Dining Room Ideas

Dining room ideas

IDEAS FOR DINING ROOMS – Eating out with the whole family is not just about sitting together and enjoying delicious food and drinks. A lot of memories are popping up at the moment. Some don’t hesitate to make time for family dinners.

Hence, the dining room requires careful planning. Some homeowners even go to great lengths to create a dining room that reflects the tastes of each and every member of the family. That’s why we’ve collected 10 dining room models that we hope can inspire you.

Impressive dining room

Impressive dining room
Source: freshome.com

Not many dining room ideas mix black and white. Our first recommendation is immediately noticeable due to the unusual color combination. This shows that you can paint the dining room with favorite colors, even those that seem unpopular.

The dining room later mixes modern vintage furniture as seen from the sofa suite. The chair, for example, has soft lines that are mainly found in vintage furniture. The other modified classic appears from the pendant lamp.

The bedroom does not fill the room with a lot of ornaments. This idea keeps the dining room spacious and comfortable.

Catchy dining room

Source: idealhome.co.uk

Our second idea was inspired by mid-century furniture. We love this style of furniture because it looks simple but beautiful in itself. The main meal set looks humble and cozy.

What catches our attention lies in the decoration of the dining room. There is an artificial fireplace that looks modern and classic. There’s the open shelf that holds accessories from family portraits to books.

The clock and the star ornament make the dining room more creative and beautiful.

Cozy dining room

Source: curbed.com

A large space for a dining room has many advantages. This dining room, for example, has the advantage of being easy to divide. We believe dining here with the whole family feels casual and enjoyable.

The dining room consists of wooden furniture that looks simple and simple. There is the open shelf that holds the small glasses and antique collectibles. They beautify the dining room.

The wooden ceiling and traditional tiles make the dining room look natural and warm. We love how the dining room usually holds it to make everything cozy.

Cozy dining room

Source: homebnc.com

Not only as a dining room, but also as a meeting point. This example makes our hearts melt as it uses reclaimed, natural materials. The table and chairs all seem to be recycled. For example, all you need to do is repaint the table with white.

The doors can be reused as a background for the wall. Together with the living plants, they form a natural ornament. Our popular product is the recycled chimney that serves as lighting.

The sofa set and the “Gather” accessories make the dining room a cozy place where all family members can chat in the afternoon.

Modern dining room

Source: decordesigntrends.com

Probably a familiar dining room concept in today’s modern apartment or house. This dining room looks simple for a family of four. The dining room is done in brown and gray to make the space warm and peaceful.

We love how the dining room takes on the seating model, with each side of the table containing a chair. The design makes whole family members feel the same, even for small children. You can share stories without fear.

In the dining room, the flowers and the Christmas tree are placed as sweeteners. The television allows the family to enjoy their favorite shows.

Classic dining room

Source: Southernliving.com

Classic and beautiful. This dining room chooses wood as the main material. You can feel the result of choice in this natural and warm dining room. The seating set is in vintage style, as you can see from the desperate legs.

We are always looking for chandelier lighting in a classic dining room. That looks very nice and becomes a decoration in itself. The corners are filled by the two open warehouses in which the precious ceramics are exhibited.

The dining room looks cozy for a large family. Here they can eat together and prepare ingredients.

Funny dining room

Source: brabbu.com

A dining room can channel your creativity. This dining room has different sub styles. There are two seating groups here. The white chairs look formal, while the wooden sofa sets look casual.

We love the way the dining room chooses the accessories. The spoon and fork that fill the wall are sure to look funny and whet your appetite. This style can motivate your young children in case they get bored of eating at home at times.

The example shows us that we shouldn’t hesitate to play with decorations so that all family members can eat together at home.

Natural dining room

Source: idealhome.co.uk

Natural and lovable. The selection of black lacquered wood for the dining room is quite unique, let alone colorful, cute chairs like this one. The dining room looks natural with lots of live plants and frames on the leaves.

The dining room chooses mid-century furniture that looks simple and chic again. What excites us to lie on the colorful chairs; yellow, gray and white. There are also colorful little glasses and candles.

Such a lovely dining room to take all family members.

Unique dining room

Source: decoist.com

Again, in this example, mid-century furniture becomes a furniture option. Interestingly, the dining room has modified the furnishings with the white fabrics. Then there is the table, which is probably made of white natural stones.

The unique part of the dining room is in the pendant lamp. The element makes the dining room more chic after the plants and the floor lamp on the corner.

Nice dining room

Source: bhg.com

The last example knows best to stimulate the appetite. The wallpaper with fish motifs invites small children to come into the dining room. The rounded table is surrounded by fashionable chairs.

The glass table makes the dining room look casual. The pink flowers make the room fresh and beautiful. We greet the dining room and choose the vintage drawers, which surprisingly combine with the white wardrobe.

The lighting impresses us with the chandelier-in-cage concept. Our latter really fascinates us with the classic tone here and there.


College Bedroom Ideas

College bedroom ideas

COLLEGE BEDROOM IDEAS – Decorating a college bedroom can be challenging in some ways. First, note that a college bedroom can mean two things. The first, college bedroom, refers to the style in a college dorm.

The second relates to the student room model. That said, you can copy any of the 10 college bedroom patterns for your home. What’s a challenge for the college bedroom? Read to the last point to find out.

Stylish college bedroom

Source: blog.modsy.com

Fine taste envelops this shared college bedroom. This bedroom seems to make very good use of the large space. The bedroom can accommodate two students in a conventional bed arrangement.

With the whitish hue, the bedroom looks clear and tidy. Stylish furniture and decorations complement the bedroom. From the chairs to the unique mirror, the bedroom looks fashionable and upgraded.

They represent the freestyleing of today’s interior design. And all of them look sleek and functional to keep the bedroom spacious. Here the students can sleep well and study quietly.

Personal college bedroom

Source: Apartmenttherapie.com

College students are the best time to channel creativity. Our second features a shared college bedroom that transforms into a personal or even sacred space. In this small space, the bedroom holds so many memories.

First, make sure the bed feels comfortable and cozy. The bed can even serve as a place to learn if you don’t feel like getting up from the mattress. The best element is related to the wall.

From pictures to motivational words, the bedroom wall turns into a canvas that shows the creative side of a young student.

Cozy college bedroom

Source: teenvogue.com

Winter is coming and you don’t want to do your best, not even study. Expect this season by buying such a mini table to study. Before doing this, make sure your bed has a comfortable mattress, pillows, and blankets to keep you warm.

