Beadboard decor ideas

Beadboard is a series of narrow wooden planks lined up vertically (sometimes horizontally) on the wall. Between each plank of wood is a small indentation or crest – also known as a “pearl”.

Standard beadboard is available in 1.5″ and 3″ widths. The size is determined by the width of the flat area between the beads. You can also have custom widths created. Beadboard is usually installed vertically, although some people install it horizontally to get a different look. Beadboard provides a stable wall or ceiling surface and insulates a wall. Beadboard can be used for ceilings, walls and cabinets. It can cover an entire wall or be used as a panel covering only the lower part of the wall. Beadboard adds visual interest to any distant blank wall. It is relatively durable, an inexpensive alternative to tile, can be painted any color and installed at any height.

While you’ll often see it in traditional or rustic settings, beadboard doesn’t have to have a cute country feel. it can be positively slim and cool. You can often see beadboards in bedrooms, entryways, kitchens (see our beadboard backsplash roundup), bathrooms, and other spaces to give them a cool, cozy, and slightly vintage feel. Such decor goes with literally any style, not just rustic or farmhouse – you can incorporate it into modern, minimalist, contemporary, industrial and many other styles by choosing the right colors and sizes. Check out some ideas we have collected for you and get inspired to use them in your home too.

Give your small bathroom a new look with bead board.
Powder Room Beadboard Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodeling and Decor.
Living room beadboard walls design ide

Practical ideas for storing wine at home

If you’re a wine connoisseur or just want to treat yourself to a bottle of good wine, you’re probably confused about keeping it at home. If you don’t have room for a wine cellar, you can make a nifty little one under your kitchen floor. Various shelves and wine drawers are great for storing the bottles in the kitchen or dining room. Use your kitchen island to save space. Storage space under the stairs is always useful. Remember to place the bottles carefully so as not to break them. Wine sideboards are great because they look stylish and hide your bottles in them – the light isn’t good for the wine, remember? Enjoy the following ideas and organize your wine storage!

Built-in shelves

Built-in storage units save space and can be installed anywhere – in cabinets, kitchen islands, on various shelves, or even in the floor, on the wall, or between cabinets and refrigerators. If it’s a closet, your storage unit can be any convenient size and shape. If you occupy another room, e.g. B. If there is an awkward corner between some furniture, use a vertical storage piece. When you build a storage unit into a wall or floor, you can choose any shape and size, and wall units can be quirky. For example, you can add large circular cavities to the entire wall to store bottles and also get a decorative piece.

Usual storage units

If you want to add a wine bottle storage unit somewhere in the kitchen or dining area, it can be any shelf – wood, acrylic, metal, glass, etc. It can be more commonly used in shape and with a glass shoulder or a creative metal bottle holder. Choose a style and look that suits your space: a tree that reeks of a rustic or natural space, a minimalist, sleek wooden unit for a contemporary space, and so on.

31 cool and practical ideas for storing wine at home - DigsDi
31 cool and practical ideas for wine storage at home |  Espaços pequenos.
31 creative and practical ideas for wine storage at home |  Diy wine rack.

Concrete house on a steep slope

Designed by Studio Obra Arquitetos, the LLF House is an absolutely charming structure in São José dos Campos, Brazil. A key determining factor for the design and distribution of the spaces was the fact that the site has a very steep slope. Also the house is quite small compared to the overall size of the property. As a result, the architects positioned it in the center of the plot and structured it on two floors.

Surrounded by vegetation, the house looks perfect here. It responds with grace to this difficult topography and has a very strong relationship with the immediate surroundings and nature in general. The roof of the first floor also serves as a floor for a level area on which the other rooms can extend outwards. In this way, both levels enjoy a seamless connection to the outside area. Additionally, the social spaces lack rigid barriers and flow seamlessly into one another. This ensures flexibility and freedom throughout the floor plan.

The ground floor (or basement) houses the private spaces, depending on how you look at it: four bedrooms connected to a garden. On the top floor (or main level) are the common areas, as well as the garage and service areas. All rooms have a strong connection to the outside area and can easily be opened there due to the presence of glass walls / sliding doors.

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Sculptural concrete house built on a steep slope |  container house.
Ashida Architects place a concrete Atami tower house on a steep hillside.

