Brick walls for children’s rooms

Brick walls for children’s rooms

Many of us think that trendy exposed brick walls are not for children’s rooms or children’s rooms because they are too hard and rough and cannot compete with peaceful children’s room decor. Despite this, more and more architects and designers are using this trendy feature in children’s rooms and it’s looking hot! Structural beauty and visual contrast are perfect for any decorating style, from shabby chic to industrial, and a variety of decor themes so popular in children’s rooms.

If you have health problems, clean the stones and use an appropriate sealant so that a stone is not a problem. Another cool idea is a brick wallpaper that looks similar but is completely uncomplicated and eco-friendly.

If your kids have a small room and you think a wall can make it look smaller, you are wrong. Brick walls look natural and perfectly match different colors and materials used for decoration.

Think brick walls are only for the young? No, walls like this will look fantastic for girls’ and boys’ bedrooms as well as gender-neutral nurseries. Everything depends on the appearance of the wall, its color and the desired effect.

Choose a style and decor theme for the room

Before building a wall or walls, pick a theme or style and stick with it. Brick walls can be absolutely different, and your decorating style will dictate what those walls look like. For example, rustic or industrial spaces with a plain, exposed finish will look good with a matte sealant. Whitewashed bricks are a great idea for shabby chic, vintage and Scandinavian nurseries. Don’t be afraid to paint the brick with different colors, it will look edgy and modern, and a colorful children’s room will look great with it.

brick alternatives

Don’t have beautiful exposed brick walls? No problem! Artificial tile siding and brick wallpaper look wonderful and closely resemble real brick. They are maintenance free and easy to install. Brick veneer is an inexpensive and beautiful option that allows you to enjoy the magic of brick walls and their textural beauty without worrying about the lack of original brick walls. If you have any health issues in mind, these options are the best idea.