Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Color ideas for bathroom colors

There are many ways to make a bathroom more appealing. One of them is color. As in any part of the home, color plays an important role in the overall feel of the bathroom. If you’re looking for color ideas for bathrooms, you’ve come to the right place. We will let you know shortly.

The bathroom does not have to be remodeled or even completely renovated. In order to change the overall look of a bathroom, a suitable color scheme is required. We’ve listed 15 bathroom color ideas below to give you an idea. You can mimic them or, better yet, add your own personal touch. Let’s take a look at them now.

Color ideas for bathroom colors

1. Cream and white

15 Color Ideas For Bathroom Colors 2020 (Make Yours More Attractive) 1

White is a common color for a bathroom. If white is dominating your bathroom, consider adding another soft color like cream. The combination of cream and white gives the bathroom a bright, light and fresh atmosphere.

2. Luminous teal


If you want to make a statement, you can add a light teal to your bathroom. Vibrant Teal works especially well if you hang it from the ceiling and walls while the rest of the room is a neutral color. The fittings, the artwork and the backsplash will also stand out with the bright blue-green.

3. Dramatic black


Would you like to give your bathroom a classy look? Dramatic black can do the job. A bathroom in dramatic black with silver accents looks very nice.

4. Powder blue


Not everyone likes bold and vivid colors. Some people prefer a calmer color. If you are one of those people, you might want to paint your bathroom powder blue. Powder blue is neutral and exudes a calm atmosphere. You can also combine it with light yellow to make it more vivid.

5. Anthracite and white


One of the best color schemes that can create a minimalist, modern, and romantic atmosphere is anthracite and white. To get the best mood in this color scheme, you can use the sink, shower tray and toilet as white components, while the rest of the room is anthracite.

6. Neon yellow


Neon yellow is a bright color. The color scheme of your bathroom in neon yellow stripes gives the room a youthful, happy and lively atmosphere. The only thing to keep in mind is not to use too many accessories as they can overwhelm the space.

7. Lavender and white


A lavender bath looks cute. In combination with white, the room looks elegant and modern. This color scheme serves as an interesting focus and highlights other components.

8. Light green


While there are many colors that are calm and rejuvenating, there is nothing quite like bright green. If you want to transform your bathroom into a place to relax and unwind, painting it light green will certainly help.

9. Purple


Purple is a good color choice to add femininity to the room. This is especially true when you pair it with rustic accents and white. The best thing about purple is that you can mix and match different styles with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

10. Magenta


Magenta is also a great choice for colors to add femininity. However, unlike purple, magenta is better for teenage girls as it exudes a playful and livelier vibe. It goes well with earth tones too.

11. Blue and gray


Blue and gray is a unique combination. This makes the bathroom look modern and classy. If you have a lot of colorful accessories, make them stand out with blue and gray.

12. Copper


Metallic colors are trendy these days. Metallic colors like copper are a great option if you want to make your bathroom look elegant and beautiful. Not to mention that it feels rustic too.

13. Red, white and black


Two colors are more than enough to change the general look of a bathroom. What about three? It turns out that three colors can also significantly change the appearance of a bathroom. Red, white, and black are a great combination, especially if you want a sleek and urban design.

14. Gray


Even a bathroom dominated by a single color can look good. Gray and its various shades can make a bathroom more interesting, add depth and warmth, and make the room appear calming and cohesive.

15. Navy and white


Navy and white are a timeless color combination. You can’t go wrong as it looks great in most situations. Better still, thanks to its contrast, this color scheme can also highlight other accessories in the room.
The bathroom color ideas above can be applied to bathrooms of all sizes, even small ones. We hope they will give you a peek or two about the color scheme of your bathroom.


Bathroom Wall Ideas

Bathroom wall ideas

IDEAS FOR THE BATHROOM WALL – A bathroom cannot stand as it is without a wall. Typically, a bathroom wall consists of four wall subsections. Thanks to the modern interior design, the bathroom wall of today looks rich and ornate.

We collect 10 bathroom wall models that showcase modern bathroom wall concepts. Whether you are an art lover or not, we hope the list below can encourage you to create one to suit your taste. Look at them!

Fabulous bathroom wall


Bored of a blue bathroom wall that looks simple? You can probably put the example into practice. The bathroom wall makes the color in two models. The bathroom chooses strong and soft shades of blue that look graceful.

In the bathroom hangs the blue bathroom wallpaper, which contains the pictures of trees and the white sky. The soft shade of blue takes up the shape of the square tiles. The two bathroom wall style is arranged in the way.

The strategy makes the bathroom wall appear contrary. The bathroom looks amazing thanks to the ceramics and the wooden table.

Earthy bathroom wall


The bathroom has a wall model with two baths. The first concerns the concrete, which is painted a light shade of gray. However, our concern is the bathroom wall where the rectangular bricks are used.

We love the way the stones are laid this way. They look earthy because the brownish hue fills the bathroom a lot. Plus, the stones look creative as they look messy.

The idea of ​​the bathroom wall really warms up the area that looks more dominant in white and gray.

Light bathroom wall


The bathroom has a three-bath style which results in a bright look. The first wall section of the bathroom chooses white, which takes shape in the rectangular tiles. On the other hand are the white painted wooden boards.

The third wall part of the bathroom is painted in the soft blue side. This wall part is cut from the window and the mirror. The entire bathroom wall gives the bathroom the creative side that forms the stylish bathroom floor.

We really admire how appealing the small bathroom looks with the different wall concepts and the floor.

Dark bathroom wall


Some bathroom owners consciously choose gray or even black. You paint the bathroom wall with one of the colors to create a calm feeling. Hopefully this can help everyone calm down while relaxing in the bathroom.

As in the example, two painting models of the same color are attached to the bathroom wall. The bathroom wall on the right is a bit hard. While the bathroom wall that surrounds the sink looks soft.

The wall models with two bathrooms create the dark ambience for the bathroom.

