Travertine Bathroom Ideas

Travertine bathroom ideas

TRAVERTINE BATHROOM IDEAS – A fresh and natural bath has to be dreamy. To achieve the bathing clay, some choose wood, others travertine. Travertine is a type of tile made from natural stone.

Generally, travertine comes in beige or brown. So if you use travertine, your bathroom will be bright and bright. Without further ado, we have 10 travertine bathroom models that we hope can meet your expectations.

Creative bathroom made of travertine

Creative travertine bathroom

Using the example, we learn how versatile a color can be. The bathroom chooses brown, which later inspires the elements of the bathroom. Travertine tiles are laid to make the bathroom more creative.

The travertine ceramic style looks beige and light. The design of the travertine tiles also has a creative effect, as the material is cut into a few shapes. Some of the travertine tiles appear square while the others look much smaller.

The travertine tiles are used as the floor and wall of the bathroom. This is how the bathroom feels affluent, but not too crowded.

Neutral travertine bathroom


This is another travertine tile model that will fit so well into the spa bathroom. The travertine ceramic is used again for a brownish bathroom. This time the bathroom looks more spacious.

The travertine ceramic looks light and bright. They are cut into large rectangular shapes to cover the floor. The travertine tiles look beige and gray. This leads us to conclude that one of the travertine bathroom ideas is neutral.

With the travertine ceramic, the bathroom looks balanced, as one of the wall parts of the bathroom is gray. The travertine tiles make the bathroom even more cozy.

Traditional travertine bathroom


Travertine ceramic is very suitable for the bathroom style in the cabin. In the example, the tile style travertine is selected, which contains some colors. The travertine tiles are in black, beige and brown tones.

In contrast to the previous examples, the travertine tiles are cut into small squares. The tiles cover the bathroom floor and the bathroom holder. The tile look looks traditional and supports the vintage tone that surrounds the western bathroom.

Because of the tight space, not a lot of travertine tiles are laid in the bathroom. The ceramic marks the sidewalk.

Casual travertine bathroom


The French country baths choose such a correct type of ceramic. The travertine tiles are similar to those used for the traditional travertine bath. The travertine ceramic for this point looks old and casual.

In terms of color, the travertine ceramics appear lighter than in the previous examples. The travertine tiles contain light tones; brown and beige. They create a light bath feeling.

The travertine ceramic goes very well with the classic bathtub and the vintage accessories in the bathroom.

Old travertine bathroom


Choosing the right travertine ceramic can improve your bathroom theme overall. The example practices the primitive bathroom style. As a result, the bathroom chooses the travertine tile model, which will emphasize the old taste.

Due to the limited space, the travertine ceramic looks old and dark. The travertine tiles are cut into small squares. The tiles match the old fabrics and the wooden vanity, which looks old and dark.

When the lights are on, the bathroom creates an antique feel. The atmosphere shines brightest with the vintage furniture and accessories.

Transparent travertine bathroom


The bathroom uses the travertine ceramic style for the entire floor and wall. The material is even used to clad the concrete wall that is placed near the mirror. The travertine helps make the bathroom a little more spacious.

This is due to the property of the travertine tiles, which appear clear and super light. The travertine ceramic is cut into large rectangular shapes. The selection contributes to the generous impression of the bathroom.

The bathroom looks minimalist with a bathtub, cabinet and sink.

Warm travertine bathroom


In contrast to the clear travertine bathroom, the example chooses travertine ceramics, which appear warm and bold. The travertine tiles go so well with the bathroom where vintage accessories are used.

Modeling the bathtub makes the area feel relaxed. The small wood storage room holds books. So you can imagine that you can take a bath here while reading one of the books.

The bathroom brings such a concept of relaxation into the house.

Fashionable travertine bathroom


In this example, our focus summarizes the entire bathroom look. For the travertine ceramic style, we assume that the bathroom will choose tiles that are similar to those in the previous examples.

The travertine tiles appear light in beige. They are cut into the large squares. We call the bathroom a fashionable one because of the overall design. The bathroom employs the mosaic-like tiles to create a balance for the travertine tiles.

The vanity top brings another creative tone to the bathroom. The leaves give the bathroom a fresh feel.

Mild travertine bathroom


The attic bathroom chooses the travertine tile style which is mild and fresh to the touch. The flavors come from the travertine ceramic which looks beige and whitish. The selection corresponds to the theme color of the bathroom.

We really admire how the bathroom adorns the small area. The modeling of the bathtub is chosen in such a way that it creates a relaxing feeling. The travertine ceramic makes the bathroom fresh. The plants and flowers beautify the bathroom.

In the bathroom with a low ceiling, the selected elements ensure a healthy and moist bathroom.


The last of our 10 travertine bathroom ideas chooses a travertine ceramic style that has features similar to the previous examples. The bathroom differs in the arrangement of the tiles.

The travertine ceramic for the shower area is placed in such a way that the ceramic for the bathroom floor is modified. By the way, the bathroom looks remarkable with its rich and creative design.

The bathroom is divided into three areas with the open space in the middle. It looks modern classic with vintage vanity, wall sconce and carpets. Brown and gray tones make the bathroom look warm and peaceful.


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