Refined marble furniture pieces and decorative items for every home

Marble is a luxury material that was mainly used for statues and monuments in ancient times. Today, designers and architects create masterpieces of it. We’ve gotten used to the idea that marble is for bathrooms and kitchens, but there are so many cool marble objects to decorate with! Marble lamps, benches, stools and table tops add a sophisticated touch to any room in which they are used. Being exquisite in itself, it doesn’t require any special design or crazy shapes. Of course, marble slabs, sinks, bathtubs and bathroom walls are particularly popular, although they are not very affordable. If you’re not ready to spend that much money, check out DIY projects using marble printed tape or wallpaper. An original idea is to decorate the fireplace with marble: the material is fireproof, waterproof and durable, so there is nothing better for this purpose. Get inspiration below and get your pin button ready!

Contrasting kitchen worktops

If you are looking to refresh your home decor and start with kitchens, kitchen renovations can be done in many ways, thrifty or on a budget. One of the hottest trends in kitchen decor that won’t cost you much is high contrast. Contrasting kitchen islands, lamps, contrasting statement walls, backsplashes and of course contrasting countertops and cabinets. Dark or light cabinets with neutral countertops or vice versa is a bold contemporary feature that will instantly bring a fresh look to your kitchen. Also, changing countertops isn’t usually that expensive, or you can at least paint the cabinets to implement this feature so you don’t break the bank. hesitant? Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Choose the colors

Decide on the color or colors of your kitchen, as two-tone kitchens are extremely popular and modern, and then go for contrasting worktops: if it is a dark kitchen, choose white or neutral wood worktops, if it is a neutral kitchen is, choose light or dark countertops. If you have a two-tone kitchen, your countertops may match the upper cabinets for a cohesive look. Do you look too much at contrasting countertops? Then opt for a contrasting kitchen island that offers a contrasting countertop to make it stand out – contrasting and unique kitchen islands are another hot trend.

Game with textures

Contrasting worktops look bold, of course, but if you want to add more interest to the kitchen, we highly recommend making them from a different material as well. Butcher block, marble, stone, onyx and concrete countertops are easy ways to add a focal point to your kitchen. Your backsplash may fully match the countertops in the material and color used, or just the color – but it should match or you’ll end up with a tasteless look – too many mismatched items are of no use to your space. Enjoy the examples and get inspired!

25 trendy contrasting countertops for your kitchen - DigsDi
A kitchen makeover |  White granite countertops, gray kitchen.
25 trendy contrasting countertops for your kitchen - DigsDi

Summer deck decor ideas

Summer isn’t here yet, but it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand, especially if it’s outside. If you have a deck and want it to look summery but don’t know where to start, we have cool and easy tips for you. Look here!

Decide on a color scheme

A color scheme gives your space a cohesive look, allows you to quickly gather everything you need and integrate it into the space. In summer, try bold and fresh colors, or at least neutral colors with bright accents – turquoise, pink, green, yellow, orange. If you love colors, boldly rocking different hues for an eclectic or boho-chic look, mix them up with prints for a bright space.


Rattan and wicker furniture give the space a relaxed feel, but you can actually use a lot of different furniture that you like. Forged furniture will serve you for years. Buy them in a neutral color that suits different decorating ideas. Wooden furniture never goes out of style and you can do it yourself. Don’t buy a lot of stuff for every season or year – it will clutter up all the space you have. Try incorporating the furniture you have into your summer deck decor – it’ll be a cool challenge and you’ll get creative.

Add accessories

Choose decor and accessories according to the style you like. Plenty of cushions and throws give the room a cozy feel. Don’t forget some rugs to match your decorating style. Bring more light with fairy lights or candle lanterns; Opt for cozy blankets that you can use in the evenings when it gets chilly. Add plants and flowers – just choose potted plants. If you don’t have much space, just put them on. Enjoy more ideas below!

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New Ora Ito White kitchen appliances from Gorenje

The black kitchenware collection Ora-Ito by Gorenje was launched two years ago. This was a starting point for Gorenje, as they claim: “One of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in Europe”. While their products aren’t as innovative as they claim to be, they’re certainly stylish and with all the gear you need at once, they’re really interesting. Working with the young French designer Ora-Ïto was Gorenje’s big step.

After two years, they redesigned the large collection. The new Ora-Ito collection is now available in white color. If black kitchen appliances are considered modern these days, white appliances are even above it. They just became a new trend. Ora-Ïto characterizes his recognizable style as simplexity; Combine simplicity and complexity. As a result, he gets a futuristic and provocative product.