This description represents most of the college bedroom models that we know best. The already homely feeling is supported by the wall decoration. Some of the pictures are about college materials.

Hang up the small onions and fresh plants as decorations. Such a small but compact area in your home.

Sparkling college bedroom

Source: 33decor.com

In contrast to the previous examples, this bedroom appears simple and puristic. The whitish hue in this bedroom results in a clean and comfortable bedroom. The bedroom can serve as a study by sitting on the mattress and chair.

The bedroom looks sparkling with the lovingly arranged little lightbulbs. Some candles are lit on the wooden floor. And there is a big, cute lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

The tribal carpet has a good feel for noble clay. The mid-century decor gives the fashionable taste.

Simple college bedroom

Source: googodecor.com

This is more of an apartment room. We believe this bedroom is for male university students as it is simply designed with the limited amount of furniture. The bedroom looks minimalist at first with the single bed.

The seating set consists of a portable table and a simple sofa. In addition to the cute chair, the desk also looks slim and simple. With a simple layout and some furniture, the bedroom can accommodate various activities.

The bedroom feels comfortable thanks to the brownish color. Such a cozy bedroom for male students who love simplicity.

Attractive college bedroom

Source: worldecor.co

Although this college bedroom looks very compact, it remains catchy. This proves that limited space can still turn into an interesting college bedroom as long as you can keep it neat and pour in nice decorations.

The bedroom chooses the pink shade that creates a strong, pretty taste. The bed set contains a soft and comfortable duvet, blanket and pillows. There are mini items such as the artificial Christmas tree and portraits for decoration.

Next to the bed is a classic desk that looks cool with lots of ornaments.

Fantastic college bedroom

Source: saccaldesignhouse.com

Here comes the coolest college bedroom for male students. The bedroom layout corresponds to a common college bedroom model. That’s because the bed is on the desk.

There is a wooden ladder to go up and down. There is the comfortable chair to sit down while reading books before exams. Interestingly, the bedroom still looks creative with the little lightbulbs and rounded mirrors as decoration.

There are also portraits under the bed. And there is a refrigerator for storing canned drinks and snacks. Take it with you while you work on your computer.

Smart college bedroom

Source: saintjohnfisherschool.co.uk

This model shows real challenges for a college bedroom. In a small or confined space, you need to create adequate space to sleep, study, and even entertain college colleagues.

At the same time, you need to decorate the bedroom so that you do not get bored easily. This is such a fancy college bedroom. The bed seems comfortable. Below are small boxes in which you can stow your things and place the fresh plants.

There are small, comfortable chairs and a sofa to welcome friends in. And the bedroom still looks adorable with the little light bulbs and wall decorations.

Cool college bedroom

Source: jokover.club

One of the most common and typical college bedroom floor plans for male university students. A single bed next to a desk is enough for comfortable sleeping and studying.

What we love most about the bedroom are some classic items like the briefcase and desk lamp. The US flag has a patriotic effect as a decoration. The bedroom keeps the space simple to enjoy a relaxing feeling.

Macho college bedroom

Source: flisolbogota.info

Another popular college bedroom model that never gets old. If you put two bed sets next to each other, the residents can interact well with each other. The college bedroom looks macho because of the gray and black tones.

Additionally, the college bedroom is filled with masculine decorations like the skull picture, black desks, and gray boxes. Position the large window so that residents can take in natural air and light.


Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Steampunk bathroom ideas

IDEAS FOR STEAMPUNK BATHROOMS – The steampunk bathroom style gives you a weird industrial look. The bathroom concept combines the romantic view of science in literature of the Victorian era with aspects of the industrial revolution in Europe in the 19th century.

A steampunk bathroom looks vintage and industrial at the same time. Quite a few of the bathroom models that bring unique items to the environment. We collect 10 steampunk bathroom styles to explain this in more detail.

Exciting steampunk bathroom

Source: houzz.com

The obvious plumbing installation is closely related to the classic bathroom style. The example provides you with the unusual, apparent sanitary model. The plumbing has the zigzag style that immediately catches our attention.

The tubes are used to support the bathtub. The “more frequent” installation method results from the installation that equips the sink area. The bathroom chooses the modern sink and cabinet.

The use of the black wallpaper and tiles makes the bathroom look dark and stylish. The black hue and the golden hue that emerges from the pipes make the bathroom shine.

Strange steampunk bathroom

Source: greenleafdollhouses.com

Such a small bathroom space with rich ideas. The second example contains many classic flavors. For example the window content of the bathroom, which is reminiscent of the old engraving style.

The apparent plumbing work is from ancient times. Somehow, the bathroom wraps the plumbing in the golden material that actually looks modern. The same applies to the window edge material.

We love the bathroom very much because there are a lot of creative things in the area. Just look at the ornaments that fill the lower segment of the bathroom wall. The cupboard and the bathtub also look unique.

Milky steampunk bathroom

Source: artstation.com

The example shows that a steampunk bathroom is not all about dark colors. For example, he chooses white, which looks concentrated and is similar to milk. Here we come to the conclusion that the steampunk bath has a milky tone.

In terms of content, the bathroom has modern accents that detail the interior of a factory bathroom. You can feel this atmosphere in what appears to be the plumbing and plumbing in the bathroom.

We think the bathroom door is so unique. The door design is reminiscent of the door of the aerospace vehicle.

Radiant steampunk bathroom

Source: e-interjeras.lt

Typical industrial bathroom design with a radiant concept. The steampunk bath combines old and modern accents. What is unique is that the old tone comes from the ceiling of the bathroom and the flush style.

The two elements look rough, which indicates how long they have existed in the interior. The sink and cabinet are reminiscent of those that are often used in factories. In view of the narrow space, the bathroom uses the glowing white ceramic.

The large windows and lamps make the bathroom appear spacious and bright at the same time.

Traditional steampunk bathroom

Source: usdecorating.com

While the picture does not describe the entire bathroom, we believe you will get the message. The bathroom offers a traditional steampunk bathroom style that invites you to use reclaimed wood.

The bathroom also shows that the wood has not been repainted at all. The material remains raw but firm. The countertop uses the material that we often find in factories.

For decoration, the bathroom chooses the wall lights that look graceful. The round accessory and the style of the fittings are also attractive.

Metallic steampunk bathroom

Source: home-designing.com

The example can be a great choice for those of you who want a modern style of steampunk. The bathroom chooses metallic material that reflects the surroundings. This is suitable for the narrow space.

