Cool ways to fill an empty wall

Cool ways to fill an empty wall

A blank wall can make your space a little dull and cold or unfinished, which means it’s better to fill it in somehow unless you want an ultra-minimalist interior. How can you make this piece of wall more interesting and eye-catching? Here are some ideas.

Brave mirrors

Your mirror can be oversized and set in a sophisticated frame, a work of art with a unique geometric texture and shape, it can be a set of colorful mirrors, or even a long fringed mirror for a boho feel – it’s all right with you and you what you want to get

Creative shelves

Thinking beyond the linear options for floating shelves is another great way to fill in an empty wall. Opt for shelves with live edges to add a natural feel to the space (it’s a hot trend right now!). Try shelves that hang from leather or straps, and choose a large shelf with lots of compartments that have a unique shape – the possibilities are endless and you’ll get some storage space too!

wall hangings

Thread and fabric wall hangings are extremely popular for decorating a boho room. You can hang macrame, fringe, fabric of different colors and designs, and many such wall hangings can be made by yourself. There are tons of tutorials you need. A wall hanging can not only add style or highlight the existing style, but also add color and texture.

Structural wall coverings

Cover an empty wall with a textured material: There are countless ways to do this, from molded tiles to metal wall panels, wooden planks to acoustic fabric panels – more types of materials than you can imagine. The most popular material is naturally textured wood, which never goes out of style and brings warmth and coziness.

Bold wallpaper

The wallpaper has gone big and bold with all kinds of dramatic graphics and print options. There are many colors, prints, and looks to choose from, and large floral and murals are also options to enhance the look of a blank wall, even in smaller spaces, as they make a catchy statement.


Support a ladder against the wall! This is a great idea for many decorating styles, especially rustic and boho ones. The ladder doesn’t have to be tall, but if you’re using more than one, it’s important to vary the size and height for interest. Ladders are also a good option if you want to use soft textiles, as they can be displayed on the rungs of the ladder. You can also use them to show off your shoes, glasses and hats. Therefore, this is a perfect idea for an entryway.