Green Bathroom Decor

Green Bathroom Decor

Green is a refreshing and natural color that is soothing to the eye. It has a calming effect and helps reduce stress. That is why it is so popular to decorate various rooms, especially those where we need maximum relaxation: bedrooms and bathrooms. Today I’m going to share some ideas to rock green in the bathroom to make it stylish and relaxing at the same time.

green walls

Green walls can be a good idea for a bathroom. You can opt for all green painted walls or just one wall or zone – for a shower room, a sink or another. Choose green tiles of the desired shade and beautify your space. Another bold idea is swing buddy, wallpaper on the walls or part of the walls – wallpaper is a hot trend in bathrooms. Painting the walls in shades of green is also a good idea if you don’t feel like tiling the walls. Greens can be jazzed up with gold and copper fittings, they look very bold and chic while being timelessly elegant. If you have the opportunity, you can opt for a living green or moss wall in the bathroom. This idea is not only a hot trend but also gives a spa feel to the bathroom.

Green furniture and interior items

Green furniture, mainly vanities and stands, is another popular idea for adding color to a bathroom. And again, choose the shade that you like and that suits your decor. Rock a stone or marble slab, add copper or gold hardware and make the space bolder. If you have enough space, use a green couch, bench or ottoman. Like colored lights? Try a vintage-style emerald green bathtub or even a bold green sink. A piece like this will definitely make a statement and add color to the room. Get inspired!

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