Cozy Fireplace Ideas to Steal

Cozy Fireplace Ideas to Steal

What does “stunning” mean to you? The actual definition of stunning is: “extremely impressive or attractive.” What a perfect description to aim for with an interior design focus, don’t you think? Especially as the weather cools for many of us around the globe and we approach the fall and winter seasons, our fireplaces may be seeing a little more use. If we’re going to use them, why not make them as beautiful as they are functional?!

Stunning corner fireplace design
Modern living room residence with white fireplace

Here are 25 stunning fireplace ideas that will inspire and motivate you. All of this would really make your fireplace a gathering place for more reasons than just warmth. (And if that’s not enough, check out this article for 100 more fireplace ideas!)

1. Corner fireplace.

Modern interior design with corner fireplace

Do you have a floating wall that needs some presence? Install a beautiful two-sided modern fireplace at the end of the wall. This increases the impact of your fireplace as you can enjoy the fire from different angles and also creates a natural appeal to the room itself.

2. Frame trim.

Fireplace with high ceiling frame

Install a surround around your fireplace that frames the fireplace itself. We love this tiered decorating concept, which is all white like the rest of the room’s walls and highlights the fireplace itself. Classic and clear architectural detail that packs a punch. {found on hayessignaturehomes}.

3. Chunky wood fireplace.

Wooden fireplace mantel in a modern way

Fireplaces themselves cannot be made from wood for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean that this warm natural material should be completely avoided. For example, in this stunning fireplace setting, a solid wood-burning fireplace and equally solid corbels provide warmth and create a distinct separation between the mantel surface and the upper wall.

4. Fireplace simplified.

Simplified fireplace design

One fireplace idea that goes against the grain is the beautiful incorporation of backwards thinking. Instead of doing anything to the fireplace at all, you could achieve a similarly stunning effect by focusing your efforts on the walls behind and around the fireplace. For example, a simple white fireplace surround looks great against a wood-clad wall.

5. Simple marble surround.

Simple marble surround

The simplicity of a modern marble cladding with smooth surfaces and clean angles and lines makes the fireplace the first eye-catcher when it enters your living room. We like the contrast of a white environment with a colored wall.

6. Decorated fireplace.

Decorated fireplace

If your fireplace is not one that will be used often (or never), or if you don’t plan on using it, you can still make this desirable feature an asset to your overall decor rather than a detriment. For example, beautiful, chunky white candles on matching candlesticks evoke the concept of “firelight,” while being beautifully framed by the fireplace surround itself. {found on inouyinteriors}.

7. Low and long.

Low and long fireplace

For a completely modern aesthetic, place a narrow, long fireplace below knee height. This stone specimen is an eye-catcher and creates a fantastic contrast to the smooth, gray wall above. Of course, you need to consider the use of the space – the presence of small children and pets could overshadow this design.

8. Tile frames.

Fireplace with tile frame

A simple gas fireplace insert can really come into its own with the right frame. Use wide, heat-resistant tiles to frame the insert in simple, clean lines. This is a great way to soften the transition from the harsh black edges of an insert to the rest of your room.

9. Solid, simple concrete.

Solid, simple concrete fireplace

Raw concrete is very trendy in the industrial style and its use as a fireplace surround and mantel is a given here. Although the contrast between the rough concrete and the tree branches above is impressive, the concrete fireplace itself would be an eye-catcher in any room if you can’t incorporate the natural look in this way. {found on suyamapetersondeguchi}.

10. Geometric Color Block.

Geometric color block

A completely unique and absolutely stunning fireplace design can be achieved by a creative twist on the surrounding architecture. Incorporate a few angles of varying depth and height, provide spot lighting, and utilize color blocking to create that perfect modern fireplace.

11. Vertical Tile.

Vertical tile for fireplace

Push the envelope a bit when laying tiles on your fireplace wall. Long, narrow tiles laid vertically like a waterfall draw the eye upwards and harmonize beautifully with the flames of fire concept. We love the juxtaposition of water and fire in this concept.

