Decorating with sea urchins Cool ideas

The interior of the sea and the beach will delight at any time of the year, since the sea and the beaches are very relaxing and always make you think of vacation. Decorating in such a style cannot do without marine finds. So grab your collection of shells, stars and sea urchins and display them or use them in your crafts. We already told you how to decorate with seashells, and now let’s look at sea urchins. Displaying it in different bowls or just on the windowsills or mantel is easy and looks very natural. Making a base out of sea urchins for a lamp is very original and many interiors would be accented with such lights. Using sea urchins as candle holders is a cool idea for decoration and especially for a romantic dinner. My favorite sea urchin decor idea is to plant succulents or put air plants in them – looks amazing, must try! Check out more great and fun ideas below and find something for yourself!

Decorating with sea urchins: 27 cool ideas |  White sea, shadow of.
Decorating with sea urchins: 27 cool ideas - DigsDi
Decorating with sea urchins: 27 cool ideas - DigsDi

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