The metallic material appears on the floor and in the sink. The upper part of the storage space and some wall parts of the bathroom are a bit hard. That shows the old taste in design.

The bathroom uses the small recessed lights that generate the rays that, depending on the material, spread across the entire bathroom.

Dramatic steampunk bathroom

Source: josealbertoanon.com

A steampunk bath not only feels weird, it also gives you a Gothic feeling. What powers the bathroom when you use the substyle. In contrast to the typical classic Gothic, the pattern is modernized.

This results from the wall concept of the bathroom, in which the small black and white tiles are selected. When the lights are on, the bathroom looks dramatic. The old tone results from the apparent plumbing design.

Interestingly, the bathroom places the ceramics that showcase the iconic design of Chinese architecture. The wooden board serves as a worktop that creates a cozy atmosphere.

Fantastic steampunk bathroom

Source: instrukte.com

If you can’t create a dark or dramatic bathroom space, you can fill the area with antique and old items. That becomes the main tip of the example. We applaud how the bathroom spends time looking at the items.

The bathroom places the vanity, which looks very unique. The vanity is used for storage and decoration. The towel rail also seems priceless. On the vanity is the ornament, which is reminiscent of the ornament of the old kingdom.

Despite the very narrow area, the bathroom holds priceless items.

Fashionable steampunk bathroom

Source: home-designing.com

We call this the retouched steampunk bath. That’s because the bathroom picks the obvious plumbing fixtures and plumbing fixtures that actually use modern materials. The installation on the toilet looks chic.

The bathroom contains some trendy items. In the bathroom, for example, hang the pendant lights that break the usual model for hanging lamps. Another cool tip relates to the partition wall, which makes the bathroom a bit more spacious despite the narrow area.

Creative steampunk bathroom

Source: home-designing.com

Although the area is quite large, the bathroom retains the spacious feel. The last of our 10 steampunk bathroom ideas favors modern items. For example, the bathroom chooses the plumbing that is common in modern factories.

The other modern industrial aspect comes from the partition wall model that becomes one of the wall parts of the bathroom. The partition also functions as a towel rail. The bathroom contains many glass materials including the mirror.

To tone down the reflective tone, the bathroom puts up the wooden floor and vanity.


Kitchen Tv Ideas

Kitchen TV ideas

KÜCHENTV IDEAS – We know very well that while cooking or washing dirty dishes in your kitchen, you always want to enjoy yourself. There are times when you have to wait a few minutes for flour to become bread.

During this time, some of you may want to see some entertainment. Despite the rapidly growing entertainment content on a smartphone, watching shows on TV remains a favorite for many.

We’re going to describe the benefits and introduce our 10 best ways to put TVs in your kitchen.

Separate kitchen TV

Source: benimmulku.com

It is better for you to put such a TV on the kitchen table. With this positioning, you can enjoy TV shows outside of the main kitchen area. Your attention while cooking or washing dirty dishes is not interrupted.

This kitchen table intentionally offers a small space that can accommodate a small television, probably 14 inches as seen here. There is a DVD player and a smartphone holder near the TV. The desk is equipped with a chair that you can sit on.

When you’re not using the TV, turn it off and you can go back to work or study.

Mobile kitchen TV

Source: cellcode.us

Don’t miss a single episode of your favorite series on the go. Take the TV with you when you and your family are on vacation. Simply move the TV backwards as shown here.

This television is carried along with important kitchen appliances and utensils in this motorhome. You will likely need to consult with a technician first about how to position the TV so that it is not damaged while you are driving.

The television allows you and your family members to watch the shows and enjoy delicious meals during street breaks.

Nice kitchen tv

Source: adastraerrans.com

This large kitchen dedicates one of the cabinets in the upper segment to the placement of a television. The TV is with a table and chairs in front of the dining area. The placement allows you to watch TV shows on the television while seated.

TV positioning is safe for your children. At this distance, the TV positioning will not harm your eyes. While you are busy preparing food and drink, you can enjoy your favorite shows on TV.

You can also turn on the TV when you have to wait for the ready-to-eat food ingredients.

Outside kitchen TV

Source: arci.corpsecomic.com

For this example, television seems to be a necessity. This outdoor kitchen chooses this large flat screen TV that is hung on the kitchen wall. The television is set up with the small fans above the fireplace.

You can enjoy TV shows on TV from your chair. You can invite your family members or relatives to spend time in the kitchen while you talk about the TV shows.

One look at the picture shows that this outdoor kitchen serves as a vacation spot. However, the TV ensures that you can still digest the TV shows you like the most.

Cool kitchen TV

Source: durasupreme.com

Turn on your favorite cooking show. With this television positioning, you can learn any new cooking recipe from the show. While the show is on, you can put it into action on the kitchen peninsula.

The kitchen TV appears to be medium in size, probably 21 inches. It’s hanging on the kitchen wall. When the cooking show is not on the air, you can watch the programs on TV while washing dirty dishes.

Your children or spouse can sit in the chairs and watch TV programs while you prepare food and drink.

TV in the office kitchen

Source: 3design.radiobaladi.com

This office completes the office kitchen with chairs and television. The television can be seen on the back. It’s hanging on the kitchen wall. The seating arrangement resembles a family living room.

The television hopes to entertain the office workers over lunch or during the afternoon breaks. While watching, employees can chat and talk about what they see on TV.

We applaud the television positioning that is surrounded by the windows. The workplace provides fresh light and air while the workers enjoy a television program.

Family kitchen TV

Source: idealhome.co.uk

In this picture at least three rooms are connected to each other. There is the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. What they all have in common is the television that is hung in the middle of the kitchen wall.

The TV looks flat and very big. With the television form, whole family members can see clearly from all sides of the kitchen, including from the kitchen. The TV is near the large window which allows natural light and air.

Television positioning can include all family members who gather to watch television programs or participate in other activities.

Economical kitchen TV

Source: celulitisforo.com

Watch TV news while standing? Why not? This kitchen uses such a small area above the range hood to place the television. This is an unusual type of television positioning, but it looks economical and clever.

The TV looks medium in size, probably 21 inches. With the flat screen, the television does not take up much space. You can look at the screen and see what is going on in the world today while you prepare your breakfast.

Kitchen wall TV

Source: answerplane.com

Spacious and minimalist. Our ninth proposal takes up a lot of space and maintains the simple design and light material. A large, flat television with the small plants underneath hangs on the gray-painted wall.

