kitchen lighting

kitchen lighting

A kitchen is a functional space where you can cook, sometimes eat, and do a thousand other things. Therefore, it should be properly lit. Installing the right lighting in your kitchen can help you get the most out of your kitchen design, the food you prepare and the feel of the space. Every good kitchen lighting design has different layers to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. At the same time, it provides functional task lighting and highlights various accents for an attractive overall aesthetic. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right lighting for the room.

pendant / chandelier

Great for general or ambient lighting, pendants or chandeliers can add visual interest – an important feature in the kitchen. When choosing these decorative lights for your kitchen, be sure to choose units that throw light in all directions to improve the overall ambient lighting in the room. Or alternatively, choose one with a shadow that directs the light downwards to create task lighting, especially over an island. You can choose smaller tags that can be placed side by side to create a more open feel and differentiate the living space from the kitchen, or larger, heavier tags to make a decorative statement.

ceiling lights

LED channel lights have replaced fluorescent lighting in the kitchen. LED channels are extremely energy efficient, offer a very high level of illumination, a slim design and are maintenance-free because the LED lights are built-in. The latest models even have built-in presence sensors, perfect for the pantry, scullery or laundry in your kitchen area.

Under closet lights

Under cabinet lighting is a must in the kitchen – it provides a great source of task lighting above your worktops. To get the lighting installation right under the cabinet, you need to hide the lights behind the edge of the cabinets so you can only see the light and not the fixture. For work lighting, the lamp must be positioned in the first third of the housing. However, if you want to highlight a nice backsplash, it’s best to place the light at the back of the case where it meets the wall behind. LED under cabinet or slimline fittings as well as LED strip lights are excellent light sources under the cabinet.

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