Everything You Need To Know About Temporary Walls

Everything You Need To Know About Temporary Walls

With the variety of temporary wall ideas that offer style, functionality and flexibility, transforming your living space has never been easier. Whether you’re a renter looking to personalize your apartment or a homeowner looking to redesign a room without a long-term commitment, these innovative solutions open up a world of creative possibilities. From improving privacy to transforming your space, temporary walls have become the go-to for those seeking a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Gone are the days when changing your interior design meant permanent changes. Temporary wall ideas have revolutionized the way we think about spaces, allowing us to experiment with layouts and aesthetics without fear of damaging the existing structure. With materials ranging from elegant modular dividers to bookcase walls that double as storage units, you can seamlessly adapt your environment to your changing needs.

In this article, we look at a curated selection of temporary wall ideas tailored to different tastes and purposes. Discover how sliding panels can create versatile spaces, discover the elegance of Japanese shoji screens and reveal the modern charm of geometric patterned partitions. Whether you want to decorate specific areas in an open floor plan or add a touch of artistic flair, these temporary wall ideas will spark your imagination and redefine the way you perceive interior spaces.

1. Upgrade the space of your apartment with these temporary wall ideas

Many renters can make do with a fabric curtain instead of an entire temporary wall. However, installing a partition is a good option for those who live in rent-dominated markets or want to upgrade their small apartment without permanently changing the original floor plan.

Temporary walls come in all styles. There are many DIY solutions that can be easily installed and dismantled as needed. Or hire a contractor to build a temporary wall that looks like the original.

Seamless walls look like permanent fixtures, but have no influence on the basic structure of the room. You can paint them or install a sliding door and plexiglass skylight windows. Panels are a nice alternative when you don’t need to create an entire room.

open plan bedroom and living room
temporary apartment wall
Temporary wooden partition apartment with green sofa
Small apartment with blue walls and white room divider

2. Bedroom transformation inspiration

The star of any bedroom interior is undoubtedly the bed. Therefore, it makes sense that most bedroom room divider ideas focus on this piece of furniture.

Install a half partition around your bed to create more privacy without losing the openness of the room. Wall-to-wall fabric curtains are great for a studio apartment or for dividing a guest room in a multi-purpose room.

For a partition to be effective, it does not have to be opaque. The room divider must trick the eye into perceiving the room as two different rooms. Frosted glass panels or shades give you the perfect level of privacy without making the bedroom too claustrophobic.

small bedroom with bird wallpaper and ottoman
Small bedroom with sky accent wall
Wall divider made of wooden panels for the bedroom
Girl's room with swirly purple and pink accent wall
small white wall divider in the bedroom and living room
Gray bedroom with curtains
Floral wallpaper small bedroom
White brick bedroom wall with cactus
Temporary bedroom partition made of glass and wood

3. Creative bookshelf integrations

A freestanding bookcase wall is an extremely functional way to divide a large room into two independent rooms. Use a set of matching bookcases for a bespoke divider or just a single one for something simple and compact.

Choose a bookcase with openings on both sides so that the decor is visible from all areas of the shared space. If your chosen bookcase has a traditional one-sided design, cover the back with fabric, framed wall art, or a hanging tapestry.

Don’t worry if your bookshelf doesn’t reach the ceiling – few bookshelf walls do. As long as you don’t need to completely separate one room from the other, any height will work for this makeshift room divider.

Blue wooden accent wall bookcases and metal bench
temporary white bookshelf divider
Blue accent wall in small living room office
Temporary white wooden bookcase in the living room
temporary gray bookshelf
Temporary reed bookcase in small living room
Small living space with lots of plants and bookshelf divider
Landscape interior/Instagram
white temporary bookshelf in small living space
Small living room with white wall shelf and accent chair
small office corner and fireplace

4. Stylish and functional dividers

Room dividers are great when you’re looking for a compromise between privacy and accessibility – and this solution is a little more sophisticated than just hanging a curtain. Room dividers are incredibly useful for breaking up an open floor plan or hiding clutter from view.

Screen partitions are available in all sizes and designs. They are incredibly portable and can be set up and taken down in a snap.

Sliding partitions are great if you have a multifunctional space that sometimes needs to be divided and sometimes doesn’t. You can permanently install this type of partition with built-in tracks or invest in a set of freestanding panels with wheels.

colorful wall divider
temporary room divider
Bamboo divider with white fabric
Wall divider made of colorful mosaic tiles
Wood pattern room divider
Japanese style floral room divider
White steel plant wall divider
brown wall divider
Wooden wall divider
temporary wooden wall divider with white fabric and light brown sofa
urban jungle design/Instagram

5. DIY temporary wall concepts

There are tons of DIY ideas for temporary walls that don’t just involve hanging a curtain. The best style for your home depends on the space and its use.

Bamboo dividers work well both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for situations where you need to visually differentiate two parts of a room but don’t value privacy too much. Vertical and horizontal wooden beams are another great idea.

Bookshelves are very popular as versatile room dividers. You can turn any old bookshelf into a temporary wall. Consider enhancing your project with some paint and a set of caster wheels. You can easily roll your DIY room divider to where you need it most.

