Modular Black and White Bathroom Vanity Inca Project by Kerasan

Designed by Massimillano Cicconi, the Inka Project is the latest addition to Kerasan’s Acqua Libre collection of modular bathroom furniture and sanitary ware. As is usual with modular systems, new products are highly customizable and will find their place in any bathroom. Though with it colors it would be best for black and white bathroom designs. The main product of the Inka project are washbasins. There are both single and double models. The single sink has a square design in two sizes: 40 × 40 cm or 60 × 40 cm up to 17 cm high. The dual version would take up twice as much space. The Inca Project washbasins can be combined with furniture such as drawers to create a practical and complete corner for daily cleaning. There are many ceramic surfaces and glossy lacquered furniture combinations. If you are looking for beautiful products for black and white bathrooms, Kerasan’s Inka Project is probably the right choice for you.

Finishing Touch Interiors: Modular bathroom vanity in black and white.

Creative faucets

A faucet is a necessary thing for a bathroom or kitchen, and sometimes it becomes an accessory that makes your design and decor stand out. A working faucet adds light, filters water, and maybe even saves it—there are all kinds of models you can try. You’ll find unique 3D printed items, handy faucets to flush your facial spray water, and many other models that will get noticed. Here are some modern and bold ideas to buy now and install in your space – all stand out.

The Noah brings the intuitive act of tipping over to the faucet. The faucet has a temperature dial at the top that can be rotated 90 degrees to switch between hot and cold. Then simply tip the horizontal tube over and the water will gush out. The design is laconic and modern – a black pipe that will fit into any modern bathroom. It was originally inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese bamboo fountain but given a more modern look.

‘AXOR Starck V’ observes human interaction in relation to water and space. Most striking is its transparent body – the first mixer of its kind – which focuses on the movement of the water. As a technical feature that makes water visible, it allows the mixer to blend into its surroundings and metaphorically shows how water is a precious resource that forms the basis of our daily lives. Its open spout encourages this notion of the vitality of the natural resource, allowing the user to experience the flow of water before their eyes – from the tap to the basin in a free-fall movement.

The spray faucet features an innovative spray function that emits a continuous, soft stream of water that can be conveniently used to wash your face more comfortably. Better still, it saves three quarters of the amount of water normally used. The gentle spray of water increases the comfort and convenience of washing your face. The design includes two outlets – one that delivers comfortable spray water up and one that delivers bubble water down. The height of the handle is 60mm (three times that of traditional faucets), which means the faucet can swing flexibly. This makes it super easy to wash your face and hair.

Daphne from Park Geun is a unique piece that consists of a shower, hand shower and faucet. Like all three, Daphne does an excellent job using his own form to his advantage. It is very functional as you can keep your hands free to mount Daphne in a higher place. It can be used as a faucet by pressing the bottom button. After pulling the handle and pushing the button up, you can use it as a shower. It is possible to use it in an effective place by exposing the shower faucet during use and exposing the shower head and playing a role as a faucet when not in use. Certainly the coolest thing in your whole house!

A whole new era of faucets has dawned: 3D printed faucets. American Standard’s DXV raises the bar with its all-new creative faucet designs created using 3D printing technology. Using selective laser sintering, it takes approximately 24 hours to print each solid metal faucet. It is then handcrafted for a more polished look.

The Quis Tap-Touch Basin faucet would use 15% less water than a typical faucet at the same water pressure while creating unexpected beauty. The fluid vortex is created by using two separate flow elements of different diameters, one rotating clockwise and the other rotating counter-clockwise. The result is an intriguing liquid lattice or other unusual water flow design, depending on the shape of the vortex features.

Modern bathroom faucets with curved levers embrace Lacava

Lacava offers a wide range of bathroom faucets in different styles. Its products include fashionable waterfall faucets as well as absolutely minimalist models. Although all are characterized by high quality and very stylish design. One of the most demanding collections is Embrace. It consists of beautiful polished chrome bathroom fixtures. These faucets are characterized by their elegant, curved single levers, which look very charming in the two-arm version. Such a faucet looks like a heart and was created to become an amazing part of any stylish bathroom design. Please visit the Lacava website for more information on these bathroom fixtures and prices.

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Flat with blues and geometry

This one bedroom apartment in Paris, France has been renovated in a contemporary style but with a touch of traditional French chic. It was a project completed by the JCPDR Architecture Studio. It included some structural changes and gave the place a new aesthetic.

The main change was the addition of a second bedroom and walk-in closet at the request of the new owner of the apartment. The living rooms are now positioned around the windows and the center contains the circulation areas and also receives sufficient natural light thanks to the new design. Although new partitions have been added to create an extra bedroom, new openings have also been added to allow light to reach every corner of the apartment. The architects also played around with different floor heights to delineate the spaces, for example the small fitted kitchen is placed on a platform. Thanks to the new zoning, the rooms are light and airy, even the smallest.

