Window Seat Design Ideas for the Home

Window Seat Design Ideas for the Home

Have you ever wished you had a little corner where you could curl up with a book and a hot cup of tea? Or maybe you have a room with large bay windows but not enough storage space. Adding a window seat to your home can be a great way to increase functionality and improve the aesthetics of your space. Plus, it’s a great place to enjoy the natural light coming in through your windows. Whether you’re looking to tackle a new DIY project or renovate other areas of your home, these window seat ideas make great add-on projects.

There are many forms that the seat itself can take. You can install a simple bench seat, build a custom bench with storage, or find a love seat that fits perfectly. If the space outside your window has some depth, your window seat can become a daybed, complete with blankets and pillows. Dressing the room with curtains will transform your window seat or daybed into the perfect pillow fort.

Once you’ve built your window seat, the next step is decorating. Luckily, these spaces are adaptable to almost any style. Just add a few pillows that match your color scheme and you’re ready to go! To get you started, here are some window seat ideas.

1. Compact window ideas

Window seats built for one person can still add a lot of functionality to your home. Whether you’re creating a small sitting area in the bathroom or a nook in your home office, you can get creative and include a bench and seat cushion for added comfort.

These smaller seats can be a great opportunity to make a bold statement with bright colors, patterned wallpaper, or unique fabrics on the cushions and throw pillows. If the dimensions are right, you can even skip the custom addition and place a perfectly proportioned sofa or chaise lounge under your window.

Since smaller rooms may not have a lot of natural light, don’t forget to outfit your space with wall lights or other furnishings to make it comfortable at any time of day.

Small cushions with window seat pattern
Sofa window corner with red pattern
Precision builder for small window seats
Precision Builder/Instagram
small window seat, colorful pillows, sconces, lights
Window corner, orange cushions
small window seat, pink cushions, black window frame

2. Modern inspirations

No matter how big or small your space is, using modern decor in your seating area is a great way to enhance the space. Keep the lines of the bench and cushions clean, simple and square.

Consider choosing natural fabrics and textures such as unbleached linen or leather for upholstery and coverings. For an extra touch of luxury, add a chunky woven blanket or sheepskin rug to the foot of the bench.

Of course, every window seat needs throw pillows for comfort. So use these to reflect the influence of your favorite modern design moments. If your space allows, adding a sconce or chandelier can also enhance the modern feel of your home. It can also increase the functionality of your cozy corner when the sun goes down.

large modern window seat
Vintage living room window seat
Gray window seat Roman blind
large window with river view, low window seat, wicker chair
Country style window seat with green cushions underneath
Country style window seat with storage underneath, wooden floor
Wooden window seat, blue cushions, long hallway
Comfortable window seat with gray cushions and pillows
Wicker kitchen window seat
modern window seat blue pillow colorful pillows
White cabinets, window seat, green treatment, gray cushion
Living room with curved window seat and black candlestick
Country style window seat with red blinds and accent chair
Country style window seat, wooden floors
two seats by the window, gray cushions, country style house

3. Concepts for cozy reading corners

For some, the sole purpose of a window seat is to create a relaxing, cozy and luxurious reading nook. This is especially true if your intended window is in a child’s room or playroom. What could be better than a lively space where you can read with the children?

To ensure all of your favorite authors are always within reach, build or install bookshelves directly in front of your nook or as part of the bench below. Of course, no reading corner should be without a bookshelf so that all your favorite titles are always within reach.

No one wants to be deeply immersed in a book and find that they have a stiff neck due to improper support. Lots of cushions and throw pillows ensure that you can rest well while reading.

To make this room feel even more like a sanctuary, hang curtains in the front for complete privacy. Adding small framed pieces of art will add a special touch to your corner. Bonus points for handmade pieces made by you or your family.

Reading corner, wicker basket storage
small reading corner between the typewriter shelves
Reading corner, gray cushions, bookshelves, potted plant
Long windowsill, country kitchen, gray cushions

4. Creative integrated seat designs

If you decide to renovate, you can plan every detail to meet your specific needs. Knock out the walls around the window to make the room appear closed. Do you need more storage space? Build it in! If your window is in the kitchen, consider adding bench seating between the kitchen cabinets.

When you create a custom build, you can also be very specific about the details. These details may include the type of windows you install, the window covering, and any additional unique finishes or textures. You can even incorporate poured concrete or leather into the design – you just have to plan for it.

Adding a window seat to beautiful custom built-ins will enhance the ambience of your home. Visitors also know that they are entering a carefully thought out and maintained space.