Luxury living room with floral wallpaper and fireplace
Living room with swirl wallpaper and accent chair
Living room with floral wallpaper and white accent chair
White and blue patterned wallpaper for the dining room
Wooden cupboard with pink wallpaper
Floral wallpaper with green accent chair
Wallpaper with blue sky, blue sofa and white tables
Wall divider made of wooden boards, brown sofa
White and blue floral wallpaper, wooden bench
temporary screen with white fabric
Living room with patterned wallpaper and gray chairs and cowhide floor carpet
temporary wall divider with shelves
White children's table with panda mirror
Stone wall with desk and chair
Stone wallpaper for the wall in the living room

6. Flexibility and design of the living room

A room divider can be purely functional in nature or a stylistic choice. When it comes to the living room, most temporary walls and partitions do double duty.

You can also use room dividers anywhere in your living room – not just in the middle. If your home has an open floor plan, add a partition along the perimeter of your living room to separate the space from adjacent rooms.

If your living room partition doesn’t have any innate design elements, don’t leave it blank. This is the perfect place to mount a TV and floating entertainment center. Or you can build a bookcase into the wall to display decorations and make the room feel more spacious overall.

Vintage furniture in elegant living room
Temporary living room wall with plants
white wall divider with shelves
Wall divider with mounted TV in bedroom
brown wooden partition with shelves and gray sofa
Luxury house with stairs and foyer
Living room wall divider with blue accent chairs
two wooden wall dividers in the living room with shelves
luxurious temporary room divider
small wooden living room divider

7. Temporary walls for outdoor charm

Temporary walls are an ideal way to create separate living spaces and complement existing outdoor privacy. After all, almost everyone has nosy neighbors. Wood and bamboo are great materials if you prefer a natural look. Otherwise, plastic and metal partitions offer a more modern aesthetic.

You can also use outdoor dividers to provide your patio or balcony with much-needed shade. Consider installing shutter panels so you can control the exact amount of sunlight that shines through your temporary wall.

Just because your temporary wall is outside doesn’t mean you can skip wall decoration. Hang string lights, climbing plants, or planters on your dividers to complete the project.

White exterior shutters
Apartment divider for outdoor use
Temporary outdoor bamboo fence with wooden furniture
Small backyard with bamboo fence and fairy lights
brown outdoor shutters
Boho backyard patio with furniture

8. Uniquely innovative partition ideas

Be creative when designing your partition. Treat your room divider as accent decor by giving it a striking color, finish, or pattern that contrasts with the rest of the room.

You’ll find modular dividers that look like Legos and other unique building block shapes. Step wood and recycled pallet wood work well with any rustic or farmhouse-inspired decorating idea.

Place dried reeds, grasses or tree branches in containers to create an organic room divider. Unless complete privacy is a must, experiment with using negative space in your temporary wall design.

white wall divider
Black room divider with wooden storage cubes for the living room
small living room with black sofa
white palm divider
unique temporary wall divider with yellow accent chair
unique temporary room divider
Dust London/Instagram
Unique room divider made of glass
Wooden room divider with a unique pattern
Wall divider on wooden cupboard
Abstract wooden wall divider with sofa
Wooden overlap wall

9. Exploring temporary wallpaper innovations

If you’re just looking for a fresh interior design, the secret may lie in the walls you already have. You can use temporary wallpaper to revitalize an existing wall with a decorative mural instead of installing a whole new wall.

Peel and stick wall decals are perfect for adding appeal to a single accent wall, but can technically be used anywhere. This product is particularly popular with tenants and those looking for short-term design solutions.

Of course, you can always combine removable wallpaper with any room divider or temporary partition idea. You can even apply wallpaper to wooden panels to create a real temporary wall that can be reused in another location.

Pineapple wallpaper in the dining room
Floral wallpaper in master bedroom with yellow accent chair
Bathroom wallpaper with white and silver pattern
Unique patterned wallpaper in red cupboard kitchen with apron sink
Small office with floral wallpaper accent wall
Floral wallpaper in a small office
White pattern wallpaper with sofa
Accent wall with blue wallpaper on the stairs
Tropical island wallpaper for the bedroom
Wall kitchen with mosaic tiles

Frequently asked questions about temporary walls

How much does a temporary partition cost?

The exact pricing depends on many factors. Generally, installing temporary pressure walls into an existing space in an apartment costs up to $2,500. Partial walls generally cost less. Adding elements like a door or window results in a more expensive temporary wall.

How do you keep a screen divider from falling over?

The easiest way to keep your freestanding room divider upright is to lean it against another piece of furniture. You can also invest in wall, ceiling, or floor mounts to secure the screen divider, but this solution negates the portability of the divider. Many homeowners attach door hinges to one end of their partition so that it can be mounted to a wall and folded away when not in use.

What is the ideal height for a room divider?

There really is no ideal height for a temporary wall or room divider. Partitions can range from several feet high to the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling partitions offer maximum privacy. If you’re using a partition as decoration or to break up an open floor plan, choose the height that best suits the room.