Luxury handcrafted dining tables

If you are looking for minimalist yet luxurious furniture for your home, you should check out Dyle Furniture. Dyle tables are 100% handmade. Thanks to this, each dining table is special and unique. This is because handcrafted craftsmanship gives each piece an identity – genuine and unrepeatable – once made, it is the only such piece in the world.

Each Dyle dining table resonates with meticulous attention to detail – wood carvings and element customization are pushed to the limit. To achieve this level of quality, Dyle only works with the best carpenters. But not only the wood requires craftsmanship – this also applies to metal. The metal on Dyle’s tables features deep reflections. Looking at the metal, it almost feels like it has a hidden dimension inside. Dyle achieves this by using special “Italian mirror steel” – very high quality stainless steel made in Italy.

But the metal is half the truth – such a reflection can only be achieved through hours of hard work of manual polishing and grinding. This type of work requires a lot of dedication and care — according to Dyle, it’s a lot like polishing jewelry, only done on a larger scale.

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