The television is placed above the cooking area. While you are sitting in one of the chairs, you can watch TV programs on TV. Or just entertain yourself with your favorite comedies or TV dramas.

Cooking yourself is no longer boring.

Floating kitchen television

Source: construyendo-puentes.org

This TV sits between the cabinet and the door and looks like it’s floating. The positioning of the TV looks unique as it doesn’t face the hob or sink. This positioning seems to invite you to take breaks to watch TV shows.

Our idea again suggests placing the TV near a door or window to allow natural light and air. This is how you stay healthy in the kitchen, be it alone while cooking or watching TV.


Living Room Wall Ideas

Living room wall ideas

LIVING ROOM WALL IDEAS – It will be nonsense to build a house or living room without walls. Strong and solid walls form the basis of well-built houses or structures. Walls should be our priority before we manage other elements.

Do you know that walls serve more today? Play around with different wall types to see how walls can mean the entire home design. We’d like you to put up some types of living room walls to prove this.

Simple living room wall

A smooth wall is the most common choice to this day. This style often becomes the chosen style as it doesn’t require a lot of money and design concept. Simply hire professionals to set up four or three wall columns for the living room.

With this in mind, one of the wall living room ideas offers great freedom for creativity. You can paint the walls with your favorite colors, decorative items, storage items or hang pictures. Aside from its simplicity, the plain wall becomes a timeless choice that invites experimentation.

Paneled living room wall

Now let’s be refined a little. You can choose a paneled wall to take the wall to a higher level. So work with professionals to make your plan a reality. If you want to set up a country style living room, make some key curves in the wall.

That’s enough for the whole topic. Or you can create smaller and more intricate curves for other living room ideas. Experiment with this type of wall because you can use it when it’s ready.

Whatever living room concept gets bolder with this type of wall.

Living room wall with window pane

Include the window pane as part of the entire wall pillars. Window pane plays many roles in a living room. From the reflection of natural light in the living room to the view outside, the window pane fits into the apartment and house.

The living room looks airy and relieved through the window pane. A wide landscape from the outside can refresh itself after hard work in the office. Windowpane also helps reduce utility bills as you can rely on lightning bolts during the day.

Living room wallpaper

You must have known this type of wall. A living room that uses wallpaper usually looks great as it fits the concept of the room. Let’s say you want to bring in a floral theme for the living room. You can add pink or floral wallpaper to enhance the overall tone.

One of the wall living room ideas requires that you think carefully about the interior of the living room before practicing. Wallpaper needs to be cleaned regularly. If necessary, hire professionals to wash it so that the wallpaper looks fresh in the long term.

Brick living room wall

Some homeowners prefer brick walls to give the living room a traditional look. With this type of wall, you need to look for sturdy, clean bricks. You can choose to place bricks for the wall or just some wall pieces that contain bricks.

The choice depends on your living room design. The brick wall has an earth-colored decoration that is artistic and supportive of the Go-Green public campaign. The wall type gives the room warmth and comfort, especially during the day.

Living room wall made of wood

The wooden wall refreshes the living room because it comes from a natural element, namely wood. The eco-friendly living room theme is highlighted when you choose tree trunks as the wall. Thanks to the wood, the wooden wall also ensures a natural cooling temperature.

The wooden wall is particularly suitable for furnishing concepts in the living room that want to bring family members back to the country, to a farmhouse or to the coast. And you can choose a wooden wall for your apartment, but not for all four wall pillars.

Living room wall with wood and concrete

One of the wall living room ideas can get you to combine wood and concrete. How to correctly divide which wall parts are made of wood and concrete. A fine combination can be seen in the picture.

Divide a piece of wall into two sections, one made of concrete and one made of wood. Paint the two with different colors but without contrast with each other. White and light blue bring softness, clarity and positivism to the entire living room.

Stony living room wall

Another natural element that you can put into practice as a wall material is stones. Similar to wooden walls, stone walls give the entire living room a natural refreshment.

The stones themselves are damp and can gradually transfer the cooling temperature to the room. Large stones like the walls give the living room a strong earth tone.

You can rely on the wall type to ensure a healthy temperature as the air conditioning does not need to be turned on at night or during the day. Similar to wallpaper, clean the stone walls regularly to avoid excessive dust build-up.

Ceramic living room wall

One of the ideas for the wall living room is a ceramic wall. Mainly used in the kitchen, you can place ceramics as part of the wall pillars. In contrast to the wallpaper on the stone wall, the ceramic wall is easy to clean.

The ceramic wall offers you different types and colors. Just choose the ceramic wall motif that suits your style. The ceramic wall also makes maintenance easy. Regular cleaning or washing is enough to make the ceramic wall more durable.

The ceramic wall withstands water, fungus and other dirt. This material also gives the living room mildness.

Living room wall made of fiber cement panels

Fiber cement panels complete our list of wall living room ideas. This type of wall can withstand fire and water. Despite the cheap price, fiber cement panels for the living room and other parts of the house can last a long time.

The regular shape of the fiber cement wall invites the type to be used in support of the minimalist, contemporary or even futuristic living room mode. All the living room modeling becomes so clean and humble.

We hope that the wall living room ideas will make walls indispensable for decoration in addition to the protective function that the walls give. Some of the wall types don’t cost too much. Take the time and look for cheap wall materials for your dream living room model.


Travertine Bathroom Ideas

Travertine bathroom ideas

TRAVERTINE BATHROOM IDEAS – A fresh and natural bath has to be dreamy. To achieve the bathing clay, some choose wood, others travertine. Travertine is a type of tile made from natural stone.

Generally, travertine comes in beige or brown. So if you use travertine, your bathroom will be bright and bright. Without further ado, we have 10 travertine bathroom models that we hope can meet your expectations.

Creative bathroom made of travertine

Source: hgtv.com

Using the example, we learn how versatile a color can be. The bathroom chooses brown, which later inspires the elements of the bathroom. Travertine tiles are laid to make the bathroom more creative.

The travertine ceramic style looks beige and light. The design of the travertine tiles also has a creative effect, as the material is cut into a few shapes. Some of the travertine tiles appear square while the others look much smaller.

The travertine tiles are used as the floor and wall of the bathroom. This is how the bathroom feels affluent, but not too crowded.

Neutral travertine bathroom

Source: missmandyphotography.com

This is another travertine tile model that will fit so well into the spa bathroom. The travertine ceramic is used again for a brownish bathroom. This time the bathroom looks more spacious.

