Small apartment rattan terrazzo

Small apartment rattan terrazzo

Architectural firm Absence renovated a 40m2 apartment in the narrow concrete jungle of Hong Kong. The apartment owner requested a complete redesign for his family of three with multiple floor plans and lots of storage space. The design studio surprised the owners and everyone else with smart creativity and functionality.

The design aims to keep the living room large and simple while bringing in natural elements to create a relaxed and tranquil environment. Rattan was chosen as a key material for the living room to make it welcoming and cozy. Rattan is used for cabinet doors, with the porosity and light color softening the existence of the interior. The result is a simple, airy and comfortable environment.

When designing the apartment, the transformative feature was limited to just the most awkward group of items in the living room – the dining table and chairs. They are stored in a cabinet and pulled out during use. This creates a great space for the family child to play around with.

Storage was a key concern for the client, who kept asking for more throughout the design process. At the request of the owner, the architects raised the nursery to create a void underneath that could serve as storage space. In the entrance area of ​​the children’s room there are steps that also serve as seating. In the living room next to the front door there are some large cupboards. These help create a portal for the main entrance where you can wear shoes and check out your outfit before heading out. Look at the pictures and imagine how functional even a tiny apartment can be!

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