book recipe. This square cabinet holds wires, pipes, and other mechanical items. Like other cabinets, the kitchen soffit is painted white in the upper segment.

To reach the kitchen soffit, you may need a chair. In the event of technical errors, you may need to contact a technician.

Soft kitchen soffit


As shown in this example, you can set aside a kitchen soffit in a dedicated storage room. The kitchen soffit can be found in the tall cabinet on the left in the picture. The cabinet is next to the worktop with the beautiful ceramics.

The placement of the kitchen soffit definitely makes checking out easier. You can just open and close it after viewing in case there are any problems with wires or pipes. Close the kitchen soffit to protect it from children’s hands.

Like other cupboards and drawers, the kitchen soffit is painted super soft green.

Cozy kitchen soffit


Yellow and white work together for this cozy and cheerful kitchen. In some of the examples mentioned earlier, the kitchen soffits are wrapped in a white cabinet. This time the kitchen soffit is placed in the white cupboard.

But the design of the kitchen soffit looks different. In one of the small cabinets in the lower segment, the kitchen soffit is probably narrower and softer. The placement makes it easy to open and close.

Partly thanks to the kitchen soffit that the entire kitchen looks stylish and tidy. No cables can be seen in the kitchen.

Fresh kitchen soffit


Our seventh and sixth ideas have one thing in common. They are dressed in yellow and white. However, this example looks minimalist and fresh. The kitchen soffit is likely in the yellow drawers behind the kitchen wall.

The kitchen soffit is slightly separated from the other cabinets and drawers and seems to take up quite a bit of space. In this position you can easily check whether any wires or hose cables are broken.

If you have children, be careful when adding a kitchen soffit. Place the kitchen soffit so it cannot be touched, or close the kitchen soffit when you’re done.

Large kitchen soffit


A luxury kitchen usually requires a large or large soffit. This makes sense because more cables or hoses will have to be used in a luxury kitchen. The concept probably envelops this kitchen.

The kitchen soffit is placed in the “second cabinet” on the other side of the kitchen island. The kitchen soffit accommodates the small square cupboards under the kitchen table.

Close the kitchen soffit tightly when not in use. Make sure your young children can’t see you when you open or close.

Elegant kitchen soffit


This minimalist kitchen keeps the room spacious and facilitated thanks to the cabinet design. You can see that the cabinet has a simple and sleek design. The cabinet meets the upper and lower segment of the kitchen.

The cabinet consists of the drawers and cupboards. We believe that the kitchen soffit is in one of the cabinets in the upper segment. The positioning will help your young children reach them. Safer and, of course, tidier.

Narrow kitchen soffit


In this medium sized kitchen you will see some cabinets and drawers made of shiny gray material. We believe that the kitchen soffit is in one of the two cabinets that are near the wooden top with the cups.

The kitchen soffit has a simple button that makes it easy to open and close. The kitchen soffit looks elegant as it is wrapped in the same material and design as the other cabinets.


Oak Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Ideas for kitchen cabinets made of oak

OAK KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS – Oak is a top investment when it comes to interior design, kitchen furniture is included. Oak is naturally strong. If you have chosen this material, you can use your kitchen cabinet for a long time.

Oak looks classic and stays in sync with the modern kitchen model. You just need a simple variation to make the classic material look beautiful and graceful. Oak looks fresh that you don’t necessarily need to paint unless you need a hefty refreshment.

Ordinary kitchen cabinet made of oak


Let’s start this list with this oak look that we see a lot. Some choose this category for their living room cabinets, others love the material as a kitchen cabinet. This picture takes up the latter idea.

The kitchen cabinet shows slim kitchen cabinets and drawers made of oak wood as whole cabinets. The simple furniture design fits into this modern kitchen. We believe the oak will be repainted to freshen it up a bit.

In this way, the super soft brown of the backsplash is boldly varied. The kitchen shows a chic concept to wrap it in a completely brownish tone.

