Floating bedside tables

Floating bedside tables

Nowadays we often face the problem of lack of space, and bedroom is one of the rooms that we never make big – we just need a cozy corner to sleep. If you have a small bedroom, you’re probably looking for space-saving ideas to make it more functional, and we’ve got a few for you! Use the storage space under the bed on the one hand, and functional furniture and space for small items on the other, such as floating bedside tables.

The concept of floating furniture is very popular today and not only used for small spaces. Floating furniture does not take up much space, and the room does not take up much space and does not look bulky, which is also important for any room, and floating furniture perfectly performs its storage function. Let’s check out the coolest floating nightstands to make a selection.

Floating Shelves

The smallest idea that would look airy and not make even the smallest bedroom look bulky is a floating nightstand. A small and thin bedside shelf is a great idea for absolutely any room, from minimalist to girly, and you can find many configurations of such shelves – not only ordinary, but also various geometric and curved parts. Such a floating shelf is easy to build yourself – do not spend money, just attach a wooden board to the wall.

Box bedside tables

An open box is a very creative idea for a bedside table – attach a wooden box to the wall and voila, you have a storage piece with a table top and storage space inside. You can also add multiple boxes to create more storage space and hold more things you may need. Such an idea is easy to do yourself. Just grab some shadow boxes or real ones and start crafting!

Bedside tables with drawers

Drawers keep things hidden and out of the dust, so this is a great nightstand idea. Your floating bedside table can consist of just one drawer that can hold many things, or you can have just one or more drawers in addition to an open storage space. There are also creative bedside tables with sliding doors instead of drawers, let yourself be inspired!

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