Shelf with tight ropes

Modern furniture should be dynamic, functional and creative – and this shelf ticks all the boxes. The Xanxan Shelf makes a wonderful conversation-starter shelf for books, magazines, etc. Technically, the Xanxan is not a shelf, but a platform made of multiple strings/ropes tied at two ends. Its tightness can be adjusted so you don’t have memory sagging in the middle.

As well as resting produce, the Xanxan can be used to hang items from keys to umbrellas to anything else that is small and may need to be hung. The Xanxan with its rope based construction is very practical, dynamic, adjustable and creative looking and I think that’s really what we all want. Hang it or more of these shelves in your entryway, bedroom or kitchen and enjoy!

Dynamic Xanxan Rack Tight Ropes - DigsDi
Dynamic Xanxan Rack Tight Ropes - DigsDi
Eleven on the Shelf: Fixed Rope, Zipline, or Swing |  Eleven on the.

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