Oak kitchen cabinet for outdoor use


If you enjoy traveling with the family, a recreational vehicle is not a pointless investment for you. Going out with the family brings unforgettable experiences to the heart that money cannot buy. The outdoor kitchen becomes an inevitable part of making sure the family is getting healthy nutrients.

Choosing oak as the material for the outdoor kitchen cabinet allows you to recreate the ingredients and drinks for groceries on the go. This kitchen offers a simple and useful oak cabinet style in the form of a cabinet and drawer.

We believe the cabinets can withstand the changing temperatures on the street. It is the best material to ensure long and lasting use of kitchen tools.

Comfortable kitchen cabinet made of oak


Oak gets a cool variant on this kitchen cabinet model. Oak beams are polished and then softened to create the simple and sleek kitchen cabinet in the shape of the cabinets and drawers. Each of them includes a simple button.

A simple design is applied to the memory models. Each of the sub-units contains straight curves as edges. The kitchen cabinet model oak does a good job for the kitchen, which operates the high-tech kitchen appliance and the black back wall.

The natural taste fills the kitchen in a modern way.

Kitchen cabinet made of lacquered oak


We know that oak in its natural shade of brown can bore some of you. Allow yourself to paint the oak kitchen cabinet that you have other colors. As a good start, choose neutral colors like gray or white.

This picture is gray. The color applies to all cabinets and drawers as parts of the entire cabinet. The result is amazing. The furniture becomes light and elegant. Thanks to the material, the storage space retains its classic look.

The horizontally extending furniture is a tasteful decoration in itself.

Brave Oak kitchen cabinet


Another inspiration to paint your oak kitchen cabinet. Do not hesitate to adapt the new face of oak furniture to your personality. Take this picture as an example. The kitchen furniture choose the taste from brown to red.

As a result, the oak blossoms brightly. We welcome the selection of furniture images that convey a bold feel for the simple worktop and dark back wall. In fact, the cabinets, countertop, and back wall all have a similar tone.

The cabinets take a bold twist to brighten up the entire kitchen. This is how you can capture a lively feeling in the kitchen.

High quality kitchen cabinet made of oak


Forgive us for our focus on the pantry, not the main kitchen in this picture. Hopefully, since the pantry is across from the kitchen, you don’t mind the choice and labeling of the cabinet style.

From a distance, you can be sure that we are calling this premium oak. Strong and very classic, this oak furniture best envelops the shabby chic kitchen. The air in this kitchen is filled with an intense traditional taste.

The oak of the cabinets remains as it is. No painting is therefore necessary for the vintage kitchen.

Dark oak kitchen cabinet


You can either paint the cabinet’s oak or choose that particular type of oak from the start. We love this cabinet style for two reasons. The first relates to the exact size of the oak kitchen cabinet.

This careful planning leads to the kitchen cabinet that surrounds the microwave. That looks very cool. Due to the limited space, the kitchen displays decorations on the base cabinet.

The second reason concerns the particular use of oak, which contrasts with the simple and light taste that emanates from most of the other elements of the kitchen.

Cozy kitchen cabinet made of oak


Probably the simplest type of oak that you can find in many hardware stores. This oak kitchen furniture looks light and casual. It also applies simple design in the form of straight curves as the edges of the cabinet.

When you look at the oak kitchen cabinets, you can immediately feel a comfortable feeling. But that doesn’t mean that the cabinets can last a long time.

Oak kitchen cabinet above top


Another example for those of you who want to highlight classic and subtle oak elements. This kitchen cabinet is made of two-tone oak, one looks brown and the other looks black. The two create dramatic feelings for the kitchen.

The oak cabinet tone fits into the kitchen that looks so lush and vintage. The luxurious impression is very strong in this overall appearance. The most beautiful copy of the classic style for the modern kitchen.

Dramatic kitchen cabinet made of oak


If darkness isn’t enough for you, make some dramatic sense for your kitchen. This last proposal is a major departure from the seventh idea. This kitchen hits this recommendation perfectly when we check the kitchen back wall.

The kitchen cabinet chooses this particular shade of oak that is both dramatic and powerful. The strength of the oak is clearly visible here. Interesting enough to note that the kitchen cabinet uses a stylish cabinet model.

