Ikea girls closet renovation

Having your own closet, even a small one, is always a great advantage as you can keep all your belongings and accessories organized and in style. This small closet was renovated and organized using IKEA’s Pax system.

The Pax system has been placed on either side of the closet and there are some handy drawers and hangers for everything you need. The opposite wall was covered in patterned light blue wallpaper and a gorgeous mirror shaped like a sun with beams made out of mirror pieces – such a cool glamorous detail for a girly wardrobe! Another glamorous feature is a chic candle-style chandelier with metal balls that looks very eye-catching. A blue patterned rug makes the look complete and cosy.

Storage is organized in the most effective way: there are hangers for clothes, drawers for lingerie and other things, baskets for accessories, and even convenient trouser hangers. There’s also a blue stool to put things up somewhere. It’s such a beautiful example of a closet to use for your own space!

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