Ways to add texture to your home decor

When we talk about making home decor bolder and cooler, the easiest way is to add color or texture or both to spice it up a bit. Today I want to discuss adding texture as adding texture adds an extra dimension that instantly makes a room more interesting. How can you add texture to your home decor?


Textiles are the easiest and most affordable way to add texture to your home decor. Carpets, curtains, bedspreads, furniture covers, pillows and even upholstery can easily transform and spice up your space. Faux fur, knitwear, crochet and velvet will give you a good mood and, of course, make your interior more cozy.

Metallic decor

Metallic decor is very popular today, no matter what metal you choose it will look stunning. Any type of metal or just metallic decor can make your space cooler, and you can find cool metal accents for every style and color scheme. Brass, copper, and silver add a touch of glamor to your interior, and rusty, exposed pipes help maintain the industrial or steampunk decor.


Wood can be among the leaders when it comes to adding texture to your home decor. It is used everywhere from furniture or flooring to accessories or accent walls. Wood of any kind, but especially rough wood, easily adds a certain texture to the room decoration. Of course, you can also use hardwood floors to show off the beautiful wood texture, but there are more original ways to do it: choose raw-edged wood shelves for your kitchen, or make weathered wood accent walls or doors and show it all the beauty of wood!

stone brick

Brick decor is very popular right now and very trendy, especially brick accent walls that suit any interior design, from industrial to cute girly. If you don’t have cool original brick walls, opt for faux brick panels that give you a fashion feature for free. Stone, maybe even engineered stone, can be used to clad walls, fireplaces, backsplashes and even entire bathrooms or showers.