White is the main color used throughout the apartment complemented by natural wood to make it look softer and warmer. Blue is the accent color strategically added to some rooms for a bold look and contemporary feel. All the furniture in the apartment has been individually designed and complements the rooms perfectly. Many of the large pieces of furniture fit perfectly into the walls to create plenty of storage space while hiding it.

Stylish and smart home soundproofing ideas

If you can afford a little more sound in your home than the buzzing of a mosquito but can’t soundproof your home, there are some decorative ways to increase soundproofing. This is especially useful for those who live in a rented house or apartment where the walls are paper thin and noise regulations are strict, or for those who want to organize a home theater or music studio. There are different ways to make your home soundproof: acoustic panels, curtains, drywall, padding or cork walls – and much more. Acoustic panels are perhaps the most modern idea as many designers create fantastic bright acoustic panels with different patterns that can complement any room. Check out these and other ideas below!

dry stone walls

Noise is vibration. Dampening these vibrations is best done with heavy, dense materials that stop noise in the tracks. When it comes to heaviness, brick and stone are great, but impractical for retrofitting your interior walls. The simplest strategy is to add a second layer of drywall to create a thick, sound-absorbing barrier. No need to add drywall everywhere – you can isolate the noisy room or the quiet room. You’ll need to refinish and repaint your new drywall and likely expand outlets and switch boxes. However, these are relatively easy and inexpensive DIY projects.

Bulky vinyl

Specially made to reduce noise, Bulk Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a flexible material that comes in 4-foot-wide rolls. It can be hung on walls or installed on floors to muffle noise. Place it between drywall to significantly reduce sound transmission through walls.

acoustic panels

Acoustic panels absorb sound before it can bounce off walls and ceilings. They are designed to improve sound in a room like a home theater but are also helpful in reducing sound transmission through walls. The panels are made of porous expanded polypropylene (PEPP) and are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Most styles for home use are upholstered in fabrics that have dozens of colors to choose from. Some manufacturers offer custom printed fabrics that will turn your sound blocking panel into a piece of wall art. Panels attach with clips or Velcro, and installation is a simple do-it-yourself job.

Other ideas

Adding soft objects to rooms—rugs, curtains, potted plants—reduces vibration and ambient noise. A solid core interior door absorbs sound better than a hollow core door. Add a sweep to reduce aircraft noise. A wooden wall or cork can also absorb excessive noise. So it’s a good idea to add a statement wall made out of such materials.

Gray walls ideas

Gray is a very popular color for home decor: it is more neutral, suits most decorating styles, and has many hues. Many homeowners prefer white or gray walls, and this is a good choice for creating a neutral canvas to fill in, but let’s be honest: such colors are very understated and can add a bit of dullness to your space. Unless you fill the space with something extra bold and eye-catching, or play with textures, you risk getting a very basic space. How do I avoid this? Make your walls interesting! We’ve already shared some non-boring white walls, and now it’s time to check out the gray ones.

moldings / panels

Moldings and panels of various types are sure to add interest to your walls. Gray walls with moldings add a sophisticated touch to any room, from the dining room to the bedroom. There are countless different ideas when it comes to panels – from bold decorative panels to those with acoustic features. You can opt for a single statement wall with panels or moldings, or simply cover all the walls with your choice of gray panels for soundproofing.


Wood is timeless and ideal for adding a natural touch to any room. It always works! Incorporate tonal gray wood into your room decor with a cool statement wall or even all gray wood clad walls. If you have a woodland or chalet interior, try a gray weathered wood wall or walls. If it’s a beach or beach house, choose light gray wood plank walls, which can be rough and washed out as much as possible.


Brick walls and ceilings are extremely popular and suit many styles, from industrial to minimalist. Opt for a gray wall or walls with different looks – sleek modern brick for a contemporary space, rough gray brick for an industrial or vintage space. Such an idea is great for adding texture to the room.

plaster / concrete

Plaster is very popular on walls these days and adding subtle texture to your walls is a great idea. Concrete is a modern and industrial solution that almost always works, and gray concrete is almost a classic. Try what you like and get inspired!