Just take a look at the special segments for bottles and glass in the kitchen cabinet. Such a rare but creative subunit idea!


Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Ideas for kitchen curtains

KITCHEN CURTAIN IDEAS – The kitchen must have a window for good ventilation. Natural light can enter a kitchen or be reflected on a kitchen counter or sink. This helps you to switch the lights on only at night and therefore costs less energy.

For some, they cover the kitchen window with a curtain. Aside from aesthetic aspects, a kitchen curtain can protect you from excessive sun exposure. A kitchen curtain can help protect what is going on in the kitchen from passers-by if you want privacy.

Nice kitchen curtain


The curtain draws a lot of attention in this example. Within this center, every aspect is carefully worked out. The kitchen chooses a window pane that is covered by the thick and beautiful curtain.

The curtain even gets a special “roof”, another nice thing. The curtain is wrapped in gray with black dots. The curtain can be pulled in different directions as you like.

In the picture, the curtain is placed in the middle so that you can look outside and reflect natural light into the kitchen.

Warm kitchen curtain


Maybe you are looking for a kitchen curtain that can be pulled up and down. This picture shows a good example of how this curtain can be used. The curtain probably used pieces of wood cut into thin pieces.

The curtain fits best in this middle kitchen window. Simply pull the curtain up and down as needed. Given the wood, the curtain looks warm and comfortable.

In the kitchen, the curtain is usually clad in white in a gentle variation. The kitchen doesn’t seem to choose a motif curtain because it chooses the blue motif back wall.

Aesthetic kitchen curtain


Our third idea has a cool tip. You can choose a kitchen curtain according to the theme color of your kitchen. This kitchen chooses brown and white as the curtain color to match the theme colors of the kitchen.

The kitchen chooses the motif curtain so that there is no boredom. The tasteful design clearly comes out of the curtain. Leaves, twigs and flowers seem to color the kitchen curtain. We get a high aesthetic value from the curtain.

In the neutral kitchen, the curtain offers elegant variations that can always entertain while cooking or washing dirty plates.

Sunny kitchen curtain


The classic kitchen does indeed contain permanent aspects of interior design that attract us. This time we are going to talk about the kitchen curtain in this picture. White and yellow will be the theme colors for the kitchen curtain.

White itself becomes the motif color for the kitchen. Brown actually comes second, but the kitchen chooses yellow instead. As you can see, the curtain looks bright and clear. What interests us is the arrangement of the curtain.

In such a quarter setup, the curtain completely copies a classic curtain arrangement, as it usually does.

See-through kitchen curtain


A well-known kitchen curtain in a minimalist kitchen. This kitchen hangs a see-through curtain that allows natural light and a view of the surrounding area. This corresponds to the minimalist kitchen idea itself.

The curtain consists of the transparent cloths that fall down from the top. You can drag the curtain to the right, left or merge it in the middle of the window. The curtain is clad in gray, which allows for maximum reflection.

With the selection, light can enter the kitchen even with the curtain completely closed, as this picture shows.

Peaceful kitchen curtain


We are more interested in the curtain layout. Similar to the fourth idea, the curtain is so nicely arranged. The curtain becomes a decoration for this neutral and simple kitchen.

The curtain covers almost half of the window. We believe the curtain can be pulled down to cover all parts of the window. The curtain is clad in gray and is the same color as the theme color of the kitchen.

The motif curtain and the kitchen hood become variations for the gray kitchen.

Clever kitchen curtain


The seventh idea shares a general concept with the second. Both use wood as the main material for the curtain. This point decides for the modern use of curtains. We believe most of you have seen this model of curtain, which is mainly used in offices.

We call this a smart curtain because of this use. You can pull it up and down through the puller that hangs on the right side of the window. With the puller you can adjust the curtain movement.

This means that the curtain can still let weak rays into the kitchen if you don’t close it completely.

Creative kitchen curtain


A geometric kitchen curtain offers a unique style for your kitchen. This example shows that a broad concept can turn the spot into a cool one. In a soft kitchen like this one, the curtain offers an independent variation.

