Apartment of square meters

Today’s apartment brings us back to the art of living in small houses that are only 48 square meters and we are ready to enjoy all the smart design solutions that make life here comfortable.

ATG Design was commissioned to transform a compact one bedroom apartment into a functional living space for a family of three. Located in the Bulgarian city center of Sofia, the SS-2 Apartment approaches the city life with its modern design that is rather minimalistic. Although there are no exaggerated details, the apartment still presents a stylish design complemented by functional solutions.

The L-shaped kitchen keeps it simple with white cabinets, a marbled backsplash, and wood countertops. Not to look too plain, they’ve thrown in a cobalt blue Smeg fridge and black accents that all pop. The dining area flows seamlessly into the living room. The original living room has been downsized to accommodate an extra space with a small bed and a desk behind the sofa. A wooden wall divides the space and creates storage space on the other side.

The first bedroom is minimalist, with a large plywood storage unit and a platform made from the same plywood that the bed sits in. A coffee table and some artwork complete the look. The master bedroom also has a platform instead of a regular bed, some chairs and a shelf. In the hallway, access to the master bedroom is hidden in a white wardrobe.

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