Creative bathroom wall


Here comes another way to decorate your bathroom with the same color combination. As you can see, the bathroom wall chooses white and gray as the theme colors. The choice of colors looks fresh and neutral.

The first wall section of the bathroom refers to the gray and white rectangular tiles. Interestingly, the tiles also hide the partition that separates the sink area and shower unit.

While the second bathroom wall is in the mosaic with the same color composition that delimits the shower point. Super creative!

Charming bathroom wall


Wallpaper is always a good idea that you can rely on. In the example, two bathroom wallpapers with different models are created. The first bathroom wall refers to the beautiful wallpaper that also covers the bathroom ceiling.

The wallpaper describes the birds that like to be in the company of branches and flowers. While the second wallpaper with the small rectangular tiles looks simple. The two are the same color; Green.

We are interested in the bathroom wallpaper ideas because they stand out from the gray bathroom floor and the bathtub.

Impressive bathroom wall


The example shows how versatile gray is. The bathroom wall, for example, uses the color for three different ceramic models. The first relates to the square gray tiles that look very light.

The second bathroom wall style refers to the darker shade of gray under the first bathroom wall concept. The third is in the triangular tiles, which also use gray as their main color.

Not only impressive, the entire bathroom wall also appears calm.

Happy bathroom wall


Among the numerous bathroom wallpaper models of today, the example chooses yellow. In any case, the color immediately brings joy in the bathroom. The bathroom wallpaper consists of small rectangular tiles.

The tiles use white as the border color. The whole size of the bathroom attracts us. The bathroom probably takes up the small space in the attic. Nevertheless, the color of the bathroom wall makes it look narrow but cheerful again.

The bathroom chooses white furniture and white wall murals, which makes the entire bathroom feel super bright.

Fashionable bathroom wall


Such a fashionable bathroom wall for a fashionista. This is our comment on the overall picture of the bathroom including the bathroom wall. We are referring to the bathroom wall, which serves as the background for the sink.

The wall area in the bathroom looks creative and lively despite the use of black, gray and white. All of them are neutral colors. The wall part of the bathroom looks lively due to the small circles painted in the colors.

While the other wall area of ​​the bathroom is painted a simple gray to balance out the other areas.

Exceptional bathroom wall


We find it very unusual that the bathroom is painted in the color combination. The contrast to the combination of black and gold is an extraordinary choice. In addition, the bathroom wall appears lively for the shower area.

This is due to the mosaic-inspired design, even though the wallpaper is the same color. The second wall section of the bathroom, which looks extraordinary, is in the sink area. The bathroom wall consists of the wooden boards.

The boards are painted black and have floral gold wallpaper. We examine whether the gold wallpaper matches the color of the sink and the wall lights.


Country Kitchen Ideas

Ideas for the country kitchen

COUNTRY KITCHEN IDEAS – The rural kitchen style contains peculiarities that stand in the way of time. Modern people love this kitchen design because it results in a kitchen that brings all family members together.

Peaceful and homely are just some of the sounds we get from this kitchen model. When you’re in a country kitchen, you’ll be motivated to strengthen family bonds by sharing stories and enjoying homemade food and drinks.

Did the introduction spark your interest? If not, we hope the list works.

Beautiful country kitchen


A country kitchen has a strong relationship with soft and neutral colors. Large cupboards, neat organization and full attention to ventilation become central aspects of a country kitchen. Cozy and relieved feelings on the wish list of the country kitchen.

Our first example fulfills all the basic elements. Gray is becoming a neutral color for this country kitchen. In the middle room, the kitchen feels so beautiful with the creative gray for the rear wall and window.

As a special attraction, the kitchen hangs the ready-to-use antique lighting for the kitchen island, which shows the antique decoration.

Finest country kitchen


White comes first when it comes to a country kitchen. The color offers classic and peaceful modes that emerge from this concept. Our second idea goes deeper than just classic and peaceful.

Shabby white cabinets fill this kitchen. We can tell from the slightly corroded cabinets. This suggests the closet’s expensive price tag, as the essentials turn out to be strong.

The hood style is inspired by the hood in elite families from the past. The lush tone comes from the antique pendant lamp. There are many treasures on display in this kitchen.

Gentle country kitchen


Blue is open to those of you who aren’t looking for neutral colors. For a little variety, you can combine two shades of blue. This kitchen selects the blue cabinets that fill almost the entire kitchen. The country kitchen has no special furniture.

This picture shows us that classic and traditional furniture is well suited for your planned country house kitchen. Simply examine these cabinets for basic characteristics of the classic cabinets. The kitchen chooses dark wooden floors.

This kitchen surprises us with a sophisticated and beautiful pendant lamp. Lighting can steal people’s eyes instantly.

Cozy country kitchen


This point answers questions from those of you who are probably wondering how to make a limited space cottage kitchen. Despite strong traditional and classic tones, the country kitchen can be performed in a modern kitchen.

Tip number one is in furniture construction. As this picture shows, choose smaller cabinets with a simple design. You can add the column-inspired subsection under the countertop to create the classic mode. White becomes a good color choice.

Bring a shabby or corroded chair and the scale shown in this picture to give it an old look.

Traditional country kitchen


Old wooden furniture, beams and high ceilings ensure that it is a traditional country kitchen in the truest sense of the word. We believe that this cuisine is in the country or village where this typical cuisine is abundant here.

Natural materials, soft colors and large windows bring out the country style kitchen. In addition, the cabinet is attached to the kitchen wall. We will probably only discover that in the traditional country house kitchen.

A strong feeling of warmth and comfort quickly greets everyone who enters the kitchen. The modern tone comes from the stove and the worktop.

Rustic country kitchen


Another traditional option for the country kitchen. We tend to call this rustic because there is a lot of wood going on for this kitchen. Wood is indeed a flexible natural material for this kitchen. It transforms wood into the floor, the cupboards and the “second secondary ceiling”.

The kitchen brings out the best qualities of style. The ventilation creates cool air without the need to install an air conditioner or fan. The many uses of wood make this area a warm and natural place for the whole family.