Built-in window seat overlooking the garden
Traditional blue window seat cushion
White vintage wicker chair with window seat and accent for a large room

5. Smart storage solutions

Adding storage to your room is probably the strongest argument for adding a window seat. If your window is on a flat wall, adding additional bookshelves on either side of the window can transform a simple bench into a cozy corner.

If you are very organized or plan to store something relatively attractive like books, try keeping them on open shelves so everyone can see them. If you plan on storing items that create a little more clutter, consider installing drawers under the bench. You can also convert open shelves into cabinets with doors.

If this project is too much, use bins or bins the size of your existing shelves to hide the clutter. These come in a variety of fabrics and materials, from open wire tote bags and woven baskets to fun patterned containers.

An easy way to add more storage to your window seating area is to purchase a pre-made bench seat with open shelving underneath. Simply set up the bench, add cushions and you’re ready to go.

Window seat with gray carpet under storage
White built-in window seat with desk and office chair underneath
Vintage window seat glass cabinets, bookcase
small window seat with drawers
Reading nook with stained glass windows and drawers
Window seat, bedroom, wicker basket storage underneath
Seat by the bedroom window

6. DIY Designs

For those looking to upgrade on a budget, there are a few ways to DIY the window seat of your dreams without breaking the bank. The easiest option is to find furniture that fits perfectly into an existing niche. This could be a bench that you decorate with cushions, a sofa or chaise longue, a low-back love seat, or even an oversized armchair.

If you’re a little more adventurous and have basic carpentry skills, you can build your own bench. Just make sure the structure is strong enough to support the weight of an adult.

Once you’ve built your bench, there are a few finishing options. Most benches require painting and sealing, similar to kitchen cabinets, as they are in high traffic areas and require a durable finish. Some choose to upholster the bench, either with a fabric that matches the cushion or with a complementary fabric.

If you want to maintain a more modern look, choose a nice plywood that you can leave raw or a wood that you can stain for a more rustic look. You can then finish your bench and paint it, or choose unfinished plywood for a rustic, unfinished look.

Once the bench is finished, make your custom cushion out of upholstery foam, cover it with the fabric of your choice and you have your own DIY window seat!

small window seat with gifts
DIY Window Seat with Pillow Small Living Room Accent Chair Framed Wall Art

7. Stylish seating in the bay window

A bay window is perhaps the most obvious place to set up bench seating. It already lets in so much beautiful natural light, why not take advantage of that and create a space to relax and enjoy?

Some home builders install bay windows and build a bench into the home for this purpose. If this is the case in your home, simply add a custom pillow and throw pillow and you’re good to go. If not, the structure of a bay window is a natural place to add a bench with drawers for storage. If your window is large enough, you can add benches to each wall of the window area to create a great seating area.

Many homes have a bay window in the kitchen or dining room. By adding a window seat, you can make it the focal point of the room. The bench’s flexible seating makes it easy to squeeze extra people at the table when company comes over.

Window seat made of wooden panels with colorful cushions and carpet
Bay window seat, blue cushion, living room, hanging potted plant
Living room with curved bay window
Bay window, brown accent chair, field view
Curved gray bay window seat with pastel woven wicker cushions
large, curved bay window seat, two chairs with orange cushions

Frequently asked questions about window seats

Where should I place a window seat?

The possibilities here are truly endless as long as there is a window. If there is enough space, almost any window can be used as a window seat. Living rooms, family rooms, and dens are the most common locations. These are all rooms where you can relax for some time with a book or the newspaper.

Some kitchen and dining room floor plans benefit from a windowsill that provides additional seating. This can be particularly effective if you prefer a modern farmhouse style and need bench seating to accommodate additional guests at your dining table.

Window sills are also great for the unexpected corners of your home. These corners can include the landing, a bathroom with skylights, or your home office. If you have an older home with interesting architecture, look for these smaller windows that can be turned into a cozy nook.

How high should a window seat be?

Since a window seat is still a seat, we’ll start with that height. The seat of most chairs is between 19 and 21 inches from the ground. For your window seat, this includes any cushions that are typically 3-4 inches high. So if you build a bench 18 inches off the ground and add a 3-inch cushion, you’ll have the perfect height for relaxing.

How much does a window seat cost?

The total cost depends on the scope of the project. If you are building a seat under an existing window yourself, determine the cost of materials. These can vary in price depending on the quality. However, for the simplest projects, a few sheets of plywood, upholstery fabric, and thick foam will suffice.

If you want to build storage into the bench, you may need a designer and a carpenter, which will incur additional labor costs.

If you want to completely redesign your home and create a window seat without windows, you will need an architect and general contractor. Your planning and design fees, as well as the selection of higher quality materials, will increase the price of your project. But having the perfect place to curl up with a book or entertain guests can be invaluable.