Freestanding wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes

Fall is here and winter isn’t that far away, and wardrobes, hooks, hangers and stands have never been more relevant. If you haven’t bought a real one yet or want to change it up, here are some cool freestanding wardrobe ideas that won’t take up much space in your entryway and will conveniently store your clothes.

paint trees

A mantle tree is a traditional piece of entryway furniture, and here I’ve put together the pieces that look like real trees and are inspired by plants. Such a configuration looks very interesting and gives the room catchiness, especially if you use it in rich colors. Even the most minimalist design of a tree will be a focal point for an entryway.

Wardrobe combinations with other furniture

There are many functional pieces that combine a wardrobe and some other pieces of furniture. Such items are ideal for small entrances. This can be wardrobes in combination with drawers where you can put pillows, blankets, umbrellas and other things. You may find a wardrobe combined with a small entryway table or seat – it can be both at the same time. There are also cloakrooms with open storage items that are great for storage. You can also sit on the storage box. Find more ideas or DIY something you like when you’re feeling smart.

Other ideas

There are many different configurations for your entryway: a modern coat rack with sticks attached together, an industrial coat rack with a concrete floor and copper tubing, traditional metal cabinets with shoe racks. You may also find very eye-catching metal wardrobes of different shapes and lines. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

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