You can reuse used wooden cabinets or chairs for recycling. The rustic kitchen inspires us to love our mother earth.

Elaborate country kitchen


In both the seventh and sixth, wood is used as the main material for almost all elements. This time the kitchen looks lavish and grand. We can call it that because the furniture is handmade.

We believe that the furniture needs a professional who can turn it into this beautiful and graceful storage. In addition, the storage space runs smoothly through the kitchen, including the section above the cooking appliance.

The silver pendant lamp looks expensive. We have a hard time sacking the chairs that are being reclaimed due to the sophisticated design and appearance.

Vintage country kitchen


The exact selection of kitchen materials and essential elements leads to this vintage country kitchen. This example encourages us to do a little research on which vintage country basics can be implemented for a tight and small kitchen.

Our first point concerns the super soft gray storage above and below in the kitchen. Subway Backsplash brings a vintage vibe. An amazing idea comes from the floor coverings that became increasingly popular in ancient times.

The floor tells us that the country kitchen is open to vibrant colors for the floor.

Modern country kitchen


Among all country kitchens for a modern kitchen, this is probably our easy-to-make suggestion. This picture shows us that the country style kitchen needs to be changed along with the size and budget of the kitchen.

This galley kitchen actually takes on simple functions from the country kitchen. This refers to the white cabinets with the simple knobs. The subway backsplash gives it a classic tone. And that leads us to this simple and modern country kitchen rehearsal.

Beautiful country kitchen


This is our most popular country style kitchen. We will not post it as our recommended image as we have used it too many times in previous readings. This example shows that the country kitchen can become a beautiful and elegant kitchen.

This kitchen shows the creative basics of the country kitchen and then sets decorations. The basics include the cabinets and chairs, while the decorations relate to the pendant lamp and the kitchen island.


Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Bathroom furniture ideas

IDEAS FOR BATHROOM FURNITURE – Big or small, it is always possible to put up furniture for your bathroom. The furniture for the bathroom ranges from small armchairs to long sofas.

We collect 10 bathroom furniture styles that adapt to the bathroom size. We also choose them according to the overall appearance of the bathroom. Read more in the list below.

Elaborate bathroom furniture


The bathroom invites us to choose a furniture style that supports the overall bathroom theme. There’s the lush purple chair, the same color as the bathroom wallpaper, and the clean towel.

The chair has the nagging leg that makes it a bit classic. Sitting in the chair makes you feel special. The furniture is as extravagant as the entire bathroom. For example, you can relax on the chair after bathing.

Choosing the shade of purple brings a balance to the bathroom, which mostly looks white and black.

Nice bathroom furniture


There are two pieces of furniture in the bathroom. The briefcase becomes such creative furniture as the table. Our concern concerns the white lacquered chair next to the bathtub.

The chair looks so pretty and a bit classic with the bird cage and plants underneath. The furniture corresponds to the bathtub, which looks classic with the agonizing legs.

You can use the chair to place towels and pajamas. You can just sit in the chair and read a magazine before getting into the bathtub.

Cool bathroom furniture


A tight space shouldn’t prevent you from placing a piece of furniture. You can practice the tip. The bathroom chooses the cool chair. The stepped modeling makes the chair appear unique. The chair looks great on young children.

The chair certainly doesn’t take up much space. The chair corresponds to the wood storage above. The chair and storage add to the traditional flavor that comes first from the ceiling of the bathroom.

The ceiling is made of white lacquered wooden boards. The faucet and shower also look vintage.

Trendy bathroom furniture


In addition to a chair, you can also choose a table as a piece of furniture. The example shows the table from the middle of the century, which looks unique due to its hexagonal edge. Typically, a mid-century table has rounded or square edges.

In addition, the table looks cooler with the super sharp edges of the table legs. Again, we don’t see the style of the table leg edges. The furniture proves that the tasteful furniture selection can have a great importance, although it is only one.

The chair enhances the stylish shade of the bathroom, which first emerges from the bathtub and the wallpaper on the floor.

Recycled bathroom furniture


Decorate your outdoor bathroom with such recycled furniture. The bathroom takes up the reclaimed wooden bench. The bench looks cute and close to the coast. It takes the big candle holder.

We appreciate that the bathroom fills the area with the table despite the narrow area. We believe the table will match the bathroom wall. The bathroom wall is made of reused wooden beams.

In fairness we are sure that the bathroom is mostly homemade. This makes it understandable that the bank also looks recycled.

Bathroom furniture made of wood


Natural and multifunctional. The bathroom contains the only furniture related to the table that can serve as a storage room. The furniture looks natural as it is made of wood.

You can open the cover to place a variety of items, from towels to trash. Interestingly, the table shows the tree accessories, clean towel, and flowers. This enhances the beautiful feeling that comes from the bathroom wallpaper.

In addition to the furniture, there is pretty ceramics. The brownish shade goes so well with the shade of blue that is becoming the main theme of the bathroom.

Vintage bathroom furniture


There is no more suitable furnishing style for the vintage bathroom than classic furniture. The bathroom has a chair and bench, all of which are above the large carpet.

The chair and bench look classic and luxurious. The vintage tone can be recognized by the arm and leg design of the chair. With the super soft fabric, the bench also looks classic. There’s even a towel on the chair.

After a bath or a spa, you can relax in the armchair.

Fresh bathroom furniture


Orange is one of a list of bright colors that can instantly freshen up a room. The bathroom chooses the orange couch that incorporates the classic leg style. We find that the sofa model matches the bathroom mural.

The mural already looks cheerful. The bathroom later chooses the orange couch to underline the strikingly lively ambience. The bathroom takes up a relatively fair amount of space to be able to choose the sofa and the cute, classic table.

Interesting bathroom furniture


This one looks so interesting with the holes here and there. The furniture is also painted a rough green. The color choices really change the bathroom which mostly uses the modern bathtub.

On the other hand, the bathroom houses the wood storage under the sink. The table holds the clean towels and soap. Of course, you can also use the table to present flowers and other accessories.

