Awesome Bathroom Washbasins Washtrend by Alicrite

We would like to show you the great Washtrend collection designed by Carlo Colombo for Alicrite. This is the collection of modern and very beautiful washbasins in different finishes. Among Washtrend’s products you will find a tall freestanding washbasin like a compact bathroom vessel. Although all of them are united by stylish and at the same time original design. Unusual finishes make all these sinks stand out from other modern ones. The silver freestanding washbasin not only fits perfectly with modern, but also with any luxurious and opulent bathroom design. The black and white reclining vessel goes perfectly with any trendy black and white bathroom. Each of these sinks will add a stylish and unique touch to any bathroom. Visit the Alicrite website for more information.

The Machiya house is renovated in a minimalist style

Kooo Architects renovated a Machiya home in Kyoto, Japan with white-toned rooms that update the look of the interior while preserving its historical value. A machiya is a type of traditional Japanese house in which the two side walls have no windows because they are shared with the neighboring building. Such an interior tends to be dark, especially due to its long and narrow shape. The architects have succeeded in transforming the residence into a succession of bright, light-flooded interiors through a series of spatial interventions.

Kooo Architects have added a skylight to the main room of the house which, together with the small open-air courtyard, contributes to the lighting and ventilation of the building. Several rooms enjoy a view of this inner courtyard and thus more natural light. All rotten and non-working building materials have been removed to improve sound and heat insulation properties. At the same time, existing elements such as certain beams, columns and the inner courtyard were preserved and restored to their original appearance. In contrast to the modern interior, the beauty of these historical elements is more noticeable and these elements also connect the rooms with each other.

Regarding the design of the facade, the architects respected the historical style of the streets of Kyoto and changed the appearance minimally. Traditional craftsmen were invited to repair only the earthen wall and reclose the decaying wooden window frame.

Kitchen and bathroom trend flowing faucets

Sinuous shapes with sweeping curves characterize these modern faucets. Inspired by the elegant shape of a swan, the Brizo Vuelo faucet has a curved profile. It is available in the new matte white polished chrome finishes and offers numerous additional configurations including the pull out high rise design. Inspired by the movement of water, British faucet manufacturer Triflow collaborated with renowned architect Zaha Hadid to develop a seamless, curvilinear faucet. The faucet uses Triflow’s three-way technology, which allows for filtered drinking in addition to regular hot and cold water flow. Designed for flowing water and Japanese calligraphy, the Ametis Faucet by Davide Oppizzi for GRAFF creates a faucet with a gentle twist. Need more cool fauctes? Look below!

Apartment with 360 degree views

With a total floor plan of 520 square meters, this apartment is huge. But size isn’t even the most notable attribute. That would have to be the aesthetic of the place, which is minimalist and very sophisticated. The RS Apartment is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was designed by Studio Arthur Casas. It obviously has an extensive floor plan and also a rather unusual layout. The entrance is in the central part of the apartment, the rest of the rooms are distributed throughout the perimeter. This strategy is practical and at the same time emphasizes the magnificent panoramas. The condo has a 360 degree view of Ipanema Beach.

The RS Apartment is a seasonal home where the owners and their friends often spend their summers and holidays. It’s obviously optimized for large group use, and you can notice that as soon as you enter the social areas. Here you will see a large and organically shaped dining table, a living room with several sofas, armchairs and several coffee tables, and balconies with glass balustrades and stylish seats. There’s also a service area and five-bedroom suites, all capable of capturing the gorgeous views. The furniture throughout the apartment is a combination of local and international designers and together with other decor elements create a minimalistic yet lively and very cozy ambience.

Halloween Tree Decor Ideas

A cool and very unusual decoration for such a holiday, a Halloween tree can be a real centerpiece in your room and a conversation starter for your guests. How do I decorate one? Let’s take a look at some catchy ideas!

color schemes

To make your Halloween tree stylish, you need a color scheme. Of course, the best colors for the tree itself are black and white and they are very compatible – you can combine them with many shades that you like. Since it’s Halloween you can go for purple and black, purple and green, black, white and orange, or just create your own color scheme that feels like Halloween to you. If your tree is the usual green color, decorate it with some super colorful ornaments to make it bolder.


For ornaments, you can rock traditional Halloween colors – green, orange, gold, black, and purple. If you have any left over from Christmas, make good use of it. You can also shop wild and creative or make some ornaments for your Halloween tree. This can be Jack Skellington, skulls, skeleton hands and other things you would like to hang on the tree. You can also opt for oversized striped ornaments that scream Halloween.

Halloween detailing

Since it’s Halloween, it’s time to dress up your Halloween tree with all its elements: bats, witch hats and broomsticks, signs, cobwebs and spiders, skulls, scary masks, dolls and the like – anything that reminds you of Halloween is welcome ! You can also style the whole tree as a witch by adding legs, a hat and a broom and decorating it with just a few ornaments and lights. Another idea is to have a skeleton rocking in a tree as a Halloween tree – it’s super unusual and bold!

Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

Flowers, bright colors, singing birds – yes, spring is here! It’s high time to decorate our rooms to welcome spring. What can you add to kitchen decor to make it look spring-ready? First, add bright colors – vibrant furniture, accessories or tableware. Colorful textiles are a cool and inexpensive idea, as bright curtains, tablecloths, table runners or napkins don’t cost much when adding a spring touch. Spring flowers in planters and vases are the best and easiest accent – just pick the ones you like the most and voila!

colors and patterns

Turn on the lights – pink, yellow, green, blue, lavender, purple. Sunny yellows and greens are the most popular colors to brighten up your home for spring, and these bright hues will make the kitchen cheerful. You can also use pastel colors that add a cute vintage touch to your kitchen. Add some patterns – florals are the most popular, stripes add a modern flair to the room and polka dots are a nice vintage touch.

flowers and greenery

Green is the best and easiest way to make your kitchen feel like spring. It can be real or artificial. The latter is excellent for permanent decoration. Green in pots or vases makes your kitchen modern and spring-like. Flowers create a rustic or vintage feel and make your room more romantic. Look out for scallions, which really make your kitchen spring-y. Fresh fruits and vegetables add interest and texture to your arrangements. Enjoy the spring!

Chic black and white exteriors

Black and white is a classic color scheme that is always on trend and we often see very stylish interiors in this color scheme. And what’s outside? Make your outdoor space elegant and beautiful by choosing these colors for decor. Mix white patio furniture and black accessories like blankets, cushions, candle holders and planters, or go the other direction and take black furniture and add white accessories. Natural and gray concrete go very well with such decors, natural wood gives it a rustic or calming touch, and concrete represents minimalism and a modern look. Check out the inspirational ideas below and get your pin button ready!

Subway tile kitchen ideas

As you probably already know, subway tiles get their name from the ceramic tiles used on the walls of New York City subway stations in the early 20th century. Subway tiles are now used when you want to add a mid-century traditional feel to the space. Such tiles are timeless. More and more homeowners are choosing subway tiles to decorate their kitchens and bathrooms.

decoration styles

Today I want to go into more detail about kitchens. Subway tiles are widely used in the kitchen for backsplashes and even to cover walls, as overall tiles are a very practical and popular solution and subways are classics. Subway tiles suit many decorating styles: rustic, mid-century modern, simple modern, farmhouse, industrial, art deco, and Scandinavian. They’re not boring at all: these are timeless classics that won’t need to change years later.


Subway tiles can be edited in a number of ways: hatch, stack bind, traditional herringbone, sidewalk, straight and diagonal herringbone, offset, diagonal offset, vertical stack bind, and vertical offset bind. The most popular are staggered and straight and diagonal herringbone patterns.


If you think subway tiles just mean white or ivory tiles, then you are so wrong! Today you can find many colors of such tiles and easily find your perfect fit. It can be a light accent: aqua or blue tiles for a white seaside kitchen that indicates the decor theme, or marble subway tiles for a delicate decor. Contrasting and bold colors of the subway tiles keep your backsplash from becoming dull even if you don’t use an eye-catching pattern for the trim. Bold and contrasting subway tiles will make your light cabinets stand out and white cabinets will look crisper. Such tiles can also add dimension to your kitchen look. If you don’t want contrast, keep the backsplash in the colors of your kitchen. Subway tiles can highlight your colors, decor, wood texture, and many other things when used properly.

Now enjoy different ideas for subway tiles in the kitchen and get inspired!

Minimalist wheelchair access

The traditional ground floor of a traditional Bosnian “family house” in an unplanned neighborhood in Sarajevo has been renovated and extended to accommodate a man in a wheelchair and his wife.

Designed by Projekt V Arhitektura, the Half House is just a step away from typical projects in the area and sits somewhere between a freestanding studio home, a meeting room and a weekend retreat. The original 1980’s house and ground floor apartment had undergone many alterations over the years, resulting in cramped living spaces that were not ideal for wheelchair users.

While the rest of the post-war neighborhood is maturing, the new site extension has a minimalist aesthetic and is set to become a duplex for a potential caregiver to live in later in the couple’s life. The open floor plan includes a large living and dining room, a bathroom with walk-in shower, a covered patio with BBQ, and a mezzanine where you can rest, play, or sleep. Pocket sliding doors open the interior to the outside, expanding the area.

The single pitched roof gives the feeling of extra space, while the wooden walls add warmth and character. Cut out voids become windows, seating, bookshelves, storage, lighting, passageways and a place for an elevator should the need arise in the future. A hallway creates a transition between the original and new home. Interiors are ultra-minimalist, with lots of negative space making them feel large and airy. The furniture is partially upholstered and there are some bright accents – pillows.

Cute modern balcony designs for your home

If you have a balcony at home, you are blessed. This place, whether small or large, gives you the opportunity to take your eyes off a tight circulation and your nerves from the hectic affairs of inner life. You can set up your small balcony with some great ideas and a small amount of furniture.

It doesn’t cost you either. However, the trick is in the choice of colors, accessories, decorative items and furniture. There is a selection that is great for a small area and you need to find it in furniture stores and other stores. Balcony designs are fun and joyful when you do them with a good heart.

If you live in an apartment and you have a small balcony, don’t feel bad about it being so small. You can have a great time there with your life partner. Check the following pictures of balconies in apartments. These small rooms are an ideal place to even sip tea or sit in the warm sun when the weather is nice.

You can see that just a few chairs and a small table can make your space look great like in the first and second picture. Or you can set up an eclectic environment like the third image. A neat and clean balcony with two cushions to sit on the floor and a rocking chair to relax on. That’s romantic!

On a wider balcony, you can arrange a larger number of pieces of furniture, and also place some plants. If you love plants like many homeowners who seek freshness through natural houseplants, you can also have them on a small balcony. There are plants in most of the images below and you can see that they are a huge source of decor and beauty. These ideas are some examples. Learn more about Houzz and Digs Digs here.