Decorative Open Kitchen Wooden Partition Ideas

Decorative Open Kitchen Wooden Partition Ideas

Fun and functional kitchen partition ideas for your open kitchen.

Wondering how to divide a living room and a kitchen? Or would you like to know how an open kitchen can be divided? If the answer to these two questions is yes, these kitchen partition design ideas will help you.

There are several standard kitchen partition ideas that you can take home. However, we believe you need to design one that fits your personality and the spatial dynamics of your home.

Designed seamlessly with different textures, materials and sizes, these kitchen partition ideas will make your open kitchen more attractive. Most importantly, it offers you much-needed privacy during parties and dinners.

Here are some kitchen partition ideas selected based on both function and aesthetics that can help you make an informed decision when choosing a kitchen partition for your open kitchen!

Modern kitchen partition design
Paired with a seamless wood deck and wallpaper, this modern kitchen partition design will instantly upgrade your open plan kitchen. It also acts as a striking divider between your kitchen and living area. If you want a functional kitchen partition with a touch of elegance, choose this modern design without hesitation.