You can empty the tabletop and sit on it instead.

Natural bathroom furniture


We call the last pattern so natural, not made of wood, because the furniture is not just one. The bathroom has a unique table next to the bathtub. The table picks up the candles.

The other furniture relates to the short wooden table on which the clean towels are kept. The furniture style really corresponds to the entire bathroom concept. As you can see the bathroom is outside.

In order to make the most of the natural taste, the bathroom chooses wood as the furniture material. This strategy contributes to the maximum natural ambience that we can experience here.

So we’re wrapping up our 10 bathroom furniture ideas that hopefully can encourage you to look for one regardless of the size of the bathroom. Better to make the choice by matching the furniture to the overall style of the bathroom.


White And Gold Bathroom Ideas

White and gold bathroom ideas

IDEAS FOR WHITE AND GOLD BATHROOMS – A glamorous taste comes into its own when gold meets white. Gold stands for authentic, noble and finest attributes. White, on the other hand, is a pure, clean and clear bringer.

The combination of white and gold speaks for a bathroom owner who wants to create a clean and high quality bathroom. Should You Buy Expensive Bathroom Basics And Decorations To Make One? Not necessarily. We have 10 white and gold bathroom looks to prove it.

Nice white and gold bathroom


Some of you may want to avoid a formal bathroom look with white and gold. The example here bends this atmosphere with cute, decorative objects. You can choose more white than gold as the bathroom suggests.

The bathroom brings the only gold bringer by hanging the classic bell. The choice together with the white, hexagonal ceramic makes the bathroom a creative one. We think the towel rail is very cute as it adopts a zipper design.

The bathroom has a mid-century chair that can be used to hold plants and other items.

Attractive bathroom in white and gold


White and gold take the bathroom even further. It modifies classic and modern flavors and creates an appealing bathroom. We particularly highlight the golden hue, which underlines its reputation as a noble color.

You can feel it at the edge of the window. Gold is used to create a beautiful mirror edge design. The more golden hue appears in the sink area. From the mirror we can see a section that can function as a bath or shower area.

The sink area has a modern countertop that refreshes the bathroom.

Spacious bathroom in white and gold


Through the mirror we can see how spacious, classic and affluent the bathroom is. The bathroom is blessed with the great space that allows the area to function as a dresser, bathing area, and defecation and / or urination.

Not to mention the bathroom contains the sink. Each item has a premium flavor, which means you have a huge budget to spend on. With the dominant gold tone, the bathroom is a dream for every woman.

The bathroom has the finest interior fittings and chooses the classic decorations, such as the antique clock on the gold plate.

Captivating bathroom in white and gold


A golden hue pops up here and there. The bathroom is buying gold items that look modern. The bathroom, for example, puts up the wall lamp with the golden coat hanger. You can buy an affordable one.

You can choose the gold faucet like this. The bathroom selects the facility that does a lot of work. The setup looks like a chore to blend in with the bathroom space. The golden hue lets the minimalist decor shine a little.

The whitish shade is combined with a shade of gray to warm the bathroom. The entire design creates an appealing pattern.

Gorgeous bathroom in white and gold


Personal taste can bring white and gold to a remarkable bathroom. This one looks beautiful and turns the attic into a quaint one. The bathroom gives the themed colors gray and black tones white and gold.

The color experiments initially lead to a pleasant and radiant atmosphere. The bathroom changes the area through the window design, whereby the central window part contains the patterned motif.

The lamp looks creative in design. The mid-century chair seems to glow in gold. The black and white tiles are placed to liven up the bathroom.

Pleasant bathroom in white and gold


Gold naturally brings yellow and brown together. The bathroom encourages you to choose the category of wood that looks golden thanks to the combination of colors. The material forms the shower area, which later makes the place a quiet place.

Also, you can choose a bathtub with a gold holder like this one. The bathroom looks bright when placed on the wooden floor. They are in contrast to the whitish hue that appears from the wall and ceiling.

The contrasting atmosphere delights the mind and heart when entering the bathroom.

Romantic bathroom in white and gold


A princess-like bathroom on a budget. If you think gold bathroom accessories are too expensive, choose more for a whitish shade. In this example, the style and design of the faucet next to the mirror is used as a gold paintbrush.

The low golden step is enough to make the bathroom a little lighter. What attracts us is the girlish touch of the bathroom. Modeling the bathtub looks casual. But with the curtain it feels a little special.

The pink tone works together with the whitish hue to make the bathroom romantic.

Simple bathroom in white and gold


Simple and inexpensive. Just choose a white and gold curtain like this one. The curtain serves as a cover for the bathroom. The curtain looks very nice with the patterned motif.

The bathroom has a whitish hue. We believe that the bathtub adopts the vintage design that adapts to the chair model. The chair, which functions as a side table, holds towels, hand soap and accessories.

Elegant bathroom in white and gold


The golden hue at its best. The bathroom looks chic with the model of the glass-glass partition. The partition uses the transparent door with the floral design that brings black, white and gold together.

The golden hue later appears on the mosaic-inspired small tiles that border the glass partition. While the pure whitish hue emerges from the sink and the column that supports the ceiling.

The strategy makes the bathroom appear extravagant and fresh at the same time.

Country style bathroom in white and gold


Don’t worry if the mirror and faucet are the golden hue they are. Use them to create a white and gold bathroom model.

The last of our 10 white and gold bathroom ideas copies the humble rural bathroom design through white painted ceiling and wall. The repainted, recycled vanity encourages us to reuse our favorite furniture.

Adjust the patterned motif tiles to add a little liveliness to the bathroom.


Teal And Brown Living Room Ideas

Turquoise and brown living room ideas

LIVING ROOM IDEAS IN PLASTIC AND BROWN – The combination of teal and brown feels like mixing three colors at once. blue, green and brown. Stand for yourself, each color is strongly associated with nature.

Blue is primarily associated with the ocean, green with plants, while brown represents the earth. At least the ones we normally think of. So it is a challenge to place the colors in a way that suits your living space.