The curtain is varied in its geometric selection and can cover all parts of the single large window. Simply pull the curtain up and down to operate the curtain. Although mostly dressed in black, the curtain fits into the kitchen, which is usually wrapped in a delicate blue.

Old fashioned kitchen curtain


The classic kitchen curtain offers you a simple and traditional style or arrangement. This is in contrast to the fourth and sixth ideas, all of which are inspired by the classic arrangement of the kitchen curtains.

In this old kitchen we admire how the kitchen keeps the curtain traditional and cozy. The large window contains the blue and white curtain that hangs like this. The curtain thus covers half a part of the window.

We believe most of us have seen the familiar curtain material and placement before. The curtain style is mainly used in traditional homes.

Cool kitchen curtain


Our last proposal differs in a few ways from the previous examples. We limit our focus to the choice and placement of the curtain colors. Contrary to the ideas above, the kitchen chooses a black and white curtain that doesn’t match the theme color of the kitchen.

As can be seen here, the kitchen chooses blue and brown as motif colors. Second, the curtains are divided into two sides. This is another well-known choice for such a window pane.

Simply move the curtain to the right or center, depending on how much natural light and visibility you want.


Cottage Bathroom Ideas

Cottage bathroom ideas

COTTAGE BATHROOM IDEAS – You definitely want to keep the whole family clean and hygienic in your holiday home during your vacation. At the same time, you don’t want a cottage bathroom that is too plain.

We have 10 cottage bathroom styles to show you how creative you can be on the matter. The list, of course, prioritizes health and comfort. We hope the examples these days represent an ordinary cottage bathroom.

Primitive Cottage Bathroom


Create an old-fashioned feel to your cottage bathroom. Our first recommendation looks very classic and natural. The bathroom uses wood that looks super old. You can feel this sound from the ceiling, walls and furniture of the bathroom.

The bathroom uses the classic style with the wooden partition. The chandelier lamp, which represents the old clay, hangs in the bathroom for decoration. The old portrait and the algae basket make the narrow bathroom beautiful.

Interestingly, next to the faucet, the bathroom has a glowing bathtub. The bathroom model is suitable for your holiday home in the jungle.

Nautical cottage bathroom


You can practice the second style for your beach vacation home. The bathroom uses the nautical bathroom design known for its bright and comfortable atmosphere.

The bathroom uses the ship area, which consists of blue-painted wooden boards, as a good entry point. The ship’s hatch supports the bathroom theme and at the same time softens the strong blue tone emanating from the bathtub.

The narrow space does not limit the creativity of the bathroom. It grabs the wall with the ship pictures. The chandelier lighting brings a classic shade into the bathroom.

Fresh cottage bathroom


The special thing about the cottage bathroom is that in this area you can enjoy a wonderful panorama outside the bathroom. The copy looks fresh despite the tight space and minimalist furniture design.

The bathroom sets up the large window so you can relax while your eyes enjoy the view. For the natural taste, the bathroom chooses the wooden element, from the floor to the storage space or the cupboard.

Not to mention the living leaves and pebbles that make the bathroom fresher and more natural.

Graceful cottage bathroom


You can use this cottage bath for your cottage by the ocean or in the middle of the jungle. This despite the picture that shows that the bathroom of the cabin looks like sitting in a forest.

We personally consider the strong blue shade to be a graceful color bringer. If you apply the shade to the cladding, the result will be more elegant. In addition, the bathroom chooses the claw-foot bathtub.

The glasses contain nautical accessories. We summarize bathroom design in various sub-styles. nautical and classic at the same time.

Gorgeous cottage bathroom


The modern bathroom style is open to freestyle applications. This cottage bathroom model looks modern. It seems nice with the creative mix and coordination. For example, the bathroom chooses wooden floors.

Later, the floor style works together with the shelf or countertop, which looks minimalist. The bathtub is accompanied by the green ceramic. The bathroom has large windows through which you can feel the green view outside.

Despite the mixed elements, the bathroom feels comfortable and spacious. Ultimately, that’s what makes it really important.