The travertine ceramic looks light and bright. They are cut into large rectangular shapes to cover the floor. The travertine tiles look beige and gray. This leads us to conclude that one of the travertine bathroom ideas is neutral.

With the travertine ceramic, the bathroom looks balanced, as one of the wall parts of the bathroom is gray. The travertine tiles make the bathroom even more cozy.

Traditional travertine bathroom

Source: hug-fu.com

Travertine ceramic is very suitable for the bathroom style in the cabin. In the example, the tile style travertine is selected, which contains some colors. The travertine tiles are in black, beige and brown tones.

In contrast to the previous examples, the travertine tiles are cut into small squares. The tiles cover the bathroom floor and the bathroom holder. The tile look looks traditional and supports the vintage tone that surrounds the western bathroom.

Because of the tight space, not a lot of travertine tiles are laid in the bathroom. The ceramic marks the sidewalk.

Casual travertine bathroom

Source: tbayrollergirls.com

The French country baths choose such a correct type of ceramic. The travertine tiles are similar to those used for the traditional travertine bath. The travertine ceramic for this point looks old and casual.

In terms of color, the travertine ceramics appear lighter than in the previous examples. The travertine tiles contain light tones; brown and beige. They create a light bath feeling.

The travertine ceramic goes very well with the classic bathtub and the vintage accessories in the bathroom.

Old travertine bathroom

Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

Choosing the right travertine ceramic can improve your bathroom theme overall. The example practices the primitive bathroom style. As a result, the bathroom chooses the travertine tile model, which will emphasize the old taste.

Due to the limited space, the travertine ceramic looks old and dark. The travertine tiles are cut into small squares. The tiles match the old fabrics and the wooden vanity, which looks old and dark.

When the lights are on, the bathroom creates an antique feel. The atmosphere shines brightest with the vintage furniture and accessories.

Transparent travertine bathroom

Source: croatianwine.org

The bathroom uses the travertine ceramic style for the entire floor and wall. The material is even used to clad the concrete wall that is placed near the mirror. The travertine helps make the bathroom a little more spacious.

This is due to the property of the travertine tiles, which appear clear and super light. The travertine ceramic is cut into large rectangular shapes. The selection contributes to the generous impression of the bathroom.

The bathroom looks minimalist with a bathtub, cabinet and sink.

Warm travertine bathroom

Source: baleia.me

In contrast to the clear travertine bathroom, the example chooses travertine ceramics, which appear warm and bold. The travertine tiles go so well with the bathroom where vintage accessories are used.

Modeling the bathtub makes the area feel relaxed. The small wood storage room holds books. So you can imagine that you can take a bath here while reading one of the books.

The bathroom brings such a concept of relaxation into the house.

Fashionable travertine bathroom

Source: croatianwine.org

In this example, our focus summarizes the entire bathroom look. For the travertine ceramic style, we assume that the bathroom will choose tiles that are similar to those in the previous examples.

The travertine tiles appear light in beige. They are cut into the large squares. We call the bathroom a fashionable one because of the overall design. The bathroom employs the mosaic-like tiles to create a balance for the travertine tiles.

The vanity top brings another creative tone to the bathroom. The leaves give the bathroom a fresh feel.

Mild travertine bathroom

Source: atlasceramics.co.uk

The attic bathroom chooses the travertine tile style which is mild and fresh to the touch. The flavors come from the travertine ceramic which looks beige and whitish. The selection corresponds to the theme color of the bathroom.

We really admire how the bathroom adorns the small area. The modeling of the bathtub is chosen in such a way that it creates a relaxing feeling. The travertine ceramic makes the bathroom fresh. The plants and flowers beautify the bathroom.

In the bathroom with a low ceiling, the selected elements ensure a healthy and moist bathroom.

Source: tileideaz.com

The last of our 10 travertine bathroom ideas chooses a travertine ceramic style that has features similar to the previous examples. The bathroom differs in the arrangement of the tiles.

The travertine ceramic for the shower area is placed in such a way that the ceramic for the bathroom floor is modified. By the way, the bathroom looks remarkable with its rich and creative design.

The bathroom is divided into three areas with the open space in the middle. It looks modern classic with vintage vanity, wall sconce and carpets. Brown and gray tones make the bathroom look warm and peaceful.


Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Ideas for painted kitchen cabinets

PAINTED KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS – So it happens that after a few years you want to paint your kitchen cabinet. We believe that this leads many people to opt for a white or gray cupboard kitchen in the first place.

The neutral colors of the kitchen cabinet may welcome new colors. This list discusses painted kitchen cabinets that you can make yourself to save on your budget. Or, you can just consider the suggestions before heading to the preferred hardware stores.

Peppy-painted kitchen cabinet

Source: clipgoo.com

Painting kitchen cabinets can top your to-do list for a kitchen overhaul. This inexpensive and experimental activity can bring you, your spouse, and even children together. Ask everyone to select appropriate cabinet pictures to apply the pictures.

Our first idea suggests you a fresh and young looking kitchen cabinet with the soft shade of green. The painting envelops the kitchen cupboard and the wall. You can see the lacquered kitchen cabinet filling almost every part of the kitchen.

It contains the drawers, the small cabinets, and the large ones on the left.

Dark lacquered kitchen cabinet

Source: designerhomedecoration.com

Some kitchens are experimenting with colors for contrasting themes. White and black are permanent contrasting colors that attract many people’s attention. The colors mean a good balance in life.

This kitchen applies this general idea. It applies white to the wall, the back splash, the extractor hood and the deck of the kitchen island. This kitchen varies dramatically with the black lacquered wooden plank kitchen cabinet.

In this way, the kitchen cabinet creates a dark or dramatic ambience that is enveloped in elegance. The kitchen cabinet completes the upper and lower part of the kitchen.

Soft lacquered kitchen cabinet

Source: decorhead.com

The kitchen cabinet in this picture chooses soft and light shades of gray for two important reasons. The special color creates light and peaceful feelings that stand out from the motif backsplash.

With this combination, the entire kitchen has a balanced design. As a soft variant, this kitchen chooses gray to delicate blue. We can say the kitchen doesn’t want to create a blue kitchen with a lacquered kitchen cabinet option.

The kitchen cupboard is divided into two parts, with the upper part looking slim thanks to the tall and shortened cupboards.

Kitchen cabinet with retouched lacquer finish

Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

We know that for most of us, a very good wooden cabinet is a timeless choice. We don’t have the heart to paint the kitchen cupboard any other color than brown. This idea can detract from the rugged and natural tones emanating from the material.

