House inspired by medieval castles

House inspired by medieval castles

This multi-story California home designed by Mutuu’s Studio was influenced by medieval castles and industrial buildings. Named for its location, the Hollywood Hills House sits on a Los Angeles hilltop lot dotted with shrubs, cacti, and oak trees.

The house was designed for a couple who both work in the entertainment industry. Taking inspiration from their New York apartment, clients wanted a Californian home with a “highly respected design with a modest footprint.”

Located on a 45 percent slope, the three-story home is made up of rectilinear volumes that roughly form a V-shaped floor plan. Throughout the residence there are terraces where customers can enjoy the pleasant climate of the region. The facades consist of a mixture of concrete, wood, glass and metal. On the south side of the apartment are the upper brackets above the property. The glass wall offers a panoramic view of the sparkling city. Public and private areas are distributed throughout the apartment. Becker drew on her background in dance when designing the layout and circulation routes in the house.

A foyer, garage, and master bedroom are on the top level, while a media room, storage, and laundry facilities are on the lowest level. The middle floor has an open plan kitchen, dining area and living room, as well as two bedrooms, a workshop and a study. Due to Irish client travel and many visits to major castles in Europe, one enters from the top of the site via a timber and steel bridge, spanning a secret garden through a monumental bronze door.

The finishes and decor of the home are eclectic yet carefully considered – a mix of industrial chic and old-world interiors. The style set in the public zone was used throughout the apartment. The house’s material palette included concrete, blackened steel, copper, cedar, and smoking oak.

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