Vintage cottage style bathroom


Choose a country style bathroom style that you cannot easily do in your master bathroom at home. It looks, for example, classic and very nice. The bathroom is in the middle of the forest and is a nice place to relax.

The pink hue definitely makes for a strong, pretty tone generator. The vintage flavor comes from the claw foot bathtub along with the shower and faucet like this one.

The cladding also looks trendy and classic. The wooden floor and door make the bathroom warm and cozy.

Modern cottage bathroom


Modern with green accents. The bathroom in the cottage chooses the easy way that does not cost too much money on accessories. This makes the bathroom with a bathtub and floating washbasin look casual.

We are surprised to see that the bathroom gives the green taste of the curtain and the floor. The green taste contrasts with the white bathroom but doesn’t look overly dramatic.

Clean cottage bathroom


This also applies to the modern bathroom style, but with a classic touch. The modern accents come from the bathtub, toilet, ceramics and washbasin. Interestingly, they all use the classic designs.

The variation results from the floor design of the bathroom. The tiles look fashionable with the tumbled stone arrangement. In addition, the bathroom lays out the carpet to dry your feet.

Quiet cottage bathroom


Radiant and peaceful at the same time. Unlike the previous examples, this cottage bathroom chooses yellow. The yellow shade corresponds to the brownish shade that comes from the wood category.

As you can see, the bathroom feels peaceful and helps you enjoy quiet moments. We really admire that, despite the narrow space, the bathroom has a trendy design. The design is noticeable through the three-part window.

The bathtub looks natural. The bathroom then uses the small corner to show the flowers.

Bathroom in the shabby chic cottage


Let’s use what you already have. Our final recommendation invites you to recycle existing items in our home for the cabin bathroom. The bathroom looks so shabby chic with the reclaimed bathtub and storage space or countertop.

The bathroom chooses the soft shade of yellow to make the area delicate. There are the flowers, the mirror and the picture that adorn the bathroom. You don’t have to buy all of the accessories. Just carry it from the other rooms to place it here.

You can enjoy the freshness of the trees through the large windows.

Hope the 10 cottage bathroom ideas can inspire you next time folks! Have fun experimenting!


Living Room Rug Ideas

Ideas for living room carpets

LIVING ROOM CARPET IDEAS – A rug is an easy way to decorate a living room. Solid or patterned, there are many options for buying a rug to suit your budget. As an online store grows, you can even order a specific model.

Do you know that there are some types of carpets that work best if you study them a little? Some convey bigger tasks than just decorating a room. Below are some types of carpets that can be a basic element of your living room decor.

Living room carpet made of wool

A wool rug is one of the most common carpets we see on the market. Wool material feels soft and warm. This material is a good choice for children as their skin is sensitive. Putting one of the carpet ideas in the living room can bring children and parents together.

With a medium-sized wool rug, as shown in the picture, you can sit or lie down with your children to teach them the number of alphabets. Or you just play with them on the wool carpet.

Here you can buy a large wool rug to invite little nieces or cousins.

Living room carpet made of natural fibers

Natural fiber carpet is another carpet material that we can easily find in the market. This rug is typically used in a casual, classic living room. However, it looks more formal than a wool rug. You can put the natural fiber carpet under a sofa or a chair.

Or place it in front of the couch or chair as shown in the picture so that all family members and friends can take a seat on the carpet. The natural fiber usually has neutral colors that adapt to different living space models.

Patterned living room carpet

Simple or colorful living room, a patterned carpet is enough. No matter what material you choose carpet for, a patterned carpet means a living room decoration. Just look at the color of the patterned carpet.

Since there are many patterned rugs out there in terms of color and design, you should have a good taste to mix them with the entire living room. A patterned carpet with a neutral color, as the picture shows, goes well with the living room painted blue.

A general tip is to choose a patterned rug with neutral colors like white, brown, or black so the room doesn’t look too “noisy”.

Carpet in the living room with hair

Who can’t resist throwing bodies on this carpet? At least children can’t. Very mild and pleasant. The hair-on-skin rug has a natural texture that makes your living room extra cozy.

