Bathroom update ideas

Freshening up a room can be difficult, especially when it comes to a bathroom, which is typically small and difficult to renovate due to tiling, heavy tubs, and the like. But don’t worry, I have some brilliant ideas for you to get inspiration for.


Tiles are perhaps the most important part of any bathroom: they cover most of the space and create an ambiance or backdrop for the rest. Choosing unique, or at least eye-catching, tiles will transform your bathroom into a highly personal space that allows your taste to fully express itself brings. This can be whimsical, bold fish scale tiles, unique geometric tiles with a transition to the floor, tiles with fantastic prints or tiles clad in different patterns – it’s entirely up to you and your space, but don’t forget that darker tiles make your bathroom look smaller. So if you don’t want it, all you can do is opt for a bold tile floor or mosaic tiles in the shower and neutral tiles on the walls. This is even easier to do.

Bathtubs / sinks

A creatively designed bathtub and sink can be a great solution to refresh and add a focal point to any bathroom. In addition, you do not have to change the design of your bathroom much, and it is very convenient and inexpensive. A statement vanity will also be a cool idea. Easily find what suits your style and colors.

A bathtub can be made of wood, which is a hot trend these days. It gives the room a cool, natural feel and turns it into a spa. It can be carved from stone or marble for a luxurious look, but if it’s too expensive you can simply choose an exquisite clawfoot tub or clad your own in cool tile or wood – it will make a statement! Find sinks you like and rock them.


Potted plants of various types and sizes will enliven any bathroom, even the most minimalist and laconic. This is a very inexpensive solution. Get a big palm in an eye-catching planter for a chic touch or add a climbing palm tree to a shelf. A living green wall is a super hot trend in interior design these days, so you can easily rock one and make your bathroom more luxurious.

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