Industrial Living Room Ideas

Industrial Living Room Ideas

Ideas for industrial living rooms

INDUSTRIAL LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Industrial living room concepts are becoming one of the creative interior models that steal the hearts of those who want a stylish and unique look. Typically, an industrial style living room requires an exposed brick or concrete wall.

Other elements of the industrial style living room include factory windows, factory ceilings, and camera lights. Black, gray and white are some of the most common colors used for this living room concept. Would you like to learn more about the living room ideas?

Industrial living room with ladder

Industrial living room with ladder

You don’t have to own a large space to create an industrial living room. A corner in the picture shows that the industrial model is doing its best. Three elements say a lot for one of the industrial living room ideas.

The white ceiling is an important basic element for the room. The next point is a camera flash that is inserted into the exposed line. The last extraordinary aspect is the metal ladder that we mostly see in the factory.

Not all industrial models have this type of staircase. What defines the tiny place of residence is something special.

Industrial living room with piped couch

Industrial living room with piped couch

You may need to go to extra lengths to find industrial style furniture, but doing so can lead to significant changes. For example, the pipeline coach style from perspective. The seating looks very unique and comfortable.

As we often know, the pipeline is very easy to find in factories. Other elements that cannot be ignored are gray walls, a metal chair and an industrial table in front of the couch. The furniture looks small, but the right choice of furniture as shown determines the look.

The chair and table are quite easy to find.

Industrial living room with a high factory ceiling

Industrial living room with a high factory ceiling.  Source:

Raise your ceiling like a factory. The ceiling type should include tubes as accessories or camera flash. These are simple things that can make your living room look like a factory with a lot of workers in the room.

The high ceiling has another benefit that lets more natural air in and out of the living room. Therefore, family members and guests will feel cooler compared to a man wearing a short blanket.

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Industrial living room with red bricks

Industrial living room with red bricks.  Source:

The fourth part of the total industrial living room ideas is also applicable to modeling rural living spaces. Red bricks convey a nostalgic and industrious atmosphere at the same time.

Leaving some parts of the living room walls so unexposed seems dramatic as it shows that as a property owner, you want inspiration from factory workers who work day and night to make ends meet.

Industrial living room with metal windows

Industrial living room with metal windows.  Source: Pinterest

Not made of wood, but of metal. This material is common in factories. Metal materials for windows are waterproof and durable. In addition, this type of window makes it easier to clean the windows.

Better to choose stainless steel metal windows so that they don’t corrode. As a further tip for this fifth point, color the living room to match the metal look. Gray, white, or a bit of black are best for underlining the industrial style.

Industrial living room with wood materials

Industrial living room with wood materials.  Source:

Wood-based materials bring us back to the early industrial age. The application of the sixth from the entire industrial living room ideas combines industrial fashion and vintage look. This leads to a mixed, classic modeling.

Some wood materials that you choose are wood benches, chairs, desks, tables, storage space, and ceiling. Wood materials tend to last a very long time, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. Think of it as a valuable investment.

Industrial living room with large storage space

Industrial living room with large storage space

We usually see large factories within factories because they are used to keep many items away from many workers. So you can practice this tip by choosing a large storage space for the belongings of entire family members for the industrial living room.

Otherwise, look for high-layer containers as shown in the picture. Or you can choose lockers where employees usually keep their personal belongings. If necessary, adapt the storage style to the size of your living room.

Industrial living room with pendant lamp

Industrial living room with hanging lighting.  Source:

When we think of a factory, our thoughts automatically associate with lots of lamps to facilitate all company activities. Even so, it is almost impossible to put a decorative hanging lamp or a nice little desk around a sofa or chair.

Therefore, the pendant lamp becomes a better choice. Depending on the size of the room and budget, choose a small pendant lamp or a recessed lamp. This type of lighting ensures that every part of the living room is adequately lit.

There are different models of pendant lights to suit your needs. This becomes another alternative to the camera light.

Small balcony in the industrial living room

Small balcony in the industrial living room.  Source:

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of living room space, create a true factory layout. One of them is the establishment of a small balcony as seen in the picture. That reminds us of the movie scene in which a boss tells something to the employees.

However, we do not hope that you will act as a supervisor. The small balcony offers an industrial look for the living room. The space will also look elegant and usable as a lot of activities can take place in it.

This room layout opens up the possibility of a small group with several groups on the balcony while others are downstairs.

Industrial living room with polished furniture

Industrial living room with polished furniture.  Source:

Smooth and polished furniture becomes our final industrial living room idea. And we can say that this is the easiest way to achieve that dream living room. Polished furniture can enrich the industrial living room thanks to its shiny and modern look.

We get that from a factory. When new products emerge, novelty and brightness automatically greet our eyes. Polished furniture is easy to find in the market. Make sure the furniture is on your budget as some are a little pricey.

The sophisticated furniture strategy completes our industrial living room ideas. It takes a certain layout, furniture essentials and basic elements, but it will be so worth it. The pictures can tell so much about it. Please make sure this industrial living room idea is accepted by all family members especially children. Because not all toddlers love neutral colors with metal materials, for example. Good luck!