Baby Shower Dessert Table Decoration

Are you planning a baby shower? I can’t imagine a baby shower without a dessert table and today I have prepared some ideas for you to get inspired. The dessert or candy table should continue the baby shower decorations. If it’s a rustic party, consider making a rustic table. If it’s a vintage table, consider making a vintage dessert table. If you know you have a girl or two, try a princess-themed candy table that features a carriage, horses, tiara, and tulle. Storybook themed dessert tables are very popular and gender neutral. You can always decorate such a table in the colors you want. If you’re expecting a boy, you can opt for a sea table or have it made in chic Tiffany blue. Get inspiration from the cutest photos below and make the cutest table ever!

Girl baby shower dessert tables

If you want to announce that this is a girl, think of rock girls colors: pink, fuchsia, purple, blush, peach pink, orange. Mix them all or go for a simple two or three color scheme. If you have a baby shower theme, add it to your decor: use pink flamingos and fake pineapples. If it’s a royal shower, go for crowns and tulle tablecloths. Rock floral arrangements, balloon garlands and banners with letters, gold letter balloons and greenery to create a chic dessert table.

Boys Baby Shower Dessert Tables

If you have a boy and you want to make him stand out, use all kinds of blues. You can combine it with neutral colors. Rock an aviation theme with airplanes, pilot glasses and blue balloons and enjoy a rustic wooden dessert table, assorted candles and boxes. Green and fresh flowers are always a good idea to decorate desserts. Use a backdrop that matches your shower theme and enjoy!

Neutral Baby Shower Dessert Tables

More and more expectant mothers also prefer neutral baby showers and dessert tables. I mean neutral colors and totally gender neutral decor to not reveal gender or just for a more modern feel. If you prefer, you can choose between white and off-white. They can be jazzed up with metallics. Floral arrangements in neutral tones and lush greenery will make any dessert table chic and fresh. You can also try black and white, for example for a panda-themed shower, or different bright colors like coral, mint, green and orange.

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