Icelandic moss lamp

Are you looking for new and cool ways to add fresh greenery to your interior? I have a very eye-catching one for you! This amazing lamp will show you how to rock fresh greens in an unexpected and stylish way.

Created by designer Peter Danczkay, this lamp is 100% eco-friendly as it is covered with one of the most distinctive plants from the Nordic region. Icelandic lichen, also known as Icelandic moss, is abundant in the mountainous Arctic. The plant is commonly used by the residents to feed their reindeer and they eat it even in the poorer times. In addition to starch, it also contains bitter cetrarine, an active ingredient used as an appetite suppressant (yes, keep that in mind when hanging it in your kitchen).

Good light is not a luxury, but a basic requirement for everyday life. This 100% natural cover is a mood booster that requires no maintenance and will keep your home green for years to come! What a great idea for those who love eco-friendly design!

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