So it’s no wonder that you can put pillows on the carpet. You can think of the carpet as an “extended sofa”. You can be sure that the carpet will bring kids together with their nieces when all large family members show up for large family events such as weddings.

The fourth of all living room carpet ideas aims to include your family in intimate moments.

Synthetic living room carpet

Synthetic tug looks natural and casual. This rug goes well with a beautiful and modern living room, as seen in the picture. The synthetic fiber is also soft and supple. The synthetic carpet is usually stain-, wear- and abrasion-resistant.

It’s also durable and colorful. Therefore, you can choose which synthetic carpet will best suit your living room model. Choose a neutral synthetic rug if your living room tone is already usable.

On the contrary, if necessary, use patterned synthetic carpets to spice up the living room if the living room seems too simple to you.

Carpet pads for the living room

Sometimes all you need is a simple rug for your living room. Carpet upholstery doesn’t play an essential decoration for the living room, but doesn’t mean it has no goals. In a simple living room model, as seen in the picture, carpet cushions add a nice touch when they go with the couch.

In addition, the carpet cushions can be placed under furniture such as a desk, table or even a couch. With this arrangement, the carpet cushions can extend their life. You can sit in glass, plate or for a while.

Solid color or colorful carpet upholstery is quite easy to find.

Living room carpet made of cotton

Similar to some previous types of rugs, a cotton rug offers a delicate shade for your living room. Cotton carpet applies to other parts of the house, not just the living room. The type of carpet enhances a certain living room tone if it matches the color of the main furniture.

With various cotton rugs available in the market, you can choose one that doesn’t cost that much. Another plus is that the affordable price of the rug allows you to buy some cotton rugs for the other pieces unless you are looking for highly skilled ones.

Industrial living room carpet style

Consider the industrial carpet style for your minimalist living room. This model of carpet is simple and usable, but sometimes not stylish. Nevertheless, you can benefit from the carpet model. It includes a sofa set, table and desk, which makes the furniture last longer.

The industrial carpet style also makes the living room look clean. And of course you can place small items here. The good news is that the rug is easy to clean. The eighth of the entire living room carpet ideas doesn’t cost as much as mass production.

Global living room carpet style

We call it the ninth of the entire living room rug ideas with global rug style because we can find this rug in many countries. This classic old style rug is loved by many people from many countries.

The carpet style is reminiscent of the golden era in the Middle East, Africa or Arab regions. Elegant and eye-catching, the carpet color easily attracts attention. You can place the rug style in almost any type of floor.

Geometric living room carpet

We’ll leave you a geometric rug that looks firm and cool. Since there are many geometric sizes, choose one that you like the most. Also bring carpeting that best suits your needs.

If you want to put your children on it, choose a soft and warm wool material. Or you can play with colors that go well with the overall tone of the living room.


Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Modern outdoor kitchen ideas

MODERN OUTDOOR KITCHEN IDEAS – Modern outdoor kitchen styles have identified with fresh and young looks that hope to keep up with current interior design. Many choose this model for the sake of simplicity and multifunctionality.

Lightweight material, minimal item selection and neutral colors are some of the clear characteristics of this style. Some variations are available for review. You can play with some of the sub-models in the list below to prove that the modern outdoor kitchen is not all about simplicity.

Spacious modern outdoor kitchen


Some modern kitchen owners prefer their large outdoor kitchen to stay that way. Large kitchen appliances in minimal numbers play a key role in ensuring that fresh air can easily get into this type of outdoor kitchen.

This recommendation is a fine example for those of you with that goal in mind. Choose light wood furniture that will support this kitchen’s countertop. Choose medium-sized refrigerators and a gas stove.

A sink completes the kitchen equipment. Leave most of the countertop empty while placing kitchen utensils and food ingredients in the storage room.

Neutral modern outdoor kitchen


As mentioned earlier, a modern outdoor kitchen is closely associated with a neutral color. Simple colors such as black, white and gray are available for experiments. This tip focuses on gray furniture and white countertops.