Here is our list of ideas for this combo in case you need it someday.

Beautiful turquoise and brown living room ideas


This is an example of a simple exercise between teal and brown. Brown tends to dominate the living room with teal pops in the pillows and the painting on the wall of the room. Even so, this living space looks nice and relieved.

The glass windows on the back give this relatively small area a great atmosphere. Brown can be seen on the sofa set, carpet, floor and lamp. From now on, this living space feels very warm. The blue-green element colors the room slightly.

This is a fine example of creating a sprawling living room with limited space.

Creamy blue-green and brown living space


Combine a light or soft shade, or both, brown and teal to create this creamy living space for the whole family. The entire room ambience can boast of the morning and calm the heart after long hours in the office.

We call this room so clever that this room creates a teal hue in the pillows and curtains that mixes with brown and white. Instead of adding a simple teal to the furniture or decoration, this area shares the hue with white and brown.

Brown elements are presented in the curtains, carpet, chair legs and window.

Nice blue-green and brown mini-spot

Source: Pinterest

Light Teal works with two shades of brown in a small living room. Light Teal paints the living room wall and presents itself in some pillows. Dark brown is visible in the wooden legs of the furniture and the floor.

Crisp brown appears later in the basket, in the lamp and on the carpet. As a result, the overall combination looks wealthy. This space is especially noticeable because of the wooden couch and coffee tables that use beautiful, classic designs.

The blue-green mode is additionally supported by the beautiful glasses and the vase.

Incredible teal and tan living room


The fourth idea steals our hearts. Natural, stylish and beautiful. This living room has teal elements through natural elements such as plants, flowers and pillows.

We’re referring to separate teal contributors that are green and blue. A strong shade of brown comes from the table, carpet and storage. Like the hue, the brown element is mainly presented by wood, one of the most common natural materials.

No wonder that entering the room instantly refreshes our eyes. The gray sofa set makes this room a relaxing place.

Casual living room in teal and brown brown


Rule # 1 for almost any casual living room is on that bulky, comfy sofa like this one. This time around this sofa set uses dark brown and teal which is quite unique. Wear teal and dark brown ottomans for a more casual look.

Rule number 2 for casual living areas with limited space is to install large windows or panes to give you a sense of space. This living space chooses large windows. Since casual living also means cozy, set up an open shelf.

With this simple floor plan, you can feel so relaxed right away.

Relaxing living room in blue-green and brown

Source: Pinterest

If you’re wondering what makes this sixth idea different from some of the previous tips, the key is with the quilt and pillows. Grab them to take a nap on the couch. Or you can lie down on the soft carpet under the cute coffee tables.

Choose this petrol for an elegant living room. Teal also covers the lamp on the back. A brown element can be seen on the couch, the wooden wall on the back and the lamp table. Both teak and brown pretty much grew up in this room.

Trendy living room model in blue-green and brown brown


Teal green and brown tones prove they are suitable for a trendy living room like this one. Paint the walls of the living room mostly with blue-green and a little white, as this room shows. Present brown, dark and light tones in furniture and curtains.

We call this living room particularly trendy because of the blue-green painting, wall decoration and lamp. You seem unique and smart. Not many will think of choosing them unless those who love interior design or experiment.

Carefree blue-green and brown living area


Why don’t we call the eight of our 10 turquoise and brown living room ideas creative or artistic if you wonder. We prefer to call this living room casual by looking at how carefree this space allows its owner to experiment.

The teal wall of the room is full of little decorations, from skulls to quotes. While brown tone is present, among other things, in the bed-like sectional sofa and in the lamp. The area installs the window pane. These make this living room very comfortable and warm.

Imaginative living room in teal and light brown


At the very least, you can see two living room interiors in this living room. The plants form a natural element for this area. The wooden curtains strongly remind us of the sea design.

Brown gets more dominance here than Light Teal. There are two shades of brown that color the wall of the room. The shiny blue-green curtains let the room shine. While the blue-green armchairs look bright and catchy.

Lively living room in teal and brown

Source: Pinterest

You can invite orange as a light color to work with light brown and teal as the last two colors all look warm. Interestingly, the shade of orange in this room is similar to the shade of brown on the couch.

The blue-green ambience looks delicate as on the carpet, the pillows and one of the room walls. Such a lively and modern living space.

Check out these gray living room ideas for more inspiration.


Kitchen Island Seating Ideas

Seating ideas for kitchen islands

KITCHEN ISLAND SEATING IDEAS – Many homeowners create a kitchen island as a dining area. This refers to the use of a kitchen island as a mini dining set that can bring whole family members together for glorious afternoons with a cup of hot tea.

We are therefore bringing you a list of 10 seating recommendations for kitchen islands for large to small kitchen islands. In the list you will find stylish and functional seating options for kitchen islands.

Coastal Cottage Kitchen Island Seating


The kitchen island by the sea or on the beach contains certain elements of the kitchen island that create a relaxed and peaceful ambience. This includes a seat design that relies on simple handicrafts with neutral colors. This picture best shows the sitting style.

The seating set of this kitchen island consists of three white wooden chairs. The design of the chair replicas can often be seen on the kitchen island of the coastal hut. This seating set emphasizes the beach ambience that is becoming the general theme of this kitchen.

The seating set offers space for three people around the worktop, which is filled with delicious pieces of bread and sweet hot tea.

Elegant seating set for kitchen islands


Three chairs complete the coffee bar-inspired country kitchen island in this picture. Each of the chairs has an elegant and classic design with a soft cushion. Each of the chairs looks large and matches the worktop, which also appears large.

The chairs all face the worktop, similar to what we experience in coffee bars. This seating arrangement allows all family members to have intimate informal conversations. This is supported by the kitchen island, which does not take up much space.

Complete the moment with hot chocolate and cookies while members chat.

Nice kitchen island seat model


Kitchen islands inspired by the coffee bar always result in an attractive chair model that is available in different sizes and designs. This time we provide you with two cute chairs with long wooden legs.

