Fairy lights for living room

Fairy lights of all kinds are very popular for decorations, they are budget friendly, create a cozy ambience and can be hung literally anywhere. Today we are sharing the coolest living room ideas we could find and there are many ways to use them here. Firstly, you can hang them wherever you like, secondly, you can use them to create fireplace statements, thirdly, you can highlight an angle or zone in your room, and there are many more hanging fairy lights ideas.


If your fireplace doesn’t work or is imitated, that’s not a problem. Just put in some firewood with fairy lights and voila – you have the effect of a working fireplace and that means instant cosiness. You can also try candles + fairy lights or just fairy lights to get the look you want.


If you have sheer curtains, add fairy lights – this way you accentuate the window and the view and create a cozy atmosphere. It works for glazed walls too – hang curtains and add light and you have a very glamorous space. If you don’t have curtains, no problem: just place the light over the window and you will highlight it.

Open Layouts

Separate the open layout with fairy lights – hang them as a curtain and you’ve got a super cool and breezy room divider. This is a great idea that suits most decorating styles. So try it!


Accent your TV with fairy lights – hang them on the wall above or cover the TV and add candles for more light. You can also create a cool ambiance with candle lanterns to make the zone stand out even more.

Other ideas

Hang fairy lights anywhere in the room – as many as you like! Emphasize a specific room or corner, for example a hobby or a study corner in a living room. Highlight a gallery wall with fairy lights, liven up a reclaimed wood wall, or make a cool sign with lights – turn on your imagination and have fun!

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