Roca is known for its spectacular and revolutionary toilet designs as well as for its toilet equipment. Bathroom furnishings and range consist of fittings, trendy bathrooms and washbasins, Roca bathtubs and the most popular Roca Debba. The beautiful trendy faucets are very unique and are therefore used so generally to freshen up the moors and to provide extra topicality and a trendy look.

The black-on-white cityscape design is the most popular design for use in Roca swamps. Roca has been a worldwide toilet model since 1999, specializing in designing toilet ranges in the most revolutionary styles for every budget. They have Roca galleries all over the world displaying their beautiful toilet furniture.

Model Roca works on the imagination and foresight of innovation, fashion and sustainability. All furnishings that have been bought by Art Roca will stay in an excellent location for a very long time, because the Roca moors are extremely fashionable and extremely robust.

A number of Roca Moors most spectacular designs include: Giving the toilet a simple and chic look by using geometric and radical designs for the trace-like partitions. In addition, the colors used in the moors should not be the normal colors, but the intense ones, in order to offer the moors a trendy and daring contact. German fashion is so distinctive and intricate that the moors look beautiful with the furnishings that match the toilet ceilings and partitions on both sides.