Green Living Room Ideas

Green Living Room Ideas

Green living room ideas

GREEN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – When we talk about green living room inspirations, our minds quickly turn to inspiration from nature. Garden, forest and plants are the natural elements when implementing green living room ideas.

The color green itself refreshes the eyes, which later calms the heart. Bold or bright, green is a permanent choice for those looking for colors other than neutral, which they are mostly known for.

However, designing a green living room is not all about green color. We therefore choose other elements to make the living room one.

Living room with green walls

Living room with green walls.  Source:

The easiest way to create a green living room is to paint the walls of the room green. Light and strong green each bring different modes for the eyes. Light green refreshes the living room.

The choice of colors makes the room look new and modern. Strong green, on the other hand, makes the living room look elegant. The place feels comfortable and warm. You can extend the green mode with green furniture and displays.

However, you can place furniture of different colors to make it more vivid.

Green living room with plants

Green living room with plants

For other green living room ideas, you need to place some plants in your living room. It is better to choose fresh plants, not artificial ones. Fresh plants always bring natural elements into the room. Save different plants and pots for nice curves.

For example, small cacti that are in vases on a coffee table or desk. Fill in the corners of the room with larger plants. From time to time, if necessary, change plants, water and care for them. The plants are such a real shade of green in fact.

Green living room with small displays

Green living room with small displays

Green living room ideas don’t necessarily require a large budget. Small displays can be your choice when you run out of money. Just buy ornaments to fill the open or floating storage in the picture.

Green sofa cushions, green glasses, green bottles, green candles, green glasses, and green blankets are nice choices for this living room. And you don’t have to buy a dozen green glasses. Save some decorative green jars to sweeten storage.

You don’t have to buy them all at once. Whenever you have the cash, buy the green display you want.

Living room with a green couch

Living room with a green couch.  Source: Pinterest

A green sofa set or a large green couch play an important role in the green living room look. As usual, these chairs take up a large part of the space. A sofa set is still widely used by people who want to complete a living room. This furniture is the easiest way to make one.

Putting up a sofa and a TV is enough to fill a living room. Since green is a popular color, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding this type of sofa. Choose the graduated green that suits your preferences and of course the budget.

In addition, you have different color options that you can mix with green.

Living room with green carpet

Living room with green carpet.  Source:

Since it is quite uncommon to find green materials for floors, opt for green carpet instead. And it is better for you to have a large or long green carpet so that it becomes a significant green element in your living room.

If you opt for a small green rug, a fifth of all green living room ideas will not be fully implemented. The top of the green rug is similar to the sectional sofa in that you choose which tiered green rug suits your needs after customizing it with the allotted budget.

Also, consider what materials for green carpets will best meet the needs of family members.

Living room with floral green wallpaper

Living room with green wallpaper.  Source:

If you think plain green is too common for your living room walls, try patterned green wallpaper. A leaf-inspired green wallpaper seems beautiful for your living room. This makes the living room look stylish and chic.

Of course, you can also look for other patterned green wallpapers depending on the similarity. Note that wallpaper needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the color and texture bright and firm.

Living room with green ceiling

Living room with green ceiling.  Source: Pinterest

Since the green blanket seems unpopular, try a little tip like this one. Paint the ceiling of your living room, wood or concrete, green. Combine the green painted part of the ceiling with wood or other ceiling colors to make this idea less uncomfortable.

So you can realize your green living room idea even on a small budget. Depending on the quilt material, find a specific green color to dye the quilt if necessary.

Living room with green table

Living room with green table.  Source:

You can bring out a green element for your green living room with multiple tables or desks around it. Small but nice. The idea invites you to design the room look with a small budget. You can buy many green tables and desks at the same time.

Or you can buy them multiple times depending on how much money you have. Choose stylish green desks or tables or conventional ones. Both should suit your tastes and money.

Living room with green window

Living room with green window.  Source:

Like the green blanket, this tip is affordable. You can just paint the living room windows green. You can either paint the wooden part of the window green or paint the entire window part except the glass when picking up a window pane.

The green tone is displayed for large windows. If the windows are small, it is better to paint the ceiling with green to give an extra shade of green.

Living room with mint green storage space

Living room with mint green storage space.  Source:

Quite unusual, but you can purposely order mint green storage like the one in the picture. With simple research, you can find a store that sells these color choices for the store thanks to an online shopping platform aimed at small or large sellers.

Not only strange, but also mint green storage refreshes the living room. Either way, this memory mockup will hold your most important things, decorations and displays well. Choose a storage size that fits the model of your living room.

So, these are our green living room ideas that can be put into practice on a tight budget that you might put aside. We hope the green living room ideas can encourage you to get more creative even though you are not spending a lot of money on this living room design.