Instead, choose a new shade of brown! Apply the shade of brown shown in this picture to freshen up the wooden kitchen cabinet. This simple idea transforms the kitchen cabinet into a young and new storage space, although you do not change the material.

The kitchen cabinet fills the top and bottom of the kitchen.

Brightly lacquered kitchen cabinet

Source: homerepairnerd.com

We see a brave act in this kitchen. Some different colors make up the kitchen, which differs from the previous kitchen models. While the earlier examples choose pretty similar colors, the kitchen doesn’t go that way.

Blue covers the wooden kitchen cupboard. The color immediately enlivens the kitchen, as the area is usually kept in neutral colors; brown and gray. The kitchen cabinet can stimulate your mind while doing activities in the kitchen.

When you’ve got the extra paint, apply it to the range hood and swim board.

Neutral lacquered kitchen cabinet

Source: hgtv.com

A light shade of gray can lead to this neutral kitchen cabinet. The special shade is applied to the cabinets in the upper and lower part of the kitchen. We believe the special shade will go with the fridge and stove.

Basically, we can see that the kitchen uses almost the same shade of gray. This choice makes the kitchen a modern and comfortable area, despite the relatively narrow space that the kitchen takes up.

Like the earlier patterns, the kitchen cabinet is divided into small cabinets and drawers.

Excitingly painted kitchen cabinet

Source: thekitchn.com

Another shade of green that you might want to try. This seventh idea is similar to our first recommendation. The point picks up further details as it applies between green and blue.

That leads to that exciting and lively ambience from the kitchen cupboard. The same color applies to the door and the window. In a white kitchen like this one, the lacquered kitchen cabinet provides the super fresh tone for the simple look of the kitchen.

Overall, the kitchen cabinet can store cooking utensils for plates and decorative dishes.

Cozy kitchen cabinet

Source: carlaaston.com

The same shade of gray applies to this eighth kitchen cabinet after the sixth. We’ll call this a cozy painted kitchen cabinet later because of the overall cabinet design. The closet looks simpler and more homely.

The homely feeling relates to the small square cupboard with the glass covers. Inside you can display dishes and decorative ceramics. The model resembles a closet that we often find in living rooms.

Classically lacquered kitchen cabinet

Source: colourbacksplash.us

The term “classic” for this kitchen cabinet depends on two things. White has long been associated with a classic tone. By the design of the kitchen cabinet, we can recognize the old fashioned model that stays cool in this modern era.

These are the two factors that best describe the kitchen cabinet as a classic storage model. The design looks great with the many curves. The glass covers show beautiful dishes or ceramics.

Incidentally, there are wooden cabinets in the upper part of the kitchen.

Cozy lacquered kitchen cabinet

Source: smartsrl.net

With this special shade of brown, a sturdy wooden kitchen cabinet is transformed into a practical storage space. The kitchen furniture has creamy colors that create a relaxed feeling in this extravagant kitchen.

To keep the kitchen cabinets fresh, the kitchen chooses painting with a slightly shiny tone. With this choice, this overall kitchen is created in accordance with the modern design concept while maintaining the classic atmosphere.

Given the large area, the kitchen certainly needs the large kitchen cabinets in the upper and lower area.


Relaxing Bedroom Ideas

Relaxing bedroom ideas

RELAXING BEDROOM IDEAS – The bedroom plays an important role in helping us relax all day after work or studying. Above all, designing a relaxing bedroom must be our priority.

Each of us may have a different opinion about what makes a particular bedroom relaxing. And that corresponds to our personal taste. We are therefore collecting 10 relaxing bedroom models that hopefully can represent the majority of public preferences.

Nice relaxing bedroom

Source: idealhome.co.uk

We stick to the typical public belief that neutral colors add meaning to a bedroom. White, brown, and gray can help you create a relaxing bedroom. The first example also chooses wooden boards painted white.

The choice makes the bedroom even quieter. Soft duvet fabrics and short bed frames like these will enhance the relaxation mode for your bedroom. Don’t forget to set up windows for healthy air circulation.

This bedroom looks attractive with floral prints from the lamp covers to the bedspread. Very pretty and comforting.

Antique relaxing bedroom

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

A relaxing bedroom shouldn’t keep you from experimenting. The second idea turns the bedroom into a personal space with collections of antiques. As in the first example, white becomes the main color and is then accompanied by brown.

This bedroom is not only relaxing but also airy. This is a great example of your cottage bedroom. There are many valuable and ancient items. From the lazy chair to the cute desk lamps, the bedroom is such a gallery.

The collectibles make the bedroom a sacred place for the owner as he can feel happy watching and cleaning the material.

Hippie relaxing bedroom

Source: liamd.pw

It is doable to create a quiet and relaxing hippie bedroom. You can practice this style if you want an unusual hippie bedroom style. There are two keys that require your attention.

The first relates to the brightly colored bedspread and the gauzy white fabrics that hang over the bed frame. The second is in the small, antique objects that stain the wall and sit on the desk. They create a strong hippie feeling.

The bedroom looks kind of peaceful with the soft white fabrics in the bed. The positioning of the bed frame also has a relaxing effect.

Casual, relaxing bedroom

Source: dulux.ie

Here’s our great tip for a relaxing bedroom. Choose a short bed frame that sits right on the bedroom floor. Or you can choose a thick mattress that lies right on the bedroom floor.

The positioning of the bed looks very casual. It completes the bed with the carpet so you can sit on it or stretch your legs. Since the room appears minimal, the bedroom hangs on the floating shelves, which also house the desk for studying.

For variations, the bedroom uses green, white and gray for the bedroom wall.

Happy relaxing bedroom

Source: idealhome.co.uk

How about a relaxing bedroom that uses your favorite colors like yellow? This example shows that you can practice your favorite color. So take the soft shade of yellow and make the bedroom look cheerful.

The bedroom chooses the plain and patterned yellow motifs. This is how the bedroom looks beautiful with the floral wallpaper style. One of the pillow cases also uses the flower pattern. The bed set looks comfortable and soft with the pile made of soft fabrics.

Who can’t resist occupying this cute bedroom after long hours of work?

Cleverly relaxing bedroom

Source: onekindesign.com

This bedroom actually applies the main features of the industrial bedroom. Neutral colors and high ceilings often appear in any industrial bedroom. This bedroom in particular combines the bedroom style with a minimalist concept.