Halloween window decor ideas

Decorating your garden, porch, front door and windows is essential as these are the first things your guests will see and trick or treat. Today’s summary is devoted to window decorations, which you can create yourself in a few minutes.

window silhouettes

Silhouettes are an easy decoration for any window. They are usually black in color to be seen in the dark. They can also glow to look scarier. You can buy them or just have them cut out of paper or cardboard yourself, it’s easy! You can create entire haunted scenes or scenes from your favorite scary movies. Witches, black cats, jack o lanterns, spiders, ghosts and skeletons are great ideas. Just cut them out and attach them. Invite your kids to participate together and have fun!

decals and stickers

Stickers are another cool idea, they can be colored or black, you can make them from self-adhesive paper or buy ready-made ones. They attach easily to the glass and can be easily removed. Decals also have two sides so they are cool both inside and out.

Other ideas

Get more creative and make different cool things! If you can, use an animated projector to display skeletons or other things in your windows. Use black cheesecloth and make classy, ​​spooky curtains for Halloween. Create funny eyes with eyes on your window decals or silhouettes, use neon paint or something like that. Funny crash ghost characters appear not only outside but also inside, having a double effect. Put a creepy figure or a fake witch by the window and enjoy the impression it creates. Decorate the window outside and inside with artificial spider web. It’s budget-friendly and simple. Pull out some plastic spiders and a cool vintage candle holder to create a haunted house effect. Get inspired!

Apartment with a 70’s touch

The New York studio general assembly transformed a 1970s apartment on the city’s Upper East Side into a space filled with sunlight and a home office. Key features of the space include access to plenty of natural light from existing corner windows and expansive views of the Queensboro Bridge and the city’s East River.

The General Assembly renovation transformed a one bedroom unit into a two bedroom home with an updated kitchen and living room. The studio reduced the size of the master bedroom and lounge to make room for a second bedroom that doubles as an office for the two homeowners who frequently work from home.

In reconfiguring the space, the General Assembly wanted to utilize existing elements of the property, which occupies a concrete high-rise on 59th Street from the 1970s. This complete renovation of an Upper East Side skyscraper strikes a balance between the feeling of being in the air and the weight of the building.

The living room has been fitted with sliding glass doors to close and open up the space and blend in the views. Solid glass panels are used elsewhere as partitions to optimize the home’s natural light. The new materials range from light wood to grey, black and white finishes on cabinets for a mixed yet cohesive aesthetic. The floors are made of oak and almost all the furniture is made of wood, further connecting the different areas of the house. The unit’s two existing bathrooms feature new gold-colored travertine sinks and black fixtures. One of them also has brownish-red tiles disguising a shower.

A clean material palette of white oak, travertine and minimal detailing contrasts with the rough concrete texture that extends from the outside to the home’s interior. Check out the inspirational images of this home below!

What is a barndominium?

What is a bar denomination? Barndominiums, nicknamed ‘Barndos’, were introduced as a practical housing option. Many farmers and ranchers built an attic over a working barn so that keepers could stay close by.

Today, popularity has shifted from bar denominations to luxury homes and vacation rentals, particularly in upscale rural areas with ranch land and vineyards. Most Barndo construction uses a steel shell, making the house much stronger and more durable.


The metal shell construction is built very quickly, which means you will soon have a nice new home. Metal barndos stand up to the elements and last longer than most standard building materials. The structure of a barndo encourages indoor and outdoor living. Rolling doors, large windows and wraparound decks add a sense of spaciousness to your living space. Bar Dominiums are best suited as an open house, which is very popular and popular these days.


You can choose any style to decorate a Bar Dominium interior, but of course all are interwoven with rustic decor. Contemporary, modern, even minimalist and industrial styles are great for decorating. Check out the pictures for inspiration.

A Bar Dominium is truly an open concept home, so open plan interior design tips and ideas will definitely work here. When decorating a bar dominium or a large room in a home, color becomes your easiest and best tool for defining spaces. Accent walls are still very stylish and can be a focal point in a large open space. And don’t forget, ceilings can accent walls too.

Setting up a large, open space and using large furniture like sectional and oversized chairs can fill the space without looking too busy. Grouping furniture for conversation or dining areas avoids the “furniture house” look that many open plan layouts suffer from. When grouping furniture in your large barndo area, stick to a color palette in all areas you set up. That way your colors tie everything together.

Collection of contemporary furniture

If you are looking for cool guys, laconic and timeless at the same time, then we have found a cool collection for you!

Brooklyn-based company VOLK Furniture has launched the Sebastian collection, along with a new addition to the St. Charles range and two new color options for the previously launched Halsey lamps. Each design carefully balances elegance with function through the use of materials and unexpected details.

The Sebastian Collection includes a desk, a stool, a chair, a coffee table and two shelves. The St. Charles Dining Table (above) rounds out an earlier collection with an oval top supported by six legs. The Halsey table lamp and Halsey floor lamp now offer two new color options for porcelain tones – camel and graphite. Check out the collection and enjoy this minimalist and raw aesthetic!