This seat model fits into this white, medium-sized kitchen island, which is reminiscent of a coffee bar. In this picture you can see that iconic chairs in the coffee bar make a nice tone despite the small or sufficient space for the kitchen island.

The chairs are right next to the worktop. With this model, the homeowner can still chat with friends who are sitting in the chairs while you prepare for hot black coffee.

Creative design of the kitchen island seating furniture


Again, a small or limited space for the kitchen island shouldn’t keep you from decorating it in style. In particular, this picture shows that you can create a trendy kitchen island with the chair model you have chosen.

This small kitchen island chooses a transparent chair model. There are only two transparent chairs next to each other on the worktop. This chair set can accommodate two adults or two small children.

The small space between the chairs can instead lead to intimate conversations while enjoying a quick breakfast like bread, jam, and milk.

Fashionable seating set for kitchen islands


At first glance, this kitchen island doesn’t seem like anything special. White marble becomes the worktop of this kitchen island without decoration. Just a sink that meets this kitchen island.

This kitchen island was designed more as a dining area and offers trendy seating that we often see in cafes or restaurants. The chairs look refreshed and modern, perfect company for this minimalist kitchen island.

You can choose red chairs like this one to quickly get a positive vibe when entering the kitchen area. The horizontal seating arrangement makes the moment of eating informal.

Traditional seating idea for kitchen islands


For an overall copy of a traditional kitchen island, there is no better idea than this seating material and layout. This kitchen island uses wooden chairs that are often found on farm or country kitchen islands.

Classic and conventional, you can lean back and relax in the chair while you eat with your spouse or children. Buy chairs that are the size of your countertop. You see three chairs for this kitchen island.

Extra chairs can be raised if you want to serve a large group of friends or relatives.

Seductive seat design for kitchen islands


Chairs inspired by the coffee bar have a specific design. The chairs usually contain tall and simple legs. This time the chairs use solid metal legs that look minimalist and graceful.

There are four chairs facing the island countertop. The small space for the kitchen island offers space for so many chairs. As the homeowner, invite your friends to stop by.

While they are chatting, you can join their conversations while washing dirty dishes or making lemon tea.

Seating on a royal kitchen island


This shabby chic style kitchen island chooses an adorable suite that copies chairs in ancient kingdoms. Antique wood materials and graceful designs transform the chairs into first-class vintage seating furniture.

The seating set consists of three cute chairs that offer space for three people. The small space for this kitchen island leads to the small chairs. It would be overwhelming to choose large chairs instead.

The chairs form a horizontal sequence for the relaxed chat moment.

Modern classic kitchen island seating

Source: Pinterest

The ninth of our seating ideas for kitchen islands offers a simple souvenir for classic furniture design. You can see that in the desperate legs of the chairs without back supports.

The modern undertone comes from small, soft pads. Due to the small kitchen island, the seating set consists of only two chairs. Even so, the chairs can bring family members together for a private chat while they wait for the dinner menu.

Formal seating idea for kitchen islands


We believe you will see the chair model from this picture often. Wrapped in a dark leather set, the chairs look formal and conventional. They all look directly onto the worktop on the kitchen island.

Have a relaxed conversation given the limited space between the chairs. All family members can spend their free time in casual chat. Put devices and laptops away so the whole family can really enjoy the expression during the time.

Despite the formal chairs, this kitchen island remains casual and relaxed, using mostly wood materials.


Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Ideas for open kitchen cabinets

OPEN KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS – After the cupboard and drawer, open storage is common in a kitchen cabinet model. Open storage space is usually attached to a wall in a kitchen. It usually contains fragile items. Some use it for collectibles or flowers.

The open kitchen cabinet model in this article contains rich examples of storage style. The models take into account the size, function and position of the kitchen in the entire kitchen cabinet. Read through our final option to see which one works best for you.

Vertical open kitchen cabinet


Our topic is related to the kitchen cabinet sub-unit that fills the left-hand space of the entire kitchen. Inside the gray sub-unit it can be seen that a relatively small space contains open storage that is arranged vertically.

The open warehouse consists of four levels with the creative roof. The warehouse offers space for plates, bowls and cups in a small space. The items do not completely fill the open storage space in order to preserve the simple design of the entire closet.

The example works well if you want to purchase a vertical open memory model.

Horizontally open kitchen cabinet


In contrast to the first idea, our second proposal presents a nice idea for open storage in a kitchen cabinet in a horizontal manner. The open storage space connects the two cabinets to the left and right of it.

The open warehouse is divided into two classes, each in three boxes. The kitchen prefers to fill the open attic with various items, not just fragile items. In fact, the open attic shows books, fruits, a large candle, and plants.

This horizontal open storage space serves more as a showcase for decorative things.

Simple open kitchen cabinet


Horizontal placement with a vertical sublayer. The third proposal uses white, strong wood as the material. Thus, each of the layers contains many fragile objects such as the glasses, the plates and the cups.

The open cupboard serves more as a kitchen shelf. You can use this model when you want to place an alternative shelf than you often see in many modern kitchens. The open cupboard is attached to the black kitchen wall.

The overall idea reminds us a lot of open cabinets in commercial coffee bars.

Smart open kitchen cabinet


Two open kitchen cabinets stain all of the kitchen cabinets in this kitchen. You can see that the two open kitchen cabinets are connected by a long piece of wood that has built-in lights above the sink.

This open base cabinet design makes the open base cabinet a smart idea despite the common design. In fact, we often see the open cabinet model in a living room or study. Beautiful ceramics, books and bottles are kept in the open sub-sections.

You can also fill the subsections with these elements.

Nice open kitchen cabinet


This modern classic kitchen uses a sprawling open floor kitchen cabinet that takes up little space. We point to the open subunit floating next to the hood area.

The open kitchen cabinet sub-unit looks impressive. Despite the small footprint, the storage subunit takes functional and decorative aspects into account. We see that the subunit open storage shows the plants, among other things.

You can see the small drawers under the open storage space.

