Cool shower benches

Cool shower benches

A shower bench is a wonderful thing, don’t think it’s just for the elderly, it’s for everyone who loves comfort! If you want to choose a shower bench for your space but don’t know how and what to choose, here are some ideas.

Types of shower benches

There are three types of permanent shower benches: built-in, floating, and fold-down. Built-in benches are seats that are framed into the wall and floor of the shower. This type of seating can span the full width of a shower stall, like the one shown here, or it can be confined to a corner. It can be square or semicircular. After you install one, waterproof it and tile it for a custom look.

Floating benches are firmly attached to the shower walls but open underneath. It can be made of waterproof wood or a single slab of stone. You can also order a tiled floating bench to match the rest of the shower room. Although floating benches can look simple, careful engineering is required. You should ask some professionals to install one.

Folding benches are space-saving solutions for smaller showers or universal designer showers. When choosing seating, choose the style that best suits the weight needed for support.

General information

Whatever type of bench you choose, the top must slope slightly to allow water to drain and not the pool. Pooled water not only feels gross on a bare body, but it also encourages powdery mildew. The size of your shower — not to mention the number of people planning to use it at one time — will help determine the best bench size for your needs. The depth of a bench is also negotiable, depending on which bodies the bench is being built for and what the stand will allow.

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