This makes the bedroom feel relaxed and firm. Again, we recommend positioning the bed frame together with a rug. They allow you to relax not just for sleeping. In addition, the bedroom looks chic with the tall bookcase.

Imagine spending hours reading decent books while stretching your legs on the carpet. How rewarding it is after hectic weekdays!

Neutral, relaxing bedroom

Source: hupehome.com

Black, white and brown go very well with the bedroom. We don’t see a simple or boring ambience from the bedroom. Instead, the bedroom with the cool ornaments is fresh and stylish.

The bed frame feels simple and neutral. There you can sleep peacefully or stretch your legs on the shaggy white carpet. The bedroom feels stylish with the tiered open shelves, mannequin, and cute hanging lamps.

The window pane brings a generous tone to the neutral bedroom.

Aesthetic relaxing bedroom

Source: trendecors.com

Wood brings authentic relaxing and warm modes to your bedroom. Whether white or brown, choose wood for natural warmth. The bedroom in particular looks aesthetically pleasing with the artistic collectibles.

You can recognize this sense in the large, rounded decoration on the bedroom wall. There’s the hanging lighting that looks tribal and traditional. In addition, the bed set is filled with traditional fabrics.

The fresh plants make the bedroom calming for good breaks.

Tropical relaxing bedroom

Source: bocadolobo.com

Natural, fresh and relaxing. The tropical bedroom is becoming the first choice for those of you looking for the ultimate natural bedroom. As a good start, the bedroom chooses a leaf motif for pillows and duvets.

The bedroom fills the room with plants, large or small. The bedroom chooses a simple wooden desk and coat hanger that often appears on the beach. The large bed is sure to make the bedroom comfortable and relaxing.

You don’t need a lot of furniture for the bedroom. Keep the room so relieving.

Modest relaxing bedroom

Source: home-designing.com

Here’s one of our favorites on the topic. We believe wood brings a significant relaxing tone no matter what bedroom style it practices. This bedroom is based on the Zen philosophy which aims to create a peaceful atmosphere.

The bedroom chooses the light wood type, which looks restrained and fresh. In addition, the bed frame looks short, which looks comfortable and casual. The facility also appears to be short to create more space.

The bedroom can certainly calm the minds and hearts as they warm up. With the minimal decorations, the bedroom looks even soothing.

So these are our relaxing bedroom ideas for you. Do you have favorites from the list? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Mermaid Bathroom Ideas

Mermaid bathroom ideas

MERMAID BATHROOM IDEAS – Mermaid has long been passed down from generation to generation as a beautiful fairy tale. The story captures the hearts of people, both adults and children, all over the world.

As an alternative for your young children, practice the mermaid bathroom style. Introduce them to the pretty woman with the half fish body. We offer 10 mermaid bathroom patterns, one of which will suit your preferences or your children’s tastes.

Sweet mermaid bath

Source: freedsgn.com

Realizing a mermaid bath shouldn’t cost you a big budget. Buying such a mermaid curtain is enough to bring fairy tale mode to the bathroom. All you have to do is choose the model of curtain that suits the children’s desires.

The mermaid curtain underlines the beautiful look of the icon. There are starfish and other sweeteners on their heads. The mermaid is described as a beautiful and feminine figure with hair arranged in this way.

The curtain serves as a partition wall for the bathroom, which looks cozy with the wooden floor.

Nice mermaid bath

Source: decoratrend.com

You can try out another mermaid’s personality. The picture shows her cheerful and friendly nature. She is described as a woman who loves to smile in the curtain. The curtain also contains the mermaid’s surroundings.

Looking at the curtains can help your young children learn about marine life. We tend to call the bathroom the sweet one with the other adorable ornaments. The mirror style and the sink must look so expensive to your kids.

The bathroom even completes the area with the phone that can act as a toy for your children.

Light mermaid bath

Source: woland.chrispommier.com

This goes further than showing off a mermaid curtain. The bathroom completes the mermaid umbrella with the fabric, the towels and even the cover of the hand soap. The dominant shade of blue makes the bathroom look very bright.

As with the second idea, the bathroom is taken over by the smiling mermaid. The mermaid is accompanied by her friends who are fish and marine plants. Your little kids would love the whole mermaid item as the aspect can liven up their mood.

As for the basics of the bathroom, the area contains the bathtub and cute storage space that is enough for the kids.

Twilight mermaid bathroom

Source: freshouz.com

We recommend an example for teenagers or adults. We come to this advice because of the twilight concept that envelops the bathroom. The atmosphere helps teenagers or adults feel peaceful here.

The bathroom chooses the mermaid curtain, which has a similar image with the second example. However, the bathroom looks nicer and more complex. It places the mirror style that appears fashionable along with the lamps.

The bathroom is painted blue and describes the sea as a habitat for mermaids. And finally, the storage style looks really nice with the wavy edge.

Comfortable mermaid bath

Source: lakeside.com

For the bathroom, mermaid and nautical sub styles work together. The bathroom accommodates the two sub-models for the curtain that serves as a partition. The bathroom feels light thanks to the soft blue and white tones.

The same curtain design also applies to the valance of the bathroom. As for the bathroom, we see that it includes the bathtub and a cute storage space. You can move the memory because of its small size.

The fabrics, the towels, the hand soap cover and the mug also have the mermaid and navy design. Comfortable and cute.

Nice mermaid bath

Source: youcustomizeit.com

Refreshed and beautiful. The mermaid’s bathroom takes up the curtain design that embraces the modern mermaid with the hairstyle. The mermaid looks very happy while posing in the blue water.

The mermaid design shows up in the fabrics, towels and even in the closet. We believe the mermaid bath orders the same design for the aspects of the bathroom. This is what makes the mermaid colored bathroom so strong.

Blue, white and pink all help make the bathroom look very pretty.

Source: westmoorathletics.com

Let’s play with wall painting. The bathroom looks remarkable because it dares to spend money on the representation of the life of the mermaid for the bathroom. Unless you are a painter, you will need to hire an artist to draw the view.

You can see the result is so rewarding. The mermaid is described as an elegant woman who sails across the depths of the sea to enjoy her life. The bathtub is surrounded by wooden boxes that we often see in a shipwreck.

We love that the mural includes the rounded windows we see on a ship.

Fantastic mermaid bath

Source: homewowdecor.com

You can create a mermaid bath without a mermaid picture. Try to practice the example that highlights the calm life under the sea. The bathroom paints the area in a way that is both rough and natural at the same time.