Wonderful open kitchen cabinet


High open storage space meets a corner of the wall of this kitchen. The open storage space becomes part of the overall beautiful kitchen cabinet. This picture encourages you to take a lesson about how to incorporate cabinets into a full kitchen plan.

With this in mind, those skilled in the art will place an open storage sub in line with a wall corner as used in this proposal. The open substructure with a roof and small drawers has a creative effect.

For us it makes sense that the open base cabinet is used to present the book and the plant.

Massive open kitchen cabinet


All of the design is applied to this outdoor kitchen. An open kitchen cabinet is chosen to display beautiful pottery and souvenirs. Completely different from the concept, but still understandable.

This outdoor kitchen is great and extravagant. It makes sense to all of us that the outdoor kitchen should use concrete as the material for open storage. Despite the simple design, the open kitchen base unit looks solid and durable.

Country open kitchen cabinet


A horizontal kitchen cabinet floats on the beadboard background and consists of two small cabinets and open storage space. The open storage looks beautiful and vintage. That makes it understandable that the section is showing decorations.

From the goodies to the beautiful ceramics, the open cabinet sub-unit looks tasteful and tidy overall. The style of the open substructure is based on the country design, which emphasizes neutral colors and light materials.

A similar concept is also applied in another open memory subunit which is above the point discussed.

Useful open kitchen cabinet


The bulky and neat sub-unit of the open kitchen cabinet is next to the window. The positioning of the open cabinet base indicates that you can use it as an additional shelf. You can put plates, cups, glasses inside.

However, this kitchen uses the open cabinet base to display decorations. The potted plants, picture, and green glass are among the cool items that fill the sub-unit of the open cabinet.

The kitchen seems to store cooking utensils and utensils in the narrow cabinets and drawers.

Creative open kitchen cabinet


There are two open closets in this picture. We limit our object cabinet to the open storage space that hangs over the sink. Our final proposal will be extraordinary.

The sub-unit of the open kitchen cabinet mainly stores bottles. It equips the cabinet with the wooden divider to keep any bottle immobile or fall off. Below the bottle area you can see that the open storage space contains the cute teapots as decoration.

So these are our 10 open kitchen cabinet model suggestions along with functionality. We hope they will benefit you!


Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Ideas for kitchen splashbacks made of marble

MARBLE KITCHEN BACK WALL IDEAS – Backsplash concepts for marble kitchens come from marble, one of those natural stones that look shiny and fresh. This material is known to be sturdy and durable.

You need to set aside a large budget to create a marble kitchen splashback for your kitchen. So you can enjoy the ultimate feeling of freshness that guarantees you a long service life. No frequent changes due to slight damage.

Retouched kitchen back wall made of marble


White marble is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the backsplash concept for marble kitchens. Fresh and pure white marble can be covered from top to bottom (kitchen countertop) as you can see here.

This style is for those of you on a budget. In particular, this backsplash design chooses white marble with brownish scratches that look so abstract. This turns out to be sonically compatible with the kitchen hood.

If you prefer a large cover like this picture, you can enjoy a remarkable appearance throughout the kitchen.

Cool kitchen splashback made of marble


For those of you who like a lively atmosphere, this marble design is a great choice. This white marble contains many blue lines and scratches. This alone makes the backsplash look lively and happy. The backsplash does not cover the entire room.

If you look again, the backsplash actually matches the kitchen countertop, drawers, and sink. They all look elegant in blue. With this tip you will learn how to match the color of the back wall and the kitchen equipment.

That can lead you to certain theme colors as you can see on this kitchen.

Feeling of light, marble kitchen back wall


White marble in this picture does not break. The material contains soft, gray lines that can be described as a variation for this kitchen splashback. Contrary to the previous idea which has noticeable scratches, the third one shows the smooth lines for you.

As such, the marble feels light on the eyes. Fresh and pure, the kitchen splashback adds square white marble with the same pattern that is attached to the main splashback. Hence, the entire backsplash doesn’t look easy.

The backsplash corresponds to the concept of the kitchen, which uses minimalist design in a shade of white.

Subway style marble kitchen splashback


You can choose a subway-style white marble for your kitchen splashback for a more modern look. We hope you can see the differences between white marble and modern subway tile. You can tell different light levels between the two, right?

This marble doesn’t look as elegant as modern subway tiles. Additionally, each white marble in this backsplash contains many large shapes that match those of their counterparts. The two make the white marble graceful and of course fresher.

With the soft gray scratches, the white marble becomes good company for the gray cupboards and gray drawers.

All right, kitchen splashback made of marble


Classic and strong, this kitchen splashback is made of solid white marble. You can see this powerful feature in this picture. The white marble has small, soft, black scratches that serve as a variation for the backsplash.

The marble seems clear that you can look at the marble. We believe that the purchase of the marble is quite expensive. This selection offers luxurious and elegant feelings that emerge from this kitchen due to the cabinets and stool.

If you want a minimalist yet glamorous kitchen, you can go for this particular type of marble.

Warm back wall from marble kitchen


In addition to white, brownish marble is an option for a warm atmosphere for your planned kitchen rear wall. Incidentally, this recommendation is similar to the second option in that both choose marble that goes well with the stools and cabinets in the kitchen.

While the second idea chooses blue, this picture shows that the kitchen is taking up brown as a theme color. The kitchen uses brownish marble for the backsplash. The marble doesn’t look noticeable in brown. The marble is cut into large rectangular tiles.

The marbles look soft in brown, a cool companion for the stool and the cupboards in dark brown.

Unique kitchen back wall made of marble


We come back with white marble. This time, we recommend that you apply hexagonal white marble for the backsplash. This shape is quite unique when compared to the square, rectangular, or simple marbles discussed above.

This backsplash in particular looks so eye-catching in white. Black lines can still be seen in the backsplash. In the already white kitchen, the backsplash enhances a pure tone that fills the air in this area.

Sweet kitchen back wall made of marble


This kitchen splashback uses white marble that is later shaped like bubbles. The white marble looks whitish and gray with gray lines. With the two aspects, the backsplash looks cute and neutral.

