Open Living Room Ideas

Open living room ideas

IDENAS FOR OPEN LIVING ROOMS – We believe that when we achieve the goals in the living room, we feel relaxed and relieved. After hours of work, we just want to step into a comfortable area that calms our minds. When the weekend comes, we’d like to invite relatives or friends.

An open living room can meet the needs. There are several different open living room designs that you and won’t have to spend a huge budget on. You can choose which designs we will discuss to suit the space available for the living room.

Open living room with window pane

Open living room with window pane

If your living room is a reasonable size, it makes sense to put a window pane to cover part of the wall. Through the window you can clearly see what is going on outside. Place the window pane as shown in the picture.

Here the window pane covers some of the curves of the living room. Have a boring sectional sofa that matches the shape of the window pane. Lay out a large gray rug and extra chairs with minimal furniture.

This layout allows for a medium-sized gathering with young children. Have a nice chat while your eyes enjoy the tall trees outside.

Living room in the open country

Living room in the open country

In addition to the window pane, you can install glass doors as an entrance to your living room. You can choose from many styles of glass door, one of which can be seen in this picture. With the four large windows, the living room is just behind the veranda.

This is how you can see the landscape in your front yard. You can also see who is coming to your home. Say you love country interior design, have armchairs and pillows with vintage stripe patterns.

Paint the area white and fill the walls with open storage space from ceiling to floor.

View concentric open plan living room ideas

View concentric open plan living room ideas.

Undeniably, one of the living room’s open purposes is that you can soak up natural beauty at any time of the day. As the countryside is seen through the area’s window pane. Get complete relief from the greenery with the right furniture arrangement.

Choose two large sofa parts that point in different directions. One looks out over the landscape while the other sits over the television. In between, a shaggy, comfortable carpet opens up on which small children can romp around.

The large carpet is the key to fully enjoying the landscape.

Open living room ideas for an apartment in the city

Open living room ideas for an apartment in the city.

You don’t have to live in rural areas or large houses to put up a window pane so that you can enjoy beautiful natural views outside. If you live in an apartment in big cities, you have more reasons to practice an open living room concept.

Similar to the previous ideas for open living spaces, the fourth tip revolves around the window pane. This time, however, you have a tall floor-to-ceiling window pane, similar to what you see in an industrial living room style.

The picture shows the best example. Have a cup of coffee here every morning and look up at the sky.

Optimally open living room with window pane and glass doors

Optimally open living room with window pane and glass doors

We can say that the living room here is the perfect image for the open style. This concept works for those of you who have a living room that is likely to be on top of a hill or just a few meters from the sea. This is the ideal retreat for families on vacation.

The key is on the window pane and the glass doors. The two allow direct visits to the area. Natural light and air can easily enter the living room as soon as you open the window pane and glass doors.

The use of wooden floors and wooden beams in the ceiling gives a calming feeling.

Typical open plan living room ideas in the neighborhood

Typical open plan living room ideas in the neighborhood

Living in a close neighborhood shouldn’t stop you from adopting an open living room style. The essence is still based on a window, but this time you can choose that window design, not always the window pane.

Install large windows that will take up most of the walls of the living room. In particular, choose the window style that you can open and close. This allows for more fresh air and light in the area.

This helps all family members breathe natural air, save electricity, and keep the room in a well-ventilated mode.

Open living room in the forest hut

Open living room in the forest hut

Open-plan living room ideas will let those of you who have cabins blend in with the forest completely. As this picture shows, large windows support the glass roof. The cabin only uses wood for the ceiling, floor, door and wall.

The combination of wood and glass for the windows and roof best shows what a natural cabin looks like. This style allows you to fully absorb what the forest has in store. A cool temperature and a minimalist feeling bring additional points.

This vacation home is a top hideaway for nature lovers.

Natural open living room

Natural open living room

Open plan living room ideas go very well with natural materials, as best seen in this picture. Wooden ceiling, stone wall, and natural stone for the floor are among the natural elements that you can practice.

Large windows cover almost all parts of the living room walls. You can even put glass windows over the glass doors. Keep the area minimalist with limited space for the room.

The cozy, red sofa, which contrasts with the overall color of the room, creates a cheerful mode.

Open living room style for modern apartment

Open living room style for modern apartment

Almost similar to previous ideas for open living rooms, we offer another alternative for a modern apartment. Basically, a window pane is attached to most of the walls in the living room. Contrary to some other ideas, you hang transparent curtains on the window panes.

If you have a large living space, use a window pane for other rooms that are seamlessly adjacent to the living room. Keep the living room minimalist to make the area even more spacious.

Open living room as a front part

Open living room as a front part.
Source: Pinterest

Welcome guests with an open sense of space through this stylish open living room style. The house shown does not have a veranda. Hence, creating a lightened semi-formal living room becomes a great option.

Add glass doors and window panes for the living room to create a fresh atmosphere with the green fence. Again, choose a range of dark purple seating that contrasts with the white window pane and walls. The purple ceiling makes the area shine lively and well.

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