House inspired by electronic music

When designing the FM house in São Paulo, Brazil, Mombá Arquitetura referred to vaporwave, a subgenre that alludes to the 80’s and 90’s. While electronic music was the main inspiration, vaporwave was also known for its surreal art and consumer culture, all of which cited the variety of finishes, colors, and shapes.

The 72 square meter interior has been updated with modern furniture and a vibrant palette to coexist with the original features such as the white tiles on the walls and granite flooring. The dining room has been furnished with finds from antique shops and travel opportunities alongside contemporary design pieces and a catchy gallery wall. White tile walls are an unusual solution for a dining area. The kitchen features simple green cabinets, a white stone countertop, and two different backsplashes – blush and white tile.

The living room shows a combination of teal and white, which initially creates a striking contrast. The Tetris sofa makes a bold statement in the center of the open space, helping to divide the space between the seating area and the office. A glazed wall offers a cool view and lots of potted greenery creates the feeling of being outside. The bedroom has cozy soft pink walls and a light blue pillow headboard paired with bold accent pillows and geometric linens.

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