12. Arched surround.

White curved surround

Arches in architecture, particularly in traditional or craftsman-style spaces, attract attention simply because most other components of the home design are straight. A very small arch over the fireplace in the brick or stone surround is a wonderful way to subtly draw attention to this eye-catcher. {found on Cornwell}.

13. Dark marble tile surround.

Dark marble tiles around the fireplace

In a living room filled (literally) with natural light and a light wall color, darker marble tiles on the fireplace surround are stunning. The reflective properties of the tiles enhance the window lighting and ensure an even brighter feeling in the room despite the dark tiles.

14. “Frame” of the fireplace.

Fireplace frame and neutral image above

Of course it’s not a photo hanging on the wall, but this fireplace almost looks like it! A bold but neutral painted “frame” forms the bulk of this fireplace surround, emphasizing its presence and aesthetics.

15. Low, horizontal fireplace.

Low horizontal fireplace

Flanked by two eye-catching dark wood shelves, the vertical space on this fireplace wall has been put to good use. A low, horizontal fireplace design here is a perfect complement to the existing design and provides balance and visual appeal at every level. {found on Interiorsbysteveng}.

16. Stone fireplace wall.

Stone fireplace wall rustic with modern

We’ve all seen fireplaces where the mantel is made of stone from floor to ceiling; However, consider this stunning effect when the stone is laid continuously along the entire wall from floor to ceiling. The fireplace wall is immediately and completely the focal point of this room, and no other artwork or decorations are required.

17. Artistic stone laying.f

Artistic stone design for the fireplace

Of course, stone makes a great fireplace surround, but you can raise the bar for your own fireplace’s appeal even further by laying the stone in creative ways. This stone appears to move wave by wave across the fireplace – a fabulous, elemental contrast to the fire itself. Absolutely breathtaking.

18. Green and Greek.

Green tiles for the fireplace design

For those whose tastes lean more towards the old and ornate, a fireplace is the ideal place to showcase this style. Greek statues flank this green tiled fireplace, but the details don’t stop there – the moldings, moldings, brass log holders (whatever they’re called), all come together to create a beautiful, traditional yet outstanding fireplace.

19. Herringbone tile walls.

Herringbone tiles for the fireplace

The fireplace surround is usually more noticeable than the fireplace itself, but not always. Your fireplace could stand out from the crowd if you install heat-resistant stone tiles in a herringbone pattern. Absolutely stunning, even in a room where many other things are going very, very well.

20. Freestanding fireplace.

Freestanding fireplace

Why should your fireplace be on a wall when it can literally be the center of attention? Amazing implementation of a round fireplace in a modern room with lots of right angles; We love how the spherical pendant light mimics the outline for cohesion. Breathtaking!

21. Open fireplace.

Open fireplace

For a more global, old-fashioned, and/or organic living room, consider ditching the fireplace gate altogether in favor of some decorative concrete posts. Although you will need to research safety considerations (e.g. small children, pets, possibility of floating sparks, etc.) before installing this fireplace arrangement, the look is truly stunning.

22. Cinder block background.

Fireplace made of concrete blocks

For a home with a chic retro feel or a modern mid-century touch, this fireplace idea is perfect! Using cinder block-like materials installed vertically at varying depths with discontinuous glass tiles creates a fantastic highlight to a freestanding fireplace. Works well here, flanked by two large windows to make the room feel fresh and intentional.

23. See-through fireplace.

Two-sided fireplace design

Brighten the room with a fireplace that benefits two rooms; If such a fireplace “floats” in the middle of the room and offers plenty of space to walk around, the room appears even brighter and more spacious.

24. Large mirror over the fireplace.

Mirror over the fireplace design

Although it’s not a strategy that transforms the actual fireplace, this decorating idea is one that makes sense in almost any fireplace setting. A large, chunky mirror hanging directly above the fireplace adds vertical balancing power to the lesser visual weight, the fireplace itself. It brightens and brightens the overall look, especially if the fireplace insert is black in a bright room.

25. Tall fireplace box.


Often a fireplace box is the expected size. However, if your mantel is tall and slim, it may make sense for the mantel itself to mimic that silhouette by being taller than the standard shape. This design is characterized by its simplicity and aesthetics.