Gorgeous Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

Gorgeous Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

All of them can be easily prepared at home with a little effort and without breaking your budget. Some are so simple and cute while others are made from old items like mason jars, tin cans and teapots. That sounds great, right? If you want to make it more unique, grab some paint and use it to create a unique kitchen utensil storage.

#1 Metal Bucket and Spoon Storage

#2 Terracotta Utensil Pots

Source: The purple lady

#3 Grill Utensil Holder Wooden Sign Rustic Decor

Source: Etsy

#4 Old rake head turned rustic utensil holder

Source: The madam

#5 DIY wall utensil holder

Source: accordance

#6 Country style kitchen utensil storage

Source: The art of doing things

#7 Storing kitchen utensils in a mason jar

Source: Harassed mother

#8 Wine Cork Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source: A magical mess

#9 Upcycle Cheese Grater Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source: Luxury magazine

#10 Kitchen organizer for old doors

Source: Pinterest

#11 Colorful kitchen utensil holder

Source: The kitchen

#12 Teapot Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source: Tersessenta.tumblr.

#13 DIY Under Cabinet Storage Rack for Hanging Kitchen Utensils

Source: From house to house

#14 Red sets highlights in a kitchen

Source: Home talk

#15 Wooden box kitchen utensil holder

Source: VeryEpicJewelry

#16 Tin Can Utensil Holder

Source: Home talk

#17 Glass kitchen utensil holder

Source: Amazon

#18 DIY rope vase or utensil pot

Source: Balancinghome

#19 Glass Mug Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source: Eclectic trends