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Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Farmhouse living room ideas

FARMHOUSE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – What do you think when you hear about the concept of farmhouses? You will get it right if you quickly adopt the living style with modesty, functionality and warmth.

Cottage styles can be a good place to start if you think the whole cottage concept is costing you too much. Basically, the living room of a farmhouse combines with furniture and ornaments made from natural materials.

Crisp white and light brown usually underline the living style. Below are more interior design details that might inspire you:

Traditional farmhouse living room

Traditional farmhouse living room

Create your spacious living room in this traditional, airy space for all family members. Choose solid teak for the ceiling, wall and floor instead of brick walls or marble floors.

Wooden furniture such as a sofa set, chair and table add earthly elements to the living room. Put them all in the center of the living room, right across from a stone oven. These are enough to create the subtopic for the room.

It is recommended not to place too many small items for decoration, as the traditional country living room usually emphasizes the main furniture.

Sumptuous urban farmhouse living room

Sumptuous urban farmhouse living room

You don’t have to live on a farm or in rural areas to realize this second tip. Your living room doesn’t have to be large to accommodate large lights or open beams. As with the first tip, add wood ceilings and walls for the room.

Make curves for the wooden wall that can accommodate a tall cabinet for storage. Choose the brown sofa or the chair set together with the wooden table. Place floor lamps for modern accents, hang a decorative lamp and a dark gray rug.

Classic white country living room

Classic white country living room

As mentioned earlier, crisp white or plain white can indicate the living room tone of a farmhouse. This brings an alternative for you who want to create something different from the typical brown country living room.

Unlike brown wood, you can choose the wood and then paint it white for doors and floors as you can see in the picture. White or light gray can color the walls of the room. Artificially or not paint open beams or stoves with white.

The finishing touches are a brown storage basket and a white armchair with pastel or brown cushions.

Open farmhouse living room

Open farmhouse living room

Apply a large window pane as parts of the entire living room wall. The windows can reveal the beauty of the surroundings directly from sitting or standing. This room interior allows sunlight as a radiation source during the day.

You don’t have to turn on the lamp to save money on your electricity bill. As can be seen from the previous ideas, wood floors and ceilings are the best ways to bring the top to life. Wooden fittings such as a table and a small mini-cupboard embellish the room.

See the above picture for the example.

Nice farmhouse living room

Nice farmhouse living room

The farmhouse living room can exceed your ability to mix and match colors, which later turns it into a mild, soft and earthly space. The picture with a blue sofa can speak a lot for this sub-topic.

Wooden doors and floors are undoubtedly a good place to start. The white lacquered wooden cabinet opens up the entire filigree look of the room. Since the brown and white colors work well, a comfy large blue sofa adds a sweeter touch.

Ethnic farmhouse living room

Ethnic farmhouse living room

The sixth part of the farmhouse living room ideas focuses on the wall decor, furnishing and the choice of ornaments. Wooden floors and wooden ceilings painted white give the room a strong country house tone.

Let us now focus on the above picture. You can hang multiple pictures in wooden frames as wall decorations. Buy an ethical sofa like the one you see in the photo. Add Moroccan rug as a cool addition. Use ceramics as an ornament and as a classic armchair.

Well-ventilated farmhouse living room

Well-ventilated farmhouse living room

Wooden floors and wooden furniture such as a table and chair are enough farmhouse elements for this living room model. You can later place either an artificial white-painted oven or real open beams for an additional farmhouse mode.

What calms this style down is the window pane and sliding glass door, which ensure good ventilation. Choose white, gray, brown and black furniture and decorations to make this sub-modeling concept a reality. The white curtain for closing the window pane makes the room very airy and cozy.

Minimalist multifunctional peasant style

Minimalist multifunctional peasant style

Sometimes you have limited house or apartment space, leaving you with few options to create a dreamy living room for a farmhouse. Then transform the available space into a multifunctional farmer’s room with living room, dining room and mini kitchen.

Apply a minimalist peasant style that requires the necessary furniture and decorations after the wooden floor. Choose a wooden sofa, dark brown stove, and TV for the living room. A set of wooden chairs and tables is sufficient for the dining room.

The white lacquered wooden cabinet offers space for dining and kitchen utensils as well as a sink.

Rustic farmhouse living room

Rustic farmhouse living room.
Source: woodoes.com

A rustic furnishing concept brings warmth and mild sides to the country house living room model. Made from natural materials, this subtopic model invites you to appreciate nature. With three models, you can consciously subdivide the walls of the living room.

The first choice is a wooden wall painted white. The second and third choices are red-red brick and white-painted brick. Wooden floors and wooden fittings such as a table, a chair and a basket form the rustic element.

For a cute rustic decor, set up a gray, soft sofa set, hang flowers in gray vases, and a round vintage clock.

Mini farmhouse living room with recycled items

Mini farmhouse living room with recycled items.
Source: i.pinimg.com

You can still create a cute mini farmhouse living room on a tight budget. Use or recycle items as decorative or essential items for this space. Paint the walls light brown following the wooden floor.

Aside from the super comfy sofa, you can place used products to fill the space. For example, paint the wooden door white and choose it as the basic element to hang reusable vases of fresh flowers and wooden panels with positive quotes.

Place decorative lamps on recycled wooden boxes as you can see in the picture.

The last tip rounds out the farmhouse living ideas that we hope will inspire you to an extraordinary part that all family members look forward to.

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