Both go well together in this outdoor kitchen model. The gray furniture is made of wood. The choice leads to these light and fresh feelings. The white worktop contrasts with the cupboards, because gray ultimately looks dark.

The kitchen equipment remains stylish despite the small footprint. The gas stove acts as the main cooking tool.

Intelligent modern outdoor kitchen


A modern outdoor kitchen encourages us to use every space for this area. Take this example. The outdoor kitchen uses the wall. The outdoor kitchen consists of two-layer worktops that are attached to the wall.

That should be enough for the simple but functional outdoor kitchen. You can turn the outdoor kitchen into a long kitchen as this picture shows. Similar to a floating outdoor kitchen, the layers accommodate different objects.

The big green egg becomes the only cooking tool in this outdoor kitchen. Fill the countertop with spices, food ingredients, and fresh flowers as shown in the picture.

Concise modern outdoor kitchen


Have you seen this modern outdoor kitchen before? We found out. We think some of you may think this outdoor kitchen contains copies that we often see in an outdoor restaurant or garden party.

This outdoor kitchen is concise and functional. There are four tables that perform different tasks. Three large green eggs become the most important aspect of this outdoor kitchen. Use each of the large green eggs for different goals.

Use one of the tables to place dishes or meals. This style proves that you can choose a specific color as a theme.

Green modern outdoor kitchen


This modern outdoor kitchen floats in front of the wall and offers space for a more specific topic. We complete the style as a green, modern outdoor kitchen because the plants in this picture set up many vases.

More plants are set up in the outdoor kitchen than cooking utensils or cutlery. A large green egg, a tray of eating utensils, and two boxes of food ingredients are all we see.

The kitchen fills the lower level with some woodcuts. Other plants surround the floating kitchen model. I can’t say the kitchen reminds us of nature.

Simple modern outdoor kitchen


A modern outdoor kitchen can be as simple as this example. You can see that the outdoor kitchen contains only the bare essentials. No decorations such as flowers or plants can be seen in this outdoor kitchen. This example emphasizes the cooking function.

A large green egg, along with the gas stove, serves as a cooking tool. With the two tools you can grill, heat, bake bread and prepare various menus. Choose which one meets the most needs at certain times.

The countertop can hold food ingredients or spiced foods and drinks.

Catchy modern outdoor kitchen


An inexpensive modern outdoor kitchen shouldn’t make you look boring and plain. This picture shows that a modern outdoor kitchen can look stylish and catchy. If you look closely at the picture, you can take a few tips with you.

Choose a specific wooden house that can also serve as an outdoor kitchen. The example is inspired by Chinese architecture through the curved roof. The subtle cover protects a floating table and grill.

This is what you need to create a cool modern outdoor kitchen.

Camping modern outdoor kitchen


A modern outdoor camping kitchen offers a simple and inexpensive outdoor kitchen that you can try for yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be camping in the woods to experiment with this outdoor kitchen style.

The kitchen design essentially consists of two main aspects. You can see the higher desk, which doubles as the worktop for the gas stove. You can use the plastic cabinet under the countertop. The second part concerns the table where eating utensils can be collected.

Mobile modern outdoor kitchen


There were many recreational vehicles that were equipped with mobile kitchens. The proposal also shows a cute mobile kitchen that allows you to do basic activities like in an indoor kitchen at home.

The outdoor kitchen contains a small freezer, small gas stove, tiny sink, and two shelves for storing dishes, snacks, and more. Enough to have the nutrients you need on the go.

Efficient modern outdoor kitchen

Source: Cleather

Another example of a modern outdoor kitchen that places more emphasis on function and simplicity. This kitchen is based on wooden furniture for a smooth variation. That being said, the kitchen looks very common in today’s households.

The kitchen contains a sink in the countertop. A large green egg becomes the only cooking tool that sits on the special surface. A small freezer can keep food ingredients, snacks, drinks, and fruits fresh and cool.

Put all of the dishes, book recipes, and cooking utensils in the cabinets. This design makes this kitchen clean, minimalist and useful.