We like the hole that becomes the entrance to the shower area. In addition, the bathroom has coastal accessories and cute lamps. A very fantastic idea that will bring out a cute mermaid bath.

Modified mermaid bath

Source: hgtv.com

This looks really different from the previous examples. If you don’t want to include a mermaid picture, practice the idea. The bathroom chooses the wallpaper that depicts ocean life with the different types of fish.

In addition, the bathroom chooses the rounded windows that we often see on a ship. On top of the cabinet is a basket with the coastal items. The example confirms that you can try other colors than blue.

Amazing mermaid bath

Source: YouTube by SunshineSprinkles

Such a complete mermaid bath. Our final recommendation has everything you need to create an excellent mermaid bath. Mermaid pictures hang on the wall in the bathroom.

The bathroom contains the area with the blue curtains. When you combine the soft blues and pinks, the bathroom looks gorgeous. There is pink seating here so your children can relax while playing.

And thumbs up for the bathroom floor that depicts ocean life.


Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Ideas for industrial kitchens

INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN IDEAS – Male and firm. These are two tones that arise in a large kitchen. This particular style is based on strong and purposeful traits that we often experience when visiting offices, factories or buildings.

The commercial kitchen is one of the most unlikely kitchen concepts that most households use. Thanks to the modern interior design, an unloved kitchen style can create more rooms.

We’re going to talk about amazing things about this style on the list. Make sure you read all of them.

Pine-roofed industrial kitchen

Source: home-designing.com

Open shelves, high ceilings, and metal appliances are three outstanding features of the commercial kitchen. Our first example looks incredible. The kitchen fulfills all aspects of the commercial kitchen on the exhibition grounds.

The ceiling of the kitchen uses the design of the high ceiling with the wooden beams and the metal bracket to accommodate the hanging upper segment above the kitchen island. The large pipe that leads to the extractor hood is another aspect of the commercial kitchen.

To keep the kitchen spacious, there is the open shelf that holds many utensils, from spices to decorative glasses.

Warm industrial kitchen

Source: home-designing.com

While the first example uses metallic and gray painting, our second example takes the opposite approach. This proves that the industrial kitchen can feel so warm. The key to this sub-style lies in the wood category and the soft brown painting.

A large and large window like this one has a strong industrial characteristic. The window provides fresh air and light in the kitchen during the day. The kitchen combines open shelves and closed storage.

The kitchen cabinets in particular indicate a typical industrial warehouse model. Undeniably, the use of the special type of wood here creates a pleasant tone that spends time.

Modern industrial kitchen

Source: home-designing.com

In order to integrate a large kitchen into your modern or minimalist apartment, the entire apartment or house must be furnished. As can be seen in this picture, the kitchen connects to other rooms that save space and use the kitchen for other space purposes.

To achieve this kitchen goal, consider using wooden beams as the open ceiling for this apartment. If you paint the kitchen wall gray, the kitchen also gets an industrial flair. The strong wooden cabinet is another clever idea.

As with the second idea, don’t forget to surround the kitchen with large windows for healthier ventilation.

Illuminated industrial kitchen

Source: home-designing.com

Our second example of an industrial kitchen for your modern apartment or house. This time the kitchen seems to be separated from other rooms. Even so, this kitchen prefers to keep the area spacious and unloaded.

Thank you for the window pane, which allows a view from the outside from the inside. The kitchen chooses strong black as the theme color, which covers almost all parts of the kitchen, from the ceiling to the chair.

With all the choices, the kitchen looks masculine, solid and spacious at the same time.

Cozy industrial kitchen

Source: about-ruth.com

Typical industrial kitchen pendant lights and chair shapes contribute to this special kitchen concept. For a clear example, just look at the lamps in this picture. They are becoming one of the most popular lighting concepts for industrial kitchens.

Other aspects here relate to the simple style of the chair. The chairs seem to use metallic material or apply gray as a painting. The blackboard wall shown here is a casual way to fill the kitchen wall.

The kitchen looks very cozy thanks to the table and the shape of the seat. Grandma’s recipe shows how the kitchen is filled with family love.

Industrial office kitchen

Source: musicments.com

In the industrial office kitchen, everything revolves around the cooperation between all office employees. And we can achieve this goal, as can be seen in this picture. Industrial kitchen elements come from the gray ceiling, which consists of the metal plates.

The kitchen floor also has an industrial feel to it as the clay creates a solid and formal look. What attracts us so much is the use of the two long, gray-painted wooden tables. The tables are surrounded by colorful wooden chairs.

The seating concept is reminiscent of the school canteen. The seat model brings many workers together who enjoy lunch while deepening solidarity.

Attractive large kitchen

Source: vonn.com

The industrial kitchen is open to beautiful and stylish flavors. You can still place flowers and trendy chair styles like these kitchen shows. We call this example an appealing modification of the typical industrial kitchen style that we mostly know.

The basic industrial aspects come from the wooden beams, the white brick wall and the vertical window at the back. The coolest things in the kitchen are related to the pendant lights. The lighting is charming and trendy.

To keep the kitchen spacious, there is the sleek chair style which adds a fashionable feature to the entire kitchen.

Futuristic industrial kitchen

Source: cjcfc2018.com

Gray taste and stainless steel metal are all over this kitchen. Undeniably, the two aspects carry super strong industrial kitchen tones here. The kitchen combines the closed cupboard and the open shelf for holding kitchen utensils.

As a variation, the kitchen places the mosaic wallpaper, which enlivens the kitchen. The kitchen is full of high-tech kitchen gadgets which we think make our labeling very understandable.

Outdoor industrial kitchen

Source: naturekast.com

Of course, the large kitchen also fits your planned outdoor kitchen. This kitchen occupies a large area. This leads to the use of the simple, large format cabinet design. The industrial factors are due to major setbacks.

The backsplash uses the tough square tiles we often see on the floor. On the other hand, the kitchen chooses the square and rectangular tiles that look rough and traditional. This will also be another industrial kitchen tone.

The overall appearance of the kitchen looks spacious and simple.

Unique industrial kitchen

Source: home-designing.com

Our last idea looks unique because it brings with it different kitchen sub-styles. The industrial kitchen aspect results from the rough gray paint on the kitchen wall. Another aspect is the retro kitchen seen from the bulky refrigerator.

The beautiful, colorful painting hangs in the kitchen. The ceiling of the kitchen is full of ornate lamps that take shape in both styles. We admire that this narrow kitchen contains plenty of sub-elements in the room.