Ultra small yellow kitchen

Live in a small studio? Maybe you only live in one room where you sleep, eat and receive guests? Then it might be difficult to find everything you need, but the idea we are sharing today gives you everything you need for cooking, all in a very small setup!

This kitchen was built by Nicholas Agius Architects. It is a small property with white doors behind which is a light yellow and light wood kitchen. The bold yellow cabinets offer space for everything you need. There are both hanging and standing. There is a small sink and stove, and the door itself also has some storage compartments.

The kitchen object offers plenty of storage space – both inside and on the door and above it. Here you can store all the items we need for cooking and cleaning. Although the hotplates are relatively small, they can be sufficient for cooking and peeling. A sink allows for cleaning and a stove is big enough for cooking. I also love bold yellow cabinets that look modern and set the mood.

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