The backsplash offers a suitable variation for the kitchen, which appears white from the kitchen worktop and the cupboards.

We call the variant fair, as no conspicuous colored marble is chosen for this back wall for kitchen equipment.

Abstract marble kitchen back wall


This kitchen rear wall combines white marble with black scratches, which later make the entire rear wall appear abstract. The black scratches occupy a dominant place within the backsplash.

This design makes the backsplash more of a black and white backsplash concept. The backsplash brings black and white together that become theme colors for this kitchen. The whole kitchen looks graceful and minimalist later.

Broken kitchen back wall made of marble


We’re ending this list of marble kitchen backsplash ideas with white marble again. This kitchen splashback is different from the earlier ideas as white marble appears broken in this splashback.

The white marble is cut into rectangular tiles. The gray scratches and lines make the white marble look like it’s broken or damaged. The peculiar look matches the appearance of the entire kitchen, where gray is used in both dark and light shades.

You can recognize this gray ambience by the cupboards, drawers and stools.

Despite being relatively expensive, marble can give the ultimate fresh feel, last longer, and have rich variations. This makes us understand that some homeowners prefer to use marble back panels that cover a large space.


Diy Bathroom Ideas

DIY bathroom ideas

DIY BATHROOM IDEAS – You have to spend some money to build or remodel a bathroom. Sometimes you have to allocate a large budget for this. Expect this through DIY bathroom models.

The list contains 10 DIY bathroom examples with small to fair technical aspects. The DIY bathroom concepts not only go easy on the budget, they also encourage creativity. Let’s find out more about this below.

Wonderful DIY bathroom


The do-it-yourself bath includes various actions. The first example seems wonderful with blue and white exercise. The rotating mirror for storage and the boards add to the appealing look.

Save your budget by painting the bathroom walls yourself. This includes setting up the white painted wooden boards. The same goes for the bathroom floor. You can also buy the bathtub and cabinet yourself.

The DIY practices will help you save money that would be required to pay a professional.

Quiet DIY bathroom


The best thing about DIY bathroom ideas is that you can decorate the bathroom the way you want. The example rightly proves this with the unique tiles for the bathroom floor. You can set up the tiles yourself.

The same applies to the white painted panels on the ceiling of the bathroom. You can nail them down to cut the budget. The next is to paint the bathroom wall white. You can purchase the images separately.

That saves half of the total costs for a professional. By the way, the bathroom feels calm and cozy.

Adorable DIY bathroom


In addition to painting the bathroom with the blue shade, you can embellish the area with the wallpaper. Choosing a wallpaper becomes an easy idea to decorate rooms, including this bathroom.

The other DIY bathroom ideas relate to placing the blue, square tiles that make up half of the bathroom wall. Placing the curtains as a partition and carpet also appears simple and straightforward.

The table and the ceramics can be purchased separately. We admire the bathroom, which looks beautiful despite the small area.

Nice DIY bathroom


This also depends on the wallpaper. This time you can apply two models of bathroom wallpaper. Everyone chooses green. One of the bathroom wallpapers is made of small rectangular tiles.

While the other looks beautiful with the birds that accompany the flowers and branches. The other DIY idea lies in the placement of the gray carpet. The two actions are enough to keep you occupied, especially when placing the wallpaper for the ceiling.

Please clean the wallpapers regularly to make them last longer before replacing them if necessary.

DIY nautical bathroom


You can create a specific bathroom theme yourself. Here the nautical bathroom model applies, which offers comfort and brightness. As you can see in the picture, you can first look for the wood planks that will become the bathroom wall.

You can hang up the mirrors, the wall lamps and the cute storage space above the closet later. We especially love the storage as it contains the accessories that make the bathroom more beautiful. For a slightly tougher job, you can set up the white tiles as a bathroom floor.

The nautical bathroom looks cozy and comfortable.

Fresh DIY bathroom


We love how the bathroom is full of DIY accessories. Despite the narrow space, the bathroom looks fresh and natural. That’s thanks for the living plants that you can place however you want.

This is how you put the ladder back into the hanger in your home. Arrange the white ceramic and paint the bathroom wall with white. If you have extra storage space, carry it to the bathroom.

This can serve as a storage place for towels, hand soap, handkerchiefs and much more. If necessary, you can create the cute floating shelf.

Pleasant DIY bathroom


This goes for the nautical bathroom style. The bathroom looks simpler with just the bathtub. The DIY bathroom ideas for the example start with placing the white painted wooden planks as the bathroom wall.

Reuse the existing wardrobe later and then paint it white. Display your marine themed collectibles like the ship toy on top of the cabinet. And of course you can also paint the ceiling of the bathroom white yourself.

Creative DIY bathroom


In this example we value the accessories. We believe that all ornaments are inspired by Christmas. You can buy the decorated brown boards first. Later you can add the artificial green to the boards.

Then come the socks and the seaweed baskets. The little ornaments look creative and make the bathroom so lively. As in the previous examples, you can paint the bathroom yourself green.

Fantastic DIY bathroom


While you will need a professional to set up the wooden walls, you can paint them yourself. Another DIY activity is creating a small, floating storage tank all around the wall.

Show your love for the navy, as suggested by the starfish accessories and the like in the camp. Paint the chair with white, which represents the coastal flavor. The bathroom uses the vintage bathtub with the lines visible to the eyes.

Vintage DIY bathroom


You can set up all or part of the white lacquered wooden boards. The boards serve as the ceiling and floor of the bathroom. Carry the existing wooden table from another room into the bathroom.

Dress the chair with the white fabrics like this. The entire seating set looks classic and comfortable. Another vintage taste comes from the bathtub with the torturous legs.

You can fill the bathroom with the ornaments in separate purchases.

You can practice DIY bathroom ideas based on your skills. Don’t forget to prep the equipment like a hammer before practicing any of the DIY ideas. After reviewing the information known earlier, take more time to find the accessories.

Have fun experimenting guys! Do share your thoughts in the comments below!