Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Steampunk bathroom ideas

IDEAS FOR STEAMPUNK BATHROOMS – The steampunk bathroom style gives you a weird industrial look. The bathroom concept combines the romantic view of science in literature of the Victorian era with aspects of the industrial revolution in Europe in the 19th century.

A steampunk bathroom looks vintage and industrial at the same time. Quite a few of the bathroom models that bring unique items to the environment. We collect 10 steampunk bathroom styles to explain this in more detail.

Exciting steampunk bathroom

Exciting steampunk bathroom

The obvious plumbing installation is closely related to the classic bathroom style. The example provides you with the unusual, apparent sanitary model. The plumbing has the zigzag style that immediately catches our attention.

The tubes are used to support the bathtub. The “more frequent” installation method results from the installation that equips the sink area. The bathroom chooses the modern sink and cabinet.

The use of the black wallpaper and tiles makes the bathroom look dark and stylish. The black hue and the golden hue that emerges from the pipes make the bathroom shine.

Strange steampunk bathroom


Such a small bathroom space with rich ideas. The second example contains many classic flavors. For example the window content of the bathroom, which is reminiscent of the old engraving style.

The apparent plumbing work is from ancient times. Somehow, the bathroom wraps the plumbing in the golden material that actually looks modern. The same applies to the window edge material.

We love the bathroom very much because there are a lot of creative things in the area. Just look at the ornaments that fill the lower segment of the bathroom wall. The cupboard and the bathtub also look unique.

Milky steampunk bathroom


The example shows that a steampunk bathroom is not all about dark colors. For example, he chooses white, which looks concentrated and is similar to milk. Here we come to the conclusion that the steampunk bath has a milky tone.

In terms of content, the bathroom has modern accents that detail the interior of a factory bathroom. You can feel this atmosphere in what appears to be the plumbing and plumbing in the bathroom.

We think the bathroom door is so unique. The door design is reminiscent of the door of the aerospace vehicle.

Radiant steampunk bathroom


Typical industrial bathroom design with a radiant concept. The steampunk bath combines old and modern accents. What is unique is that the old tone comes from the ceiling of the bathroom and the flush style.

The two elements look rough, which indicates how long they have existed in the interior. The sink and cabinet are reminiscent of those that are often used in factories. In view of the narrow space, the bathroom uses the glowing white ceramic.

The large windows and lamps make the bathroom appear spacious and bright at the same time.

Traditional steampunk bathroom


While the picture does not describe the entire bathroom, we believe you will get the message. The bathroom offers a traditional steampunk bathroom style that invites you to use reclaimed wood.

The bathroom also shows that the wood has not been repainted at all. The material remains raw but firm. The countertop uses the material that we often find in factories.

For decoration, the bathroom chooses the wall lights that look graceful. The round accessory and the style of the fittings are also attractive.

Metallic steampunk bathroom


The example can be a great choice for those of you who want a modern style of steampunk. The bathroom chooses metallic material that reflects the surroundings. This is suitable for the narrow space.

The metallic material appears on the floor and in the sink. The upper part of the storage space and some wall parts of the bathroom are a bit hard. That shows the old taste in design.

The bathroom uses the small recessed lights that generate the rays that, depending on the material, spread across the entire bathroom.

Dramatic steampunk bathroom


A steampunk bath not only feels weird, it also gives you a Gothic feeling. What powers the bathroom when you use the substyle. In contrast to the typical classic Gothic, the pattern is modernized.

This results from the wall concept of the bathroom, in which the small black and white tiles are selected. When the lights are on, the bathroom looks dramatic. The old tone results from the apparent plumbing design.

Interestingly, the bathroom places the ceramics that showcase the iconic design of Chinese architecture. The wooden board serves as a worktop that creates a cozy atmosphere.

Fantastic steampunk bathroom


If you can’t create a dark or dramatic bathroom space, you can fill the area with antique and old items. That becomes the main tip of the example. We applaud how the bathroom spends time looking at the items.

The bathroom places the vanity, which looks very unique. The vanity is used for storage and decoration. The towel rail also seems priceless. On the vanity is the ornament, which is reminiscent of the ornament of the old kingdom.

Despite the very narrow area, the bathroom holds priceless items.

Fashionable steampunk bathroom


We call this the retouched steampunk bath. That’s because the bathroom picks the obvious plumbing fixtures and plumbing fixtures that actually use modern materials. The installation on the toilet looks chic.

The bathroom contains some trendy items. In the bathroom, for example, hang the pendant lights that break the usual model for hanging lamps. Another cool tip relates to the partition wall, which makes the bathroom a bit more spacious despite the narrow area.

Creative steampunk bathroom


Although the area is quite large, the bathroom retains the spacious feel. The last of our 10 steampunk bathroom ideas favors modern items. For example, the bathroom chooses the plumbing that is common in modern factories.

The other modern industrial aspect comes from the partition wall model that becomes one of the wall parts of the bathroom. The partition also functions as a towel rail. The bathroom contains many glass materials including the mirror.

To tone down the reflective tone, the bathroom puts up the wooden floor and vanity.


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