Halloween candle holder

Candles create an inviting and warming ambiance and candlelight is mysterious, they are not your usual fairy lights. That’s why candles are great for lighting up a party like Halloween! But of course you will need some candlesticks and candle holders to place your candles there. These holders are designed to help create an ambiance and add more charm to the room.

bottle candle holder

You can DIY some bottle candle holders, which is a cool and very easy craft even for a beginner. You can just paint them black and put some light colored candles, they will decorate the bottles with your wax. You can paint glitter, metallic accents, or even paint sugar skulls directly onto the bottles to commemorate Mexico’s Day of the Dead. There are tons of options to choose from and anything you want can be done easily.

Skull and Skeleton Candlestick

Skull and skeleton candle holders are timeless for Halloween decor: they never go out of style and go well with most Halloween party themes. It can be a skull with a candle inside, skeletal hands holding a candle, a stack of skulls, or just a jar with skeletons or skulls stenciled on it. The idea is entirely up to you and your style, and most of these candle holders are easy to make yourself.

Other candlesticks

There are countless other ideas to try and the most popular right now are artificial human hands – they can be ordinary or artisan and include not only candles but vases with flowers, greens and twigs. Mason jars can be covered with skeletons, skulls, blackbirds, cobwebs, spiders or simply black lace for a chic and sophisticated feel. Candlesticks can be given a unique look by turning them into bird claws or even making blackbirds with candlesticks.

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