All appliances from the collection are made of white glass with aluminum handles. All of them have a clean, minimalist design where everything has a purpose. Striking design details cleverly and subtly combine the fridge freezer with oven, hob, extractor hood and decorative panels. Soft and clear lines with a sharp, soft shape are tomorrow’s classics.

The new slogan is:

Appreciate the unique Gorenje ora-Ïto white collection! Because white captures all the light in this world; because it unites all colorful thoughts; because design associated with white has a special meaning!

New Ora-Ito White kitchen appliances from Gorenje - DigsDi
Gorenje Ora Ita White Kitchen Utensils |  White kitchen.
New Ora-Ito White kitchen appliances from Gorenje |  White kitchen.

Porcelain side table imitating fabric

The Plisago side tables by Studio Besau-Marguerre show an unusual selection of materials paired with an aesthetic that the material does not share. It’s a bewilderingly attractive combination that will have your eyes wondering what they’re seeing before your hands touch them to confirm your hunch as you admire the odd beauty.

The Plisago side tables are made of porcelain, a material completely alien to furniture. The table also has a design that gives it the appearance of a fabric. Several seams and folds adorn the side of the table with their own imperfections created by special parametric software. Its tactile, textile appearance conveys the feel of tightly stretched, lightweight fabric until you place your fingers on it, only to feel the cold touch of porcelain. It seems unbelievable at first, but the designers have managed to cast such a large porcelain model that requires technique, know-how and a great deal of trust and risk. The fact that the designers pulled this off is an award-winning achievement in itself, while the tense, fabric-like, unconventional shape of the Plisago certainly deserves its own accolades too!

Colorful contemporary house

Iguana Architects worked with a growing family of musicians on a recent project that included a renovation, loft and extension of a 1930’s London semi-detached house. The finished design is a larger home that maximizes natural light, uses natural materials and is topped with a green roof.

The original property was a two story house with a glass conservatory added 20 years before the clients bought it. The conservatory was in poor condition, either too cold in winter or way too hot in summer, with leaks and additional problems. Avoiding the typical boxy addition, the architect and owners agreed on the scope of the project, which included the addition of a two-bedroom, one-bathroom loft to the original ground floor and a refurbishment of the first floor.

The finished product resulted in a beautiful new kitchen, dining room and family room built under an asymmetrical butterfly roofline with lots of skylights to give the space good lighting. A green roof sits atop the unique structure, indicating a biophilic design. To avoid the high costs associated with typical kitchen design, the architect designed the kitchen himself and worked with a craftsman to make it a reality. The next step was adding color, which they chose for two – teal and yellow – and topped it with birch and concrete to complete the space. The addition opens to the rear garden with side folding glass doors allowing the rooms to be connected.

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Colorful contemporary house with an extension - DigsDi

Cozy Fall Dining Room Decor Ideas

A dining room is a great place for guests and family meals. Autumn means coziness and warmth, and you can decorate your dining room in a very cozy and cool way. To highlight the coming fall, it is better to choose rustic, shabby chic, traditional and vintage styles – you can mix them at will or choose just one. And as decorative pieces, you can use the fall gifts from your garden or a local market like pumpkins, gourds, nuts. Gather some pine cones and leaves and arrange them in a beautiful garland or wreath. Look for cool decorating ideas below and get inspired!

Autumn tablescapes and centerpieces

Create a chic fall tablescape in the style you like – modern, rustic, minimalist, glam, moody or any other style you like. Pick a color scheme that you like and stick to it when decorating. What’s perfect for fall table settings? Woven placemats and chargers, a plaid runner and napkins, candles, dried herbs and flowers, bright blossoms and lots of greenery, wheat, nuts, acorns, burlap, baskets, wooden trays and other details. The centerpiece can be made of pumpkins – artificial or real, the first ones are more durable and they can be made of velvet, for example. Add dried or fresh herbs and veggies, flowers and nuts and berries and voila!

Fall dining room decor

Decorate the rest of the dining room in the same style and colors. Place wheat and pumpkin arrangements, nuts, acorns, artificial flowers, leaves and herbs, hang a chandelier with vines, leaves and lamps. Cotton and pine cones in a tray or bowl can also be a good idea to create a dining room console. Lush floral arrangements and stacks of heirloom pumpkins are also great for decorating the dining room. Check out more ideas below!

51 Beautiful and Cozy Fall Dining Room Decorating Ideas - DigsDi
51 Beautiful and Cozy Fall Dining Room Decorating Ideas - DigsDi
Beautiful Cozy Fall Dining Room Decor Ideas Cor - Saltandblu