Pooja Room Designs Ideas

Pooja Room Designs Ideas

You can decorate your pooja room while feeling holy and connected to God. This is a spiritual matter and everyone has something in their heart other than their spiritual needs. The more you shape the space according to what makes you feel at peace with the sky, the better your satisfaction. Pooja means worship and the space set aside for worship is certainly a sacred place that brings the respect of God to hearts.

Colors are central to the design of pooja rooms. Not every color is associated with religion. There are some colors that have a higher value in creating the right fear environment. White is commonly agreed upon for color in pooja hours. Golden is another shade that is also considered to be heavenly. Silver is also mostly associated with religious traditions. Decorating the room with these shades can automatically achieve the sanctity of the environment.

Arranging lights to focus on specific religious images helps make them stand out. The images that are more important can be placed in the center of the room with the lights aimed at it. Dimmer and cool lights resembling candles are often used for this purpose. You can use candles, but they carry some risks, such as a fire breaking out in the room or an increase in temperature in summer.

Oftentimes, pooja room designs are simple. They mostly depend on the seating arrangement and this is the ideal way to worship. Be sure to cover the floor with soft and beautiful rugs so that everyone can feel comfortable during worship.

If necessary, add some pillows on the floor for those who do not find it easy and comfortable to sit on the floor. Keep windows covered with heavy drapes to provide quiet and privacy for devotees. With heavy curtains, you block out the sounds and movements outside, which can disturb the occupants deep in adoration.