Ikea Pax wardrobe hacks

Ikea Pax wardrobe hacks

IKEA is famous for its simple and timeless designs that easily fit into most spaces. We’re always sharing ideas on how to incorporate them into your decor and hack them if needed. The IKEA Pax wardrobe is a simple and cool piece to add to your clothes and shoes, although you may say it looks too ordinary or even cheap. If you think like that, it’s no problem: you can hack it to fit your room perfectly, look super bold and even make a statement. I have prepared some ideas that might inspire you. Let’s begin.

touched mirror

Mirrors are a great idea to add value to the doors of a Pax wardrobe. You can change Pax in different ways and give the doors a different look – modern or vintage. You can opt for framed mirrored doors with eye-catching handles or mirrored doors with criss-cross frames for a classic look. The frames can’t just be white—try slate blue, muted green, navy, or any other hue that suits your home decor. A simpler idea is to put small cut out mirrors on the doors and some knobs – such a hack doesn’t take much time and looks cool.

Change colors or doors yourself

The most popular IKEA Pax hack is to repaint or completely change the doors. The first is a simple hack: paint the doors any color you like and it will suit your interior: anything from blush to emerald is welcome! Find some creative handles or knobs that match the new look: leather handles, brass handles, vintage knobs or other pieces. Changing the doors will be a bit more difficult, but it’s worth it! Remove the existing doors and install wood or plywood doors, fancy molded panels or smooth and shiny glass doors. Again, the handles and knobs are up to you and the look you want to achieve.

Other ideas

Some other ideas could be changing the handles to make the Pax look fancier and putting cool panels in the doors – colorful blue and red accents make the doors stand out. Make your wardrobe more creative with round knobs of different heights. My favorite hack is to cover the doors with printed fabric – wow, so cool! Get inspired and hack your passengers!

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