Great ideas for using raised platforms indoors

Multifunctional furniture and loft space can really add dimension to a small home, but what if we combine the two? A raised platform with storage allows you to make the most of your square footage and add function to every inch of space. Raised platforms are good for two things – storage and space allocation. So you can put in some drawers or hide extra furniture there while using the top for something completely different. So a single platform can transform a space into two or even three functional areas plus storage space for everything you need. Platforms can be used anywhere from bedrooms to children’s rooms. They can serve as a room divider, for storage, seating, highlighting some areas, etc – just read the ideas below and see how to use them properly!

Decorative platforms

A decorative platform can be placed in any room: a living room, a dining area, a bathroom or a bedroom. This is a cool way to highlight the area. It can be made of concrete, plywood, wood, stone, marble and other materials suitable for your space and match the decor style. If it is a bathroom, such a platform will also protect your room from splashes and water that could spoil it.

Platforms to define a space

Open layouts are very popular for home decor these days, but subtle and soft zones are still required. Divide your spaces within the layout using raised platforms – separate a bedroom from the rest of the space and make it more private, or separate a living room from the rest of the layout – it’s up to you.

storage platforms

Storage platforms are amazing – they are functional and save a lot of space while also helping you declutter your home. Go for high platforms instead of beds, store whatever you want in the drawers. Make a platform that elevates your living or dining area and add some drawers for storage and even a desk if you like. A raised platform can also contain a pull out bed if required – a perfect idea for welcoming a few guests!

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