Cheap Living Room Ideas

Cheap living room ideas

CHEAP IDEAS FOR LIVING ROOMS – A stylish living room on a budget. Is that possible? The answer is yes. Well, you can say that our statement is ambitious, but we have reasons to support it.

Today’s rapidly growing interior design enables any homeowner to create a beautiful living room that maintains its primary function as the most popular place for all family members.

What and how can you design and redesign this dreamy living room? Be sure to read the lists to the end.

Inexpensive living room with a simple color

Inexpensive living room with a simple color

White, gray, brown or beige are among the top wall colors that never get old. They offer space for different types of modeling of living spaces. Of course, they can be very easy to find. All you have to do is figure out what wall color is color quality.

This strategy fits your budget. Of course, the more expensive it is, the longer it will stick well to the walls of the living room. The thing is, the colors offer different gradations and prices that can reach your pocket.

As the picture shows, you can even leave some parts of the walls untouched with any color.

Inexpensive living room with less furniture

Inexpensive living room with less furniture

Some people say less is more. For a living room, less furniture not only costs less, it also helps to create more space. This is especially true for those of you who have limited or tiny space for the spot.

Sometimes a nice chair or sofa with a table in the picture is enough. Fill the living room with fresh plants or flowers to give the area a refreshed look. Provide lamps or pendant lights for proper lighting.

Inexpensive living room with plants

Inexpensive living room with plants

Another idea for creating an inexpensive living room is to include plants in your garden or fresh flowers as room decorations. Water them so they can freshen up the area all day.

It costs less money than buying artificial flowers or bouquets. They look prettier but require special treatment that can cost an extra budget. On the other hand, natural plants are regularly watered and fertilized if necessary.

The natural plants turn out to be inexpensive room decorations that can replace expensive works of art.

Recycled furniture in the cheap living room

Recycled furniture in the cheap living room.  Source:

The fourth of the 10 affordable living room ideas encourages you not to be ashamed of reusing aged or neglected materials as furniture. From now on, try to track down old wood materials and then use them for your planned living room.

As can be seen in the picture, a stack of thin logs can be used as legs for the white mattress. You can replace a classic sofa with a leg, as we often see on a vintage living room model. You can also take the aged table and then use it again as a refurbished table.

Clean the recycled materials and, if necessary, paint them with a new color.

One or two-seater couch in the living room

One or two-seater sofa in the living room

Choose one- or two-seat sofas instead of a large or pullout sofa that makes up most of the living room. This choice allows you to spend less money compared to a sofa or couch.

You can either buy the simple sofa style along with a desk, or buy a separate desk if you think the desk is expensive. Also pay attention to the material of the sofa. Take more time to find out which sofa material is cheaper.

Inexpensive living room without wall decoration

Inexpensive living room without wall decoration

Sometimes you have to “sacrifice” to create a beautiful living room on a small budget. In this regard, you can leave the walls of the living room quite plain. That means you won’t need a lot of money to decorate the walls.

Instead, choose a colorful sofa from the picture. Complete the area with cute coffee tables and geometric rugs. Small glasses and potted plants are very nice for the small space.

And they’re not necessarily expensive. Surf the internet to find out which store sells them at affordable prices.

Handmade wall decoration in the living room

Handmade wall decoration in the living room

Create your own works of art and hang them on the walls of your living room. The seventh of the overall affordable living room ideas is aimed primarily at those who want a lively living room but have a limited budget.

Since art is too expensive to buy, why not make it yourself? The simplest example can be seen in the picture. Write positive words in white paper to spice things up each day, then post them on the walls.

Or you can make a nice tagline out of cartoons to add some color to the walls.

Collectibles as wall decoration in the living room

Collectibles as wall decoration in the living room.  Source:

Do you have beautiful ceramic displays as shown in the picture? Use the collectibles to color your living room walls. This saves money as you don’t have to spend any money on buying new wall decorations.

Otherwise, you can choose thin wood and then use it as a floating warehouse to display other collectibles such as mini glasses, toys or flowers. Decorate the area with items you already have. Make the spot very personal.

Inexpensive living room with stock selection

Inexpensive living room with stock selection

A living room usually needs storage space. You can store room displays, collectibles, and even private documents. Some opt for a large, solid closet in the area. Storage can be made from teak, which costs so much money.

We encourage you to go for simple yet creative types of storage that you can find in an online store like the one in the photo. The two storage rooms convey open levels in the display style, which are suitable for the presentation of ornaments and small objects.

No entertainment set in the living room

No entertainment set in the living room

Now, create an affordable living room with no entertainment kit so you can enjoy entertainment on your smartphone, right? Use the budget to buy a TV to paint the living room walls with pastel colors.

The result is very scenic and calming. Complete the area with minimalist armchairs and wooden tables. Use your own tall glass to fill with fresh leaves. This will also help you save money on buying flowers or cacti.

Add a blue painted closet and a unique mirror as a wall decoration. Cleanly cut and relieved. Aren’t we looking for that in a living room?

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