Bar stools to upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used and loved areas of any home and we love making changes without breaking the bank as some freshness is always good. One way to update your kitchen look without making a lot of changes or wasting a lot of money is to add new bar stools to the kitchen island. There are two basic options: make a statement with color or with materials/textures, bold, high contrast and catchy. These stools will instantly refresh your kitchen look. Just look!

Colorful bar stools

The easiest idea to make a statement is to add color to the room. Take a look at the kitchen decor and choose something bold: red, purple, blue, emerald, navy, fuchsia, pink, marigold and everything else. If it’s a monochromatic room, it will go with any light shade of your pouf. If it’s a moody room, update it with bright or pastel colors. If the kitchen is colorful, choose a color that matches the elements already in place. You can also try to find no colorful stools to improve your kitchen decor and make it cheerful. Just take matching chairs and refresh them with bold colors.

Structural bar stool

If you don’t feel like making a statement with color, go for textures or combine both! Textures make your kitchen decor rich, chic, bold and catchy. The stools can be made of rattan, wood, velvet, leather, acrylic, metal or any other or all. Rattan gives the room a natural feel, leather is a timeless solution for a chic look, wood warms the room, acrylic gives it a modern feel. Colors can be neutral or to match the decor, or even bright